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House Of Rothschild: No One Can Understand What Has Happened To The Planet Without Reading This

Back to 1815, this is the year Nathan  Mayer Rothschild makes his famous statement,

“I care  not what puppet is placed upon  the throne of England to rule the  Empire on which the sun never sets.  The man who controls Britain’s  money supply controls the British Empire,  and I control the British  money supply.” He would go onto brag that in  the 17 years he had been  in England he had increased the £20,000 stake  given to him by his  father, 2500 times to £50 million. The Rothschilds  also use their  control of the Bank of England to replace the method of  shipping gold  from country to country and instead used their five banks  spread across  Europe to set up a system of paper debits and credits, the  banking  system of today.

By the  end of this century, a period of  time that was known as the, “Age of  the Rothschilds,” it is estimated  that the Rothschild family controlled  half the wealth of the world.

However  something that did not go well  for the Rothschilds this year was the  Congress of Vienna, which started  in September, 1814 and concluded in  June of this year. The reason for  this Congress of Vienna, was for the  Rothschilds to create a form of  world government, to give them complete  political control over much of  the civilized world.

Many of  the European governments were in  debt to the Rothschilds, so they  figured they could use that as a  bargaining tool. However the Tsar  Alexander I of Russia, who had not  succumbed to a Rothschild central  bank, would not go along with the  plan, so the Rothschild world  government plan failed.

Enraged  by this, Nathan Mayer Rothschild  swore that some day he or his  descendants would destroy the Tsar  Alexander I’s entire family and  descendants. Unfortunately he was true  to his word and 102 years later  Rothschild funded Bolsheviks would act  upon that promise.

Interestingly,  world government fanatic  and Ashkenazi Jew, Henry Kissinger, did his  doctoral dissertation on the  Congress of Vienna.

1816:  The American Congress passes a  bill permitting yet another Rothschild  dominated central bank, which  gives the Rothschilds control of the  American money supply again. This  is called the Second Bank of the  United States and is given a twenty  year charter. The British war  against the America therefore ends with  the deaths of thousands of  British and American soldiers, but the  Rothschilds get their bank.

1818:  Following the French securing  massive loans in 1817 in order to help  rebuild after their disastrous  defeat at Waterloo, Rothschild agents  bought vast amounts of French  government bonds causing their value to  increase.

On  November 5th they dumped the lot on  the open market causing their value  to plummet and France to go into a  financial panic. The Rothschilds  then stepped in to take control of the  French money supply. This was  the same year the Rothschilds were able to  loan £5,000,000 to the  Prussian government.

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Comment by Besimi on June 24, 2011 at 10:10pm

thanks Jose.   ...I've been looking for more info on Ashkenazi Jews,for quite some time, ..and this post is what actually I needed to read.  ..:):):)

...Great info bro. ..very helpful.  NAMASTE.

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