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~Remote Holographic Psyche Healing... A Great Wave of The Future - by Carol Hathor~

Remote Holographic Psyche Healing... A Great Wave of The Future - by Carol Hathor


"There is nothing outside of you that is going to bring joy unless you are first happy from the inside.
Want to change your reality? Change you."
We've all heard this message, and so many are frustrated with how to apply it.
When anyone seems to have an answer in pill form or philosophy, we want it!
If a diet change or a new belief system becomes arduous in the face of our inner demons,
then we feel that the fault must be ours.
We have been confused a long time by thinking that the answers are outside of ourselves.
Can we reason that our thoughts and attitudes create our realities scientifically?
That if matter is composed of energy, then surely thoughts and attitudes are unseen energy,
and are indeed magnetic fields created by emotions. Reasoning further,
if everything that is a "thing" has polarity (all atoms have a positive and a negative charge),
then it follows that some of the most intense magnetic fields of the body which attract to us uncomfortable realities,
even disease, are based on polarized attitudes. Some examples are: "I must be confident, I can't be confident,"
or "I am powerless to control another, I must control another," or "I love myself, I don't love myself."
Indeed there is a science to thought, construct to thought. There are magnetic fields generated by thought,
and specific diseases based on specific attitudes – created by thought.
This science of Remote Holographic Psyche Healing comes from "inner knowing",
rather than any scientific measurement because there is no instrumentation sensitive enough to capture,
measure and "read" a thought construct except for the human brain.
Science doesn't know much about the brain because so much of our brain function lies dormant.
Few people use any other brain faculties than what is provided for by the neocortex.
So where does one find the answers regarding construction and absolution of attitudes and thoughts?
From consciousness itself, from inner knowing that has spanned lifetimes for all of us.
When soul memory is absolved into soul wisdom, a person becomes awesome in their consciousness.
Very few have absolved all unresolved emotion -- pain, trauma, abandonment, betrayal, bitterness,
resentment and jealousy -- by living to please other people.
Yet those who find some means of absolving these emotions become whole within the love of self.
This love transforms a person to be free of turbulent emotions, a dramatically intense life, and diseasements.
One may then sail out into calm, enraptured seas with a powerful consciousness,
that morphogenically benefits all consciousness everywhere.
A powerful antioxidant can only neutralize so much of the free radical damage caused by the despising of one’s self,
or one’s body, despising men or women, a particular race, or humanity as a whole.
This despising creates intense magnetic fields within the body.
Nature’s reaction is to go to war against these attitudes and manifest cancer in the body.
No antioxidant is as powerful as thought.
Consciousness creates reality; nothing else does. For a perceptive person,
this is a self-evident truth that requires no scientific proof.
Diet, exercise and supplements will only help the body tolerate unresolved emotions,
and the attitudes that thought energy is projected into.
Religious rituals will not protect you from the self-judgment, that spawns failure, guilt and anger.
Philosophies, or intellectual understandings that do not engage the absolution of internal struggles,
that are only memorization and rationalization, provide for no release of the magnetic fields that spawn diseasements,
and enslaving dramas. Attitude has everything to do with what is in your reality.
Attitude – based on thought-consciousness -- is the only reality there is.
The challenge then, is how to access and understand what the unconscious attitudes are that are causing,
unhappiness and disease. Most of us are operating on roughly 10% brain capacity (which is all we need to survive).
How may we access and understand what the unconscious attitudes are that are causing unhappiness and disease?
Further, if we do have a realization of an unconscious attitude or decision or even become aware of a soul memory of,
say, abandonment or betrayal, then by what means do we release this struggle?
How do we get beyond it, absolve it, so that we may cease repeated regeneration of these same realities,
and experiences, so that we are free of the voices of guilt and failure our the mind?
Many people are going to counselors and psychotherapists who are doing great work in changing attitudes,
and achieving subconscious release of painful memories. They are changing attitudes through knowledge.
When a person is able to take responsibility for an attitude,
new realities become apparent because the attitude has changed.
Knowledge embraced becomes wisdom -- the platform for greater experience.
Yet as we embark on this new millennium, psychotherapy is still in its infancy.
Therapists still rely heavily on verbal language as a means of communicating ideas.
The language of the soul and subconscious is comprised of symbols and holograms.
Thoughts, attitudes, concepts, decisions, alignments, agreements, polarized struggles --
all of thought – are constructed holographically in the brain.
Identities that create experience are constructed holographically as personas,
subpersonalities and archetypes, and as polarized constructs in the deeper mind.
These ‘constructs’ are in a faster time flow of infrared, visible light, or ultraviolet;
all the way to Gamma and into no-time. These frequencies of the deeper mind lie in the dormant parts of the brain.
These higher brain functions contain memory of everything that can possibly be known,
including soul memory (past-life memory).
Carl Jung understood archetypes and personas. He saw into the subconscious and observed how it records thought,
attitude and identity. Imagine if he had also understood the holographic nature of the brain and of the deeper mind!
This perspective is the cutting edge in the field of psychotherapy today,
where psychotherapy is married with a scientific understanding of how polarized attitudes create magnetic fields.
The future thrust of psychotherapy will be how to get beyond words in order to more effectively,
and efficiently enable the subconscious release of these fields;
thereby improving health, vitality, happiness, peace of mind, and even developing ingenuous and interdimensional mind.
We now have such a therapy.
The long hours spent "on the couch" are greatly shortened with the development of deeper mind,
by the therapist who sees beyond the words of a client, into the archetypal realms and directly into the subconscious.
This does not equate with “seeing auras,” which is the energy revelation of the emotional body.
Rather, this therapy is direct diagnosis through communication between deeper mind and deeper mind.
It is direct communication with the subconscious mind of the client that enables,
the release of a client’s polarized magnetic field with few words said,
except to discuss with the person the attitude or decision that caused the disruption (very important, of course).
In most cases, this powerful release of a magnetic field immediately shifts a person's reality.
Working directly with the subconscious means much more work is done in a single session.
Many more layers of assumed identities are released with regard to a core attitude.
This means greater shifts and more "breakthroughs" in a much shorter period of time.
There are great psychics who give “readings” of the contents of a person's subconscious.
People who are seeking the answers to where their unhappiness lies and who do not limit their minds,
to forbidding religious beliefs are waking up to the realization that a psychic reading can stir soul memory,
and hence unfold understandings about their current life experience.
During a psychic reading, aware people often have dream recall, "truthbumps"
and other physical signals of activated memory such as intense emotional reaction, adrenalin surges, etc.
Readings often diagnose the most arduous struggles of a person's psyche;
the very struggles and unresolved traumas that emit powerful magnetic fields which, in turn,
construct and activate personas, subpersonaliies, archetypes and ethereal constructs in the deeper mind of the querant.
When this technique communicates the "diagnosis" to the deeper mind of the client,
it enables the subconscious release of this identified trauma, decision or attitude relating to an experience,
and yields the "reversal" or "spinning off” of the magnetic fields that cause emotional and physical disruption.
The electrical discharge (release) of an intense magnetic field is felt by the person as an uplifting,
as a "high," a "giddiness" in the brain as neural nets disconnect from the emotional reaction.
It often feels as if huge "weights" have been lifted.
The potential for the field of psychic readings is phenomenal when it evolves into diagnosis of the most painful,
or disruptive contents of the psyche, then assists this person to enable the subconscious release,
of these discordant magnetic fields by releasing the holographic imprinting of the field from the brain.
Indeed, the patterning of soul memory is the greatest factor for determining what a person will magnetize to oneself,
as experience. A person who can psychically diagnose or read a soul's patterning possesses,
the first tool for absolving these patterns.
How does a person change soul patterning from unconscious to conscious?
After all, the diagnosis must be made before the release can happen.
Hypnotherapy often reveals past-life experiences that explain irrational behaviors and strong emotional reactions.
A thorough hypnotherapist also obtains the desired release,
which "demagnetizes" an experience from unresolved emotions.
This subconscious release of an undesirable magnetic field is the bottom-line goal of any life-giving therapy.
Under hypnosis, either with self hypnosis (self contemplation) or hypnotherapy,
thought contructs that create predictable realities can come to the surface, to the conscious mind,
which is the prerequisite to release of same in hypnotherapy.
However, and this is a big leap here, the language of the subconscious,
being symbols and holograms, stores many, many events based on a particular attitude or decision,
that creates all experience related to it. Therefore, by working holographically with the subconscious,
it is first possible to release an unresolved emotion from one lifetime or one event,
then holographically release related emotions/events throughout lifetimes that pertain to this particular attitude,
belief, decision, contract, agreement, alignment or truth that created the events.
This is profound! What I am saying here is that with holographic energy work we are able to absolve attitudes,
decisions, and "contracts." When these previously-held "truths" are absolved,
they are removed from a person's holographic timelines and are absolved from the soul memory.
In other words, our work doesn't just absolve a particular experience from a particular
but absolves *all* experience based upon a particular belief, decision or truth,
which often reaches back into ancient soul memory. These releases are strongly felt and very uplifting.
Some of the unresolved memories that we release from peoples' psyches are so wretched,
that to reexperience the event through hypnotherapy would neither be desirable nor likely.
The human experience has yielded deeply-buried torment and guilt in the psyches of virtually everyone.
These grand releases are nearly impossible to achieve through the currently accepted modalities:
psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, drugs, therapeutic massage or any kind of hands-on body work.
Here is the next leap... are you ready?
This work is done by remote-viewing of a person's psyche on all levels of awareness.
Yes, magnetic fields of discord and trauma are released from a person's energy fields by focusing on archetypes,
personas subpersonalities, and holographic configurations in the psyche from long-distances.
This is possible because the brain is capable of tuning in to frequencies that are beyond time and distance.
We also train people to do this work, and find that a large percentage of the population possesses this ability,
to remotely and holographically assist in the healing and expansion of a person’s consciousness.
In summary, one session of Soul Wisdom Energy Transformation's remote energy work is many times more effective,
than multiple sessions provided by most hands-on modalities and/or several sessions of psychotherapy.
Viewing and absolving auric attachments and karmic patterns remotely are unequivocally the
wave of the future.
The communication of the unconscious is through holograms and symbols;
the external tools of body work and verbal conversation are secondary to this subconscious communication.
If your results from any kind of hands-on work are temporary or counseling is long and drawn-out,
and you find you still insist on emotional well-being and joy without drugs,
you are not obtaining subconscious release and thereby relief!
We have many clients that will tell you the experience of our auric clearing ($75),
is prerequisite to removal of karmic patterns ($110), the karmic "loops" embedded electrically in the soul's memory,
that cause suffering and struggle to repeat and compound.
Personal Transformation Facilitators Carol Hathor & Cameron Dye
"Peeling away the limitations...we make evolution a little easier" ;)
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
There is no being in the Seen or the Unseen that is grander than You.

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