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Made by my dear internet friend Ine: Somewhere In Time

I like to share my first video made with my own film material, that I gave the title: 'Timeless'.
'Timeless', because all Beauty of Nature is timeless...
I used two wonderful reading poems in this video:
'Two Windows' and 'Seeking until Found' by Alan Harris.
He gave me his permission, thank you Alan!
What can I say more?
The words, the images and the music,
must be felt with the heart...
The music is:'Somewhere In Time' by Maksim.
I hope you'll enjoy.
And...Believe in Love, Life and Yourself,


Poem: 'Two Windows'
Reading by Alan Harris

don't be
fooled by
what you
think you
see through
that window.

Nothing is there.
What to see
is inside
the seen.

Out there
is a parade
of decay
and illusion.

Inside, where
seeing is whole,
waits a beauty
you long ago knew
in the rolling
of your lives.

Try the window

Poem: 'Seeking until Found'
Reading by Alan Harris

There is a footless path,
a carless road,
a planeless flight
to a placeless mountain

When focused on our outer joys
we seek after things that weigh or thrill,
we dignify the use of force,
we laud coarse lucre with our hopes.
Seeking without, we remain without.

If we but listen quietly
for the call to an inner mountain state,
we find that our souls are known and loved
by a subtle shepherd grooming us
to serve and build, to sow and reap.

Knowing our knownness,
we may find our foundness.


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