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Seeking Truth to be Free! -March 17, 2016 #2 ~ 7 posts!

Blossom Goodchild, March 17th 2016.


Message from The Federation of Light.

Through Blossom Goodchild.

Australia, March 17th 2016. 

Hello! I’ve been a bit busy, so I missed our chat last week. Are you good?
We are exceptionally Joyous in our continuing communication with you, Dear Blossom.
We have identified the issue regarding surmountable progress and hence, decided that the way forward is to negotiate on a more delicate combination of thought patterns, therefore, enabling non-encumbrance of the senses.
Lordy Lordy! That was a mouthful … coming through word by word … and I have no idea if it makes any sense....

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Key Report Outlines 27 Solutions to Reduce Food Waste and Save $100 Billion.



Key Report Outlines 27 Solutions to Reduce Food Waste and Save $100 Billion.

 By Christina Sarich, Natural Society



MARCH 17, 2016.


Americans waste a lot of food. So much, that it adds up to about 62 million tons every year. With such wastefulness, it’s time to get serious about a solution.

Fortunately, a new comprehensive report released by Rethink Food Waste Through Economics and Data (ReFED) has some helpful suggestions for saving more than 1.8 billion meals from being tossed in the can (or 1.3% of our Gross Domestic Product...

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Destabilization. ~The Hathors via Tom Kenyon.



A Hathor Planetary Message.

Through Tom Kenyon.

Your world is entering a period of immense destabilization.

In past messages we have referred to Chaotic Nodes as unexpected catalytic and chaotic changes. We have also noted in past communications that multiple Chaotic Nodes are emerging, and their interaction is what we are referring in this message as destabilization.

(see a previous Hathor message titled Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3-D Reality).

This destabilization of your world is occurring at the ecological, social and individual levels of existence.

Let’s begin with the ecological issues.

Your planetary...

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Remember This… ~ The Creator via Jennifer Farley.



Remember This…

The Creator Writings.

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley,  

ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner.

March 17, 2016.


When others hurt, demean, bruise your self-esteem or present any other undesirable human trait remember; you are not being attacked. 

They are attacking themselves. 



Tanks to URL:

Please respect all credits.

This author archives:

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 

No religious or political belief is defended here.

Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

More @
Like this! please...

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A Vision for the Media #2


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for the Media #2

Here is an eloquent, yet touching letter that came in from Pam Waterhouse in the UK. Pam says: "Hi there, I am so happy to be a part of your Visions! I have aligned with every one of them, and can't wait for you to hit the million mark! I am personally very concerned about the Media and feel it is so sad that television and the internet - which should and could be playing such a vital role in uplifting the collective consciousness - is so often used...

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Talk the talk or walk the walk? – Part 2. ~ Adjuster via Anyas.


Talk the talk or walk the walk? 

Part 2.

Thought Adjuster.

Message received by Anyas.

Oregon, USA, March 10, 2016.






Thought Adjuster: “The problem with many believers is that they frequently claim that their belief systems –even though they were altered many times during the course of their life — are the only true ones; this is infused with judgment and leads to separation. They feel self-righteous and do not realize that speaking the right words does not mean that you embody them. Talking the talk does not bring you one step closer to...

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Prepare For Change ~2016/03/17.


Prepare for Change

2016-03-16 21:46:44-04
2016-03-16 21:50:17-04
David Icke is progressive and I always learn new intel from him.  I recommend you take a listen.  
2016-03-17 03:49:25-04
The Subversion of Medicine and Public Health by International Security Prerogatives NOTE: Many Readers of PFC need serious convincing to fully grasp the depth of the program of genocidal depopulation that exists today. This is an...

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