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Shape-shifting UFO over Mexico City - video

Jason McClellan | Jun 17, 2011

In January of 2009, a research team from Open Minds paid a visit to
photographer Arturo Robles Gil at his home in Mexico City, Mexico. Robles had
been documenting mysterious objects in the sky with some frequency, and Open
Minds hoped to capture closer, higher quality photos of these UFOs above Mexico
City. The team and I arrived at Robles’s home at approximately 8:00 AM to get an
early start scanning the skies.

Extreme air pollution in Mexico City builds as the day progresses, so sky
viewing is best done in the early morning. Robles observes many mysterious
objects in the sky from the vantage point of his building’s rooftop. After
evaluating the location, the Open Minds team set up a camera with the hope of
photographing one of these sky creatures. This high-powered camera kit included
a Nikon D3x (Nikon’s flagship 24.5 megapixel digital SLR camera) and a Sigma
ultra-telephoto zoom lens (APO 200-500mm F2.8/400-1000mm F5.6 EX DG), the
largest high speed zoom lens available. At the time of this trip, this premiere
lens was one of only two existing in the United States.

For hours, commercial airline traffic was all I saw in the sky. Just as I was
about to give in to my waning interest, I was jolted with adrenaline when I
heard Robles shout, “I see something!” I followed the direction of his pointed
finger, but could see nothing with my naked eyes. The object was only barely
visible with the assistance of binoculars, but it gave us a general direction in
which to point our powerful camera lens. Weighing more than 34 pounds, and
having a length of more than 28 inches, this massive setup is best operated by
two people—one to control and aim the monstrous lens on the tripod, and one to
control the shutter on the camera. I jumped behind the camera, and with the
assistance of our team leader, I began searching for the elusive object in the
Once I had successfully spotted the sky object in the camera, I focused
the lens, and I began snapping photos. I had trouble remaining focused on the
task of capturing as many images as possible because I was so amazed at what I
was observing on the camera’s 3-inch super-density LCD monitor. My initial
thought was, “This might be a weather balloon,” but after only a couple of
seconds, I was convinced otherwise. Even though the object was nearly 20,000
feet away, I could clearly see it on the screen, and the object reminded me of a
creature I have seen many times before—not in the sky, but in the sea. I can
best describe the characteristics and movements of the object as jellyfish-like.
The object was semi-see through, and it billowed and undulated as it moved. I
believed I was watching a living creature, not a balloon or a rigid mechanical

The translucent object was swimming through the blue sky, changing both shape
and color as it moved. Yes, it is possible that the yellow and white pulsing
colors were simply the sun’s rays reflecting off this object, but the colors
also gradually morphed into red, green, and blue. The creature was spherical
with a fiery, glowing tail. The characteristics of this tail and the billowing
of the sphere made the object even less likely to be a balloon. The sphere
portion of the creature appeared to have veins, or some sort of cranial
membrane, adding to its biologic appearance.
Less than two minutes later,
the creature slowly disappeared from sight. The once-translucent object became
completely transparent and vanished. I remember trembling as a result of both
adrenaline and disbelief at what I had just seen.
To this day, I can only

describe—but cannot fully explain—what I observed in the sky above Mexico City.


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Comment by Bishop on June 22, 2011 at 7:49am
wow cool! and at last, some sky watchers with some serious tech!
Comment by Trudy on June 22, 2011 at 4:22am

 There is a face in this object at 2.53 ... amazing vid jose v Thank You !

Comment by ian on June 22, 2011 at 3:41am
Kirby from Gameboy is mad he is not on the Wii!

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