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July 2011 Newsletter
We are still feeling the affects of a strong Full Moon
and three powerful Eclipse events spanning June.

If you recall, there occurred an Eclipse on June 1st, June 15th, and June 30th/July 1st -
all positioned in the cosmos to shake apart outdated patterns,
systems and programs of consciousness that do not support the evolution of life.
These Eclipse events zeroed into the very Core of human nature,
ripping apart all false ideas,
beliefs and constructs we've established over lifetimes of ego domination.
The very nature of humanity is being rocked by a cataclysmic ripple affect
from the Galactic Center of pulsing wave patterns that coalesce in the Great Shift of 2012 .
From our perspective, we are witnessing the collapse of old,
archaic institutions of human reality that do not sustain the whole.   
This inner ripple of changing perspectives and acknowledgement of our true divine nature
is now streaming into the planetary field - into the collective mind of man.
There are new ideas, thought forms and visions populating in our dream state
that will not support any more discordance between men and women,
between different races, between countries and religions.
We are eclipsing ourselves this summer with a new paradigm of future Earth...
a new trajectory into a world being nourished and fed by the Divine Feminine.

For we as a people cannot evolve and ascend without Divine Feminine energy!
This has been demonstrated for centuries past during the subjugation
and domination of global patriarchal rule.
The very essence of Creation resides in the Divine Feminine
and must be returned to her rightful balance with the Divine Masculine for life to grow,
flourish and prosper.
In order for life to rebirth again,
we must adjust and balance the Male/Female Connection
within our own bodies and in the planetary field.
As with the conductance of electrical current,
our Bio-Energetic system functions similarly
when our Male (right circuit) and Female (left circuit) can link up and charge energy.
When polarity enters our system it repels our Masculine and Feminine energy
with magnetic opposition -
thus weakening or cutting off our ability to conduct Light (Spirit) through our system.
It is time to return the full power of the Divine Feminine back into our lives,
in our bodies, and in our hearts.
By doing so, we not only enhance our personal ability to nourish ourselves
with Light (Spirit),but we begin to balance the energy exchange of Masculine
and Feminine energy in our universe.
As women begin to embody the Divine Feminine in their Core with honor, respect,
and grace -men will begin to 'mirror' this receptivity of Divine Feminine in return.
gdsAs the cosmic ripple of ascension consciousness streams into Earth's geomagnetic field,
an energy exchange occurs throughout the 12 dimensions
of our universe - from the highest levels of planetary records
to the smallest sub-atomic particles in the physical world.
Nothing is outside of the collapsing ripple affect!
For all of existence is in a continual energy exchange
with the pulse of Creation spinning in the Galactic Core.
We are in the midst of a karmic leap from being driven by self-interests
towards an awareness of becoming a universal being -
a part of something bigger than ourselves.
As our awareness opens, expands and crystallizes,
we start to assess and discern all decisions and choices
from the shared collective ripple affect.
All of our decisions will be bounced off the Unified Field in an exchange of energy
with global and universal consequences.

No longer can we bury our head in the sand as to the rippling consequences
of our choices and actions.
We can no longer pretend to live in a vacuum of self-isolation
that was prescribed by polarization.

Our thoughts and visions are entering a Unified Field of all thought,
all visions from the Ages - a primordial soup of all existence!
And within this swirling black hole of energy lies the source of
darkness and destruction in our universe.

Dating back to the Big Bang of Creation,
a presence arose that denied all Light, rejected all Love,
and grew en masse with far-reaching consequences.
This dark presence invaded the collective field of mind,
and destroyed our connection to the nourishment of the Divine Feminine.
This dark presence, or dark space, is empty...
lacking nourishment and eventually grew to devour and consume all life within reach.

It is the ultimate absence of Love and Light! It is growing and swelling
with a ravenous appetite to fill all emptiness,all VOID in our Galactic Center.
This dark presence is permeating our very essence and destroying our true nature -
the divine human blueprint.

It is streaming into our minds, into our hearts, and devouring our DNA -
in a downward spiral of decay.
lotusWe are being called at this time to witness the presence of
the dark, devouring Mother and rebirth the Divine Feminine
inside so that we can balance and ascend our Bio-Energetics,
transmute the Male/Female Connection,
and unite in love and harmony.
There are many souls here on the planet at this particular time dedicated to
the return of Sacred Union and the ascension of humanity.
If you feel drawn to participate in this universal transformation,
we must reassert Sacred Union within our own bodies, hearts and minds now.
Copyright © 2011 Meg Benedicte · All Rights Reserved

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