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I remember when I joined, back then, the rave was October 14th and that message we all heard about.  I remember after that, people joining into SOE looking for something, no one knew quite what, but they were curious and they did their darn best to try to find it.  I remember the chat room was such a central part of SOE, we could go there every day always knowing someone was there to talk, to learn or help me learn.I remember people talking about experiences they had as they learned things and tried them out, and I remember so many people helping them, discussing the experience with them to try to make sense out of it, try to discover from these experiences, or dreams, or visions, what piece of the puzzle, or message was hidden behind them.  All this so that all could grow from whatever was taken from the experience and what was learned from them.  I remember someone could come here, talk about anything at all, whatever experience they had, and everyone would encourage them to move forward, to keep them posted on anything new happenings or experiences, and we would be happy for them when they reached the next step of whatever their journey was. 


This post is just an observation I made over the last 18 months or so.  Now sure, there are things happening, that shouldn't go unnoticed or ignored, but there are other things, equally important in all this process, in these same times, that are going unnoticed and ignored, that I also believe shouldn't. Things like our growth, our individual journeys, did anyone feel they had to put a stop to that? did anyone get distracted by what we've been seeing lately in the news so much that the journey became unimportant?  did anyone wonder if perhaps, the journey might bring us to how we can really help what we are seeing today and in the past months?


Today, I don't believe we all found what we were looking for, not quite yet.  But things sure did change from back then here on SOE.  Back then, news was important, and back then, the negativity was also discussed, but it used to be we could find some light at the end of the tunnel.  From back then, can we really say that things got so bad out there, that they warrant the stop of our growth and deserve all our attention?  As what I am seeing today?  Are we at a point where everything really must come to a dead stop, so that we can concentrate on just those things happening in the world?  We didn't use to need that.  And let's not forget, that this media is still the best tool they (whoever they are) have to keep us under their control. Today it seems that we're all looking for how the end of the world is really gonna happen, at least it's the image we project when people come here and look at the latest activity and recent forum and blog posts.  And it started about that 18 months ago, and got progressively worst.  and if you've noticed, some people that post positive contents may get 6 ot 7 quick short comments, while our negative posts, can get 7 or 8 pages.   I just think there's a slight imbalance there ;).


Today, I come here, and see a few posts in the chat rooms, but no big discussions, no group effort to try to understand and it seems that no one is talking, at least compared to back then, no one is doing much.  and in the posts I see (forums and blogs) that the subjects are far from what they used to be.  And I think that at least some of these subjects shouldn't fade away like I've been seeing them fade away.


Just an observation from an old time member (NOT to be confused with old timer) lol

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Comment by Vaddix on March 21, 2011 at 2:19pm

Sorry dude but its not new or fresh anymore for us regulars. What else do we have to go by? Its not like our journey has stopped, we are still living it. For me its finding the motivation to continue. Most days its a huge task just to want to wake up. Cause i go to sleep every night hoping i wont.


What does bring me joy is when i discover one of my friends speaking about the stuff we speak about. Its like score one more for the light workers. Even though im done trying to wake anyone up.


We still talk, we still encourage each other on our journey, you just have to be here at the right time. Not everybody on chat likes talking anymore. But there are still a few of us.


Do you remember all the drama and chaos when we first started, all the verbal internet fighting? All the shit Brad and Clinton went through for speaking their truth. Neither of them are here anymore because of it. I for one am glad that's behind us.


Comment by Trudy on March 21, 2011 at 2:03pm
You can dwell in duality, or you can move upwards towards ONENESS... and I know for sure that is our main goal... Namasté SoE (^L^)
Comment by Simmy on March 21, 2011 at 12:31pm

I agree with you Joshua, in parts.

I never minded the skeptics and the negative people adding their 2 cents. I agree that we have lots to learn from them and I welcome them. I just never agreed with people that would go too far, abusing others or (a lot of times) trying to take advantage of (the most vulnerable) people.

I don't agree SoE lost its way. Not at all. Like Patrick said, it has moved on with us. :)

Comment by ૐ Daisy ૐ on March 21, 2011 at 12:31pm
mm i appricate your honesty joshua..but in my view of it.. i was fed up with coming here to see drama and arguments..i much prefer how it is now..
Comment by Joshua on March 21, 2011 at 12:07pm

This site went too far in getting "Negativity" off of it. What people don't realize is that our enemies/or irritating people are our greatest teachers, yet this site drove them all off. That is when I saw a big change here. By focusing only on light/Love (and making such an effort to do so everyday) we lose touch with our purpose.... Contrast is inevitable in this world, life happens. Yet by ignoring what is negative around or within us, trying to drive it out, you become extremely imbalanced. As 'time' moves on, I am certain this site has lost it's way. Sorry but that's my truth.


Comment by Simmy on March 21, 2011 at 8:12am

Well, what can I say? I agree with everyone here!

I was never one to use the chat (just not my thing) so i haven't noticed any difference; but I think some forums and blogs fade away sometimes because, like PA said, "we have rehashed the same philosophical conversations over and over so many times, that now most of us feel we are preaching to the choir." Even then I think a lot of people make an effort to add to the discussions.

SoE is a great part of my life. It's my daily reminder of what life is really about.

Love you my SoE family!

Comment by ૐ Daisy ૐ on March 21, 2011 at 3:18am
well put besimi :):)
Comment by Besimi on March 21, 2011 at 1:57am

:):):) Well guys & girls,  ...we at SOE Are today, way,way ,way much wiser than when we started on 2008.

...yeah excitement as it used to be in the beginning ,is not the same anymore here ...because after so long we got used already to all these New Age infos,  and we agree now very easy with eachother on any subject,because of the much more  knowledge  we possess today.

- But You,have to understand that , in that SOE Start we were all kind of new here ,we didn't know eachother very well yet, .. excitement to be togather with open-minded people that think same/similarly like You, after so long time ''being alone'' among friends & family,was amazing.

Things/lessons that are to us Lightworkers today ''norm'' ,were very ,very exciting to learn & share at those times  ,in the beginning of those early months . 

...also was much of confusion & frustration (after that ''Giant SpaceShip '' of GFoL ,

didn't appear as expected ) ,there were all kinds of Non belivers ,partially belivers and even attackers of SOE ,( Remember that website ''Saviors of SOE '', deliberately created to attack SOE.

(those News of that ''Spaceship '' appearing were so exciting,that you today would equal  to a real disclosure or real landings of a space crafts with space people) least to us who long belived on UFO/Alien phenomenna.   ...BUT THOSE NEWS WERE ''ICE BREAKING'' ,FOR HUMANITY, ...A BEGININNG OF NEAR FUTURE UNIFICATION OF HUMANITY.   ..I was very,very excited,indeed.  

We had also many disagreements between members here,  ...all those Drammas going on,one after one, ...Ego still running high,  ..Authority attempted to be displayed by Admins, or members attempting to ''Highlight'' their beliefs over the others  ..threats to close SOE ect,ect ect

............. All those differences & curiosities ,indeed made this Site very interesting  at that time.

But today, after all that we are much wiser,knowledgable  ...many things already transcended ,and also excitement to check SOE  and find interesting posts ,still goes on.

I for myself,have only accelerated posting and still going on same tempo :):):) ahhaha .


..:):):) COME AS FRESH AS YOU CAME,AS WHEN IT ALL STARTED,  ...AND KEEP IT GOING ON  EXCITEDLY :):):)  .........................Sweet Love Dear Friends :):):) Namaste.

Comment by ૐ Daisy ૐ on March 20, 2011 at 11:14pm
im not sure i agree with all that.. i still see a lot of positivity, and love , and family .. i am here all the time ..i see others that are here all the time.. if ppl are waiting for someone else to start chating on the chat..just start it yourself.. as patricia can tell you ..i constantly bombard her with the bleep bleep of the chat when ever i see her on...etc... I think that we are living in the Now moment.. and the Now moment right NOW (yes i know..gets a little bit circular ) is one of waiting...pausing.. watching.. praying.. going with in for answers.. asking for advise from others.. Our earth right now is going through a shift..and each of us is all going through some kind of personal shift as well. this was known to happen.. it was told that it would happen.. i recently went through the type of family drama that i never expected to ever in a million years to happen to me or my family. and yet it did.. so i think we are all sitting back and living right in the now.. i think its a very healthy place for us all to be right now..
Comment by CrystalClear2313 on March 20, 2011 at 11:02pm
I used to chat a lot back in the day. I think things also changed for me when the whole Brad thing went down!
I got a bit disappointed about some of the fake stuff happening then. I have been more quite than ever lately and that is also cause my personal life has gone through many changes. We moved to New Mexico and while here we just finally moved for the third time in our new home. We also have been preparing for whatever is may come and a lot of the times I just come here quick to. Check on what's happening here. I love the people here and I cannot sleep if i don't come here at least once a day! Maybe is time to reconnect with everyone.

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