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I remember when I joined, back then, the rave was October 14th and that message we all heard about.  I remember after that, people joining into SOE looking for something, no one knew quite what, but they were curious and they did their darn best to try to find it.  I remember the chat room was such a central part of SOE, we could go there every day always knowing someone was there to talk, to learn or help me learn.I remember people talking about experiences they had as they learned things and tried them out, and I remember so many people helping them, discussing the experience with them to try to make sense out of it, try to discover from these experiences, or dreams, or visions, what piece of the puzzle, or message was hidden behind them.  All this so that all could grow from whatever was taken from the experience and what was learned from them.  I remember someone could come here, talk about anything at all, whatever experience they had, and everyone would encourage them to move forward, to keep them posted on anything new happenings or experiences, and we would be happy for them when they reached the next step of whatever their journey was. 


This post is just an observation I made over the last 18 months or so.  Now sure, there are things happening, that shouldn't go unnoticed or ignored, but there are other things, equally important in all this process, in these same times, that are going unnoticed and ignored, that I also believe shouldn't. Things like our growth, our individual journeys, did anyone feel they had to put a stop to that? did anyone get distracted by what we've been seeing lately in the news so much that the journey became unimportant?  did anyone wonder if perhaps, the journey might bring us to how we can really help what we are seeing today and in the past months?


Today, I don't believe we all found what we were looking for, not quite yet.  But things sure did change from back then here on SOE.  Back then, news was important, and back then, the negativity was also discussed, but it used to be we could find some light at the end of the tunnel.  From back then, can we really say that things got so bad out there, that they warrant the stop of our growth and deserve all our attention?  As what I am seeing today?  Are we at a point where everything really must come to a dead stop, so that we can concentrate on just those things happening in the world?  We didn't use to need that.  And let's not forget, that this media is still the best tool they (whoever they are) have to keep us under their control. Today it seems that we're all looking for how the end of the world is really gonna happen, at least it's the image we project when people come here and look at the latest activity and recent forum and blog posts.  And it started about that 18 months ago, and got progressively worst.  and if you've noticed, some people that post positive contents may get 6 ot 7 quick short comments, while our negative posts, can get 7 or 8 pages.   I just think there's a slight imbalance there ;).


Today, I come here, and see a few posts in the chat rooms, but no big discussions, no group effort to try to understand and it seems that no one is talking, at least compared to back then, no one is doing much.  and in the posts I see (forums and blogs) that the subjects are far from what they used to be.  And I think that at least some of these subjects shouldn't fade away like I've been seeing them fade away.


Just an observation from an old time member (NOT to be confused with old timer) lol

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Comment by patrick on March 20, 2011 at 7:56pm
Since being here from the start myself, I find SOE has mirrored my own development in understanding what is going on in the universe.
Comment by Antonela Di Filippo on March 20, 2011 at 6:48pm
I try my best to get you all back to the discussions on chat and sharing stuff or just being a monkey... but I talk to myself there... most of times... ppl that used to be there to talk or just laugh feel that it was just a moment and that that moment now its not needed anymore... yes its sad, yes it can make you feel down but we also know that everything happens for a reason and even tho ppls not talking there or sharing we know theres a bigger plan and that maybe this is needed... the silence is also a characteristic of awakening... like being in the eye of the huracan... Im not gonna stop saying hi to you guys there on chat cause i love being a pain in the ass lmao Love you sweet angels!!! ME you are amazing!!
Comment by Light Warrior on March 20, 2011 at 5:09pm

you are right ME, this chat is dying no one speaks with other ppl and this was not  the spirit that formerly existed here when we come to SoE.


tks for your observation ME :)

Comment by Trudy on March 20, 2011 at 4:02pm
Well said Enigma Mystical. Where I am particularly irritated about ... is that people who join SoE are quite indifferent. Often videos are twice or thrice posted here in 1 week time. Double Discussions blog or post. Unbelievable. People do not even bother to check the front page or SoE to see what is going on ...

There is much duality going on here at SoE, You Should Think That has passed a stage, but nothing is more true, Oneness is a long way ...But anyhow i am still very gratefull to go to Soe each day, it is like a home, where I can be Who I am and to have the possibility to express myself in the way that I want...
Thank You for this topic my dear friend ;)  Namasté

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