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Our Identity Beyond Ego-Consciousness
By Kenneth Schmitt
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When we are in beautiful and spectacular places in nature, we feel a natural gratitude for the beauty and magnificence surrounding us. We feel a heart-consciousness connection. Inspiring music also elicits this energy within us. Gratitude enables us to transcend our ego-consciousness. Once we make the leap beyond duality and into our heart-consciousness, we have left our ego-consciousness in our memory, along with all negativity. When we pay attention to our heart-consciousness, we give no conscious life-force to negativity, and it dissolves from our awareness.

In a higher dimension, negativity cannot exist. Its vibrations become unstable, and negative consciousness loses its ability to express itself. It dissolves into a lower dimension. In its place we can experience the vibrations of our heart-consciousness in gratitude, compassion, joy and appreciation. This vibratory level connects us with universal consciousness, filled with infinite love and life-enhancing expressions of beauty and majesty. We can expand with this energy as far as we are willing to go. The more we expand, the more intense everything becomes, and our creative power strengthens greatly....+

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