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S333 - A Message to Lightworkers the World Over.

A Message to Lightworkers the World Over.
By S333 thru Vince
Feb 23, 2010 - 12:54:50 PM

On British Television News today there was a report of a car bomb being set-off in Newry, Northern Ireland.

Take heed of this if you will, for it serves as an indicator as to how the Light v Dark battle is going.

Since the 1960's there have been all kinds of civil strife including bombings, shootings and knifings, in Northern Ireland and in Mainland Britain. After decades of strife the community had finally settled down to live with each other and obtain a degree of political power sharing. Although the troubles have their roots in two different varieties of Christians; the Roman Catholics and the Protestants, it was used by the Dark Ones to keep people in Fear.

After getting normal schools and shopping centres; and other aspects of what normal life is, the population was expecting to build on the peace agreement and never go back to the days of their civil war. They reckoned without the Dark Ones though.

Whenever the Dark Ruling Elite get rattled, they arrange destructive events, which they know press & TV will relay around the world, as they want to instil yet more fear in the population. Indeed, leaving aside the poor people affected by these events, they are an indication of how the Dark Ones are losing control of their empire, and so they go about murder again.

What about where you live in the world? Are there indications in your country or region of escalation of similar events? If so, you may take it that the Darkness is finding it ever harder to go about their dastardly business, and that is the time to push ever harder at their door and expose them for what they are; EVIL.

As the process of Ascension of your planet and some of your people takes place, and there are signs from around the world that this process is happening little by little, there is no time or place on your beautiful blue/green planet for Spiritual Dinosaurs whose only pleasure and aim is their personal enrichment, and the downfall of you and your planet.

But, throughout Creation, the blue/green planet is the Jewel in the Crown, and we of the Spiritual Hierarchy have no intention of letting these Dark Miscreants win. Indeed, there is a Divine decree that what you call Earth, and we call Urantia, is to be restored to her full glory at an ever higher dimension, and these dangerous fools WILL be removed elsewhere, in a climate of destruction and fear, such as that they have created for a long while, and see how they like it. Then when they cry for their Mommy's, they will have the opportunity of climbing back out of their pit of despair, and of following the right path this time.

If you were to meet these people, on the outside they look like regular people, but that's where the similarity ends, as they are responsible for vile deeds, and it is really difficult to grasp at first, why they are such idiots. They could afford good educations with all the money they've stolen from you, so perhaps Harvard and Oxford aren't such fine places to learn after all. Spiritual education was obviously sadly lacking, and so when the changes come, we are going to take a serious look at these and similar institutions, and everyone in them, and pull them to pieces and fully see how they work, before we convey them to the fire-pit.

Keep up the good work my fine Lightworkers, wherever you are on Earth, and know that you are making a real difference at this time, for which you will be fully rewarded, when the time is right.

And so it is...................

This is a telepathic message from David S333, of the Spiritual Hierarchy, received and transcribed by Vince on 23rd February 2010.

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