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See yourself as you wish to be
Message from Your Higher Self - 55
By Mwendwa Mbaabu
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Your vision of yourself is creative.

As you see and believe yourself to be, so you shall be.

God made you brilliant, magnificent, and in his image and likeness.

But if you choose to see yourself as a limited, hopeless, and unworthy being, that is what you will express.

Just like your creator, your vision is creative.

What you believe you will express. Begin to see yourself as you truly are.

Change your limited concepts of yourself to the truth of your limitlessness.

All it takes to change yourself is to change what you believe about yourself, and this takes only an inner decision to do so.

Begin now to see a new image of yourself no matter what your past experiences have been.

Decide that you will see yourself as magnificent, brilliant, worthy, powerful, loving, and useful, and you will be changed into....+

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