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Sheldon Nidle Sirian Update May 26/09

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Selamat Balik! We come again with more to talk about on a variety of topics. As you move toward full consciousness, you are able to see more easily the occasional flashes of light that reveal the entrance into this reality of entities from much higher realms of existence. Each instance of each day is marked by Heaven thus blessing your reality by sending forth a special living bundle of Light. As this living Light touches your realm it instantly blends with it, producing a concentrated flash or point of light. This cascade of Light-blessings is continually being received at some location on your globe. The same can be said of similar interactions being observed by your visual and radio telescopes, except that here the same phenomenon is seen to happen on a much grander scale. Divine Light is moving us with grace into a new reality and toward the rebirth of your fully conscious potential. What you are to accomplish here is something that none of you can as yet really grasp. It is for this reason that a first contact is of the essence in carrying out the divine plan.

Another aspect we mentioned recently was the 'dark matter' that covers most of the make-up of this reality. As we stated, this is actually a living 'fluid' or plasma, which is rising up and starting to move this collection of realities into a higher dimension. This upward movement is the divine plan's way of turning this aspect of physicality into a greater Light or Spirit. This is part of how physicality works. To look at it in its entirety would be to see a vast sweep of undulating Lights of varying densities intermingling with each other, like a sort of magnificent kaleidoscope. This stunningly beautiful display is echoed to some degree by the fantastic shapes and colors of distant dust clouds, nebulae, and other effects that make up parts of this galaxy. Here, the scale is simply immense, and the intensity of the colors, the sudden flashes, and the range of awesome and singular shapes are mind-boggling! It is this beauty and your growing ability to perceive it that awaits you as you awaken into full consciousness. We never grow tired of watching, listening to, and learning from these wondrous aspects of this Creation.

Moving back into full consciousness means fully reconnecting to Spirit. Once this happens you are able to see just why you took on this particular lifetime. During a series of revelations you discover that you are connected directly to many on this plane and that, in truth, you are all one. This leads to a reevaluation of the way your societies are constructed. Soon you are to become societal engineers and are to build a far more dynamic version of the global community than you have now. The abundance programs and the quiet revolution are mere catalysts for this; they can serve as tools that allow you to rethink who you are and what 'society' is all about. The strong philosophical principles you grew up with are a foundation you can expand upon. A fully conscious world is a very moral world. 'Good' is the wellspring of your truth. Equality and sovereignty are seen as a given, and privacy as fundamental. Respect for the individual determines the respect for society as a whole. In short, you are to view your world through vastly different eyes!

Galactic society is founded upon a set of sacred 'Laws' and upon the unlimited ability of humans to resolve creatively any problem that comes up. Its lodestar is divine service, and its members comprehend fully that this pursuit expands their wisdom and leads to the next levels of service to their Creator. This motivates all to do their best, resulting in a community that acknowledges your contributions in many different ways. Light technology removes the need to plunder a planet's resources in the interests of survival and allows you to interact with your home world as stewards and nurturers of her ecology. You live inside your planet and develop living spaces that further act to sustain her. The living dynamo or heart of a planet is her central core or 'sun.' By living here you use your collective energies to strengthen your mother world's sun and to maintain your beautiful home planet. In like manner, you relate similarly to every other world you reside in.

Galactic societies are space exploration societies. As you discover the full extent of your connection to Spirit, you want to meet and interact directly with your fellow explorers. This is why the Galactic Federation and its many predecessors are so important to us. We are here in physicality to aid in the unfolding of this Creation and to share our wisdom with others. In so doing we also acquire their special wisdom and add it to our joint, ever-deepening appreciation of this Creation. As we spread outward in our explorations new star nations join us in mutual assistance and mentoring, adding to our collective joy and giving us the means to move further out into this and other galaxies. This drive to explore led many nearby galaxies to first contact us millions of years ago. This on going interaction between us all is part of how the divine plan unfolds Creation.

What you are undergoing is a transition from the world you currently know to one that more truly reflects who you are becoming. The technology you use is no longer adequate for your needs and for your planet's changing circumstances. You require a huge leap in your technological potential and this feeds directly into your shift in consciousness. As a society grows in awareness of its responsibilities toward its world and itself, a fundamental revision of what is 'real' ensues. This process is now happening to you, and it is also where we come into the picture. You need a guiding hand which, at the right moment, can nudge you gently and, above all, responsibly in the direction of your divine destiny. This is the part we call our 'pre-contact' mission, and the element on your world we are most involved with is our Earth allies. This part is now almost completed.

After the caretaker regimes and just before the actual mass landings, we intend that there be a period in which we can introduce to you your long-sequestered technologies. These can go a long way toward solving your current energy crisis and your global pollution problems. The inventors of these technologies worked at the leading-edge of your science, and even went some way beyond it by making use of electrical and magnetic phenomena that were generally downplayed and kept out of the public arena; hence, these discoveries were unknown to even the most informed of your general populace. These technologies are to be merely the first steps out of the pit of your current environmental crisis, to be closely followed by the ones we will provide as part of first contact.

First contact is to vault you quickly into pre-full-consciousness mode, and for this we need to bring you up to speed on a wide range of fronts. You are being prepared at this point for your move to Inner Earth and your three-day journey to full consciousness. Then comes learning how to handle your fully conscious vehicle under the tutelage of your mentor, and part of this is your introduction to our advanced technology. The intent is to move you, once the mass landings and accompanying preliminaries are completed, into full consciousness as quickly as possible. You are a vital cog in the unfolding of divine Creation in this galaxy. This is why first contact is inevitable and is planned to happen in your very near future!

Today, we continued our discussion by expanding on some familiar topics and introducing some new avenues to be explored in our next messages. First contact and all the preliminary steps toward it loom large on your horizon. We look forward to meeting you on this most significant occasion and to introducing you to your Inner Earth neighbors. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Comment by Besimi on May 27, 2009 at 7:56pm
Thanx Gotzeus.
Namaste bro.
Comment by stacy robins on May 27, 2009 at 8:47am
wow i want this so much.

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