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Abe Lincoln And Khazarian Mafia
By Cliff High

Abe rolled his own! Home grown is the best!

Abe Lincoln had a problem, well, he actually had shit tons of problems, but there was one, really vexing one all the way down at the core of things.

Abe was facing the Khazarian Mafia, the pretend jews, who were really, like seriously pissed off at him.

The Khazarians had good reason, in their minds, to be angry.

Abe was starting to interfere with a hugely lucrative business model of theirs.

You see, the Khazarian Mafia owned the banks that financed the slave boats.

The Khazarian Mafia owned the slave boats.

They were many of the crew.

They owned the Kor’als (embarkation points, aka slave pens) in Africa, and also, frequently all the ‘town’ surrounding the Kor’al.

They also owned the slave quarters & sales pens here in the Americas, both North and South.

And they owned most of the politicians that supported the slave trade, again, North and South.

Oh, they also were nearly 90% of all the owners of slaves here in North America.

They also financed the cotton industry to support their mills in England which were the mainstay for their banking interests there.+++

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