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Seeking truth to be Free! - March 23, 2016 #1~ 11 articles.

Sheldan Nidle, Mar, 22 2016.


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation.


5 Manik 0 Mac, 12 Manik [Mar, 22 2016]

Dratzo! The process to change this reality continues. 

This is for the most part an uneven effort. On one hand, we have the Ascended Masters, numerous secret societies and their close allies, those individuals sincerely dedicated to a quick and sane ending to the power and wealth of the dark’s many minions. These oligarchs were intent on a massive depopulation program, which has recently begun to have some effect on the world’s numerous underdeveloped and...

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Action! ~ The Creator via Jennifer Farley.



The Creator Writings.  

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, 

ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

March 22, 2016


Express your deepest desires, your most heartfelt wishes, your dreams and your love. 
They cannot be fulfilled unless you give them ‘action’. 

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 


No religious or political belief is defended here. 


Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 



More @ ...


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4 Insights On How Breath Can Provide Mind-Body Healing Benefits. ~Alexa Erickson.



Breath Awareness:

4 Insights On How Breath Can Provide Mind-Body Healing Benefits.

By Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution 

March 22, 2016.



How many times have you been worked up, and had someone tell you to “breathe”? That one word holds so much power. As soon as someone brings to our attention that we’ve escaped our breath, we immediately take an indulgent inhale. Breathing is innate. We do it without thinking simply because our bodies require it to survive. But there is much more to breath than meets the eye. 

Our breath reveals a lot about our...

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The Threefold Stranglehold of Humanity’s Enslavement. ~By Gary ‘Z’ McGee.



The Threefold Stranglehold of Humanity’s Enslavement.  

By Gary ‘Z’ McGeeWaking Times

March 22, 2016.

“It is just as difficult and dangerous to try to free a people who want to live in slavery as it is to try to enslave a people who want to live in freedom.” ~Niccolo Machiavelli 

Have you noticed the thick layer of Stockholm syndrome enclosing the current zeitgeist? Can you smell the scent of doom wafting up from a culture in decline? Do you see how things are done, not by consent, but by compulsion? Do you see...

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We are Shifting into Something GREATER. ~By Tiara Kumara


We are Shifting into Something GREATER.

By Tiara Kumara, Golden Age of Gaia. 

March 22, 2016.

Wider acceptance, coupled with empowered sovereignty amongst people of all race, creed and cultures, is assisting to remove the gender hierarchies. Great importance is being placed upon ‘coming out’ with who we really are and expressing this from the inside out.

Constantly changing truths are indicative of our progression to the next rung of our evolution and our field of unity is constantly recalibrating. This, of course, affects our relationships at every level; our relationship with creation, our holistic self, our...

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Pathfinding in the Raw. ~ Steve Beckow.



Pathfinding in the Raw.

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia 

March 22, 2016.


Pathfinders Credit: 

The energies are rising. The evolution that’s occurring is evidently invisible to us, but the Company of Heaven expresses its satisfaction with our rate of change. 

But what that means for us on the ground, doing the changing, is often confusion, resistance, and anxiety. 

So every tool we have in our toolbox to compensate for the lack of a user’s manual to Ascension is beneficial. 

A great strain is being put on our relationships because we evolve at different rates,...

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New Orleans Begins Decriminalization of Pot Possession. ~Christina Sarich.



New Orleans Begins Decriminalization of Pot Possession.

 By Christina Sarich, Natural Society

March 22, 2016.

The third-time possession of marijuana in Louisiana results in a criminal felony, but the city of New Orleans hopes to become a positive influence on the overly-strict rules governing pot use in the state. 

Considering the over-crowded jails in this country, New Orleans’ idea to protect habitual pot users is refreshing. Over 50 percent of inmates currently in federal prison are there for drug offenses, according to an infographic recently released by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Many of them committed...

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Soul Progress. ~Bzutu via George Barnard.



Soul Progress.

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC22).

 Received by George Barnard.

Illawarra District, Australia, June 28, 2008.



Bzutu: “It is the case with almost every communication. We make our plans we don’t exactly know what to expect first up, and in this instance it is not that we are passing on information at too fast a rate, no. It is that your mind that is still racing. So we will take our time, and we will slow it down some more.

“The time prompts that we and you have learned to use so well are a...

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Prepare for Change. 2016/03/22.



Prepare for Change.



March 4th Cobra Interview
2016-03-21 14:33:04-04

The following new interview is conducted by Essayenya Mosteenya (EM). Many thanks to Cobra for the extra time to answer them.
EM: You have answered this many times, but please walk us through again. What’s the interaction between our DNA and our consciousness? And why some ET groups are so interested in manipulating our ... Read more

GMO Truths Totally Exposed in New Book!
2016-03-21 15:00:29-04

A newly condensed book that has exposed the truth about GMOs – GMO Myths and Truths: A Citizen’s...

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Sensing what feels right, and trusting that feeling. ~Angel Wisdom - Sharon Taphorn.




Sensing what feels right, and trusting that feeling.

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn.

March 22, 2016.


Your angel guidance is to look deeper. Look at all the relationships, people and situations in your life right now and respond to them with your inner feelings.  Journal the feelings that come up from inside of your deepest parts of yourselves. These are all messages you are feeling deep within you.  Connect with your wise spirit self and now take a look deeper and see if you have different thoughts and feelings. As you look deeper into these situations...


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Benjamin Fulford, 2016/03/22 ~ Something strange happening around Antarctica as negotiations for new financial system.


Something strange happening around Antarctica as negotiations for new financial system.



Por Benjamin Fulford

March 22, 2016



Something is happening around Antarctica these days that is shrouded in secrecy but is also attracting a lot of heavy hitters. The visit to Antarctica by Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, in February was the first sign of something unusual happening. Now this week US Presidential spokesperson Barack Obama will be visiting the Nazi South American headquarters in Bariloche, in Southern Argentina. 

Just before the Obama visit,...

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