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~Dietary Considerations for the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process~`

Dietary Considerations for the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process
by Jelaila Starr/Shasarai
Today, we live in an unprecedented time of spiritual evolution.
Earth energy frequencies are at a dramatic high of about 11.6 or more cycles per second, up from 8.6 five years ago in 1992,
and up from the earlier somewhat consistent frequency of 7.8 cycles per second. And what does it all mean?
Why is this change important to our spiritual development? Just as our own human energy patterns affect the earth,
changes in earth energy patterns affect us. As earth’s energies evolve to higher frequency ratios,
our human energies respond to these higher frequencies.
Gradually we become stimulated by the faster cycles and feel urgency about our spiritual growth.
Our spiritual development seems to be in turbo gear, heading toward the frequency of unconditional love – 13 cycles per second!
This is the opportunity of a lifetime! Increased earth energies are giving us the necessary framework,
and support so we can at last utilize the dormant 90% of the brain for which scientists have not found a purpose.
We can have the best of both worlds- the joy of our physical bodies,
and the psychic gifts of being fully conscious of our multidimensional place in the universe.
How then can we seize this opportunity?
We can do it by utilizing the increasing frequency to clear our emotional bodies and recode our DNA.
Though all people collectively will feel the effects of the heightened earth energies,
for those who wish to consciously work with the changes and accelerate their progress an accelerated  process of DNA recoding, reconnecting and activation is now available. We call it the Accelerated DNA
Reconnection and Activation Process (RRAP).
DNA recoding, reconnecting and activation reunites our ten “unplugged” DNA strands back into our endocrine glands and reconnects us with our higher dimensional selves.
Our endocrine glands, especially the hypothalamus and pineal,
wake up from their atrophied state and begin to function as they were intended,
giving our bodies rejuvenation and superior health and spiritually giving us multidimensional access.
Our crown chakra crystals become activated allowing us to receive and interpret communications from other realms.
What we have long awaited is here at last!
Of course, all these wonderful powers aren’t bestowed upon us all at once. It is a process of personal and spiritual growth. Individuals who choose the accelerated process will find a shift in their body’s
There will be need to treat their bodies differently.
Initially, the presence of the higher frequency will trigger a general body detoxification to clear any lower frequencies.
Whatever has been limiting in the past will come up for review to be released.
All the cleansing methods will be very important now. Fruits and vegetables for clearing are necessary.
Copious amounts of purified water with a small amount of natural lemon juice and sea salt assist the body with detoxification,
and the anchoring of a higher frequency. During DNA Recoding, you will find fairly high levels of excreted proteins,
in body fluids such as urine. Your cerebrospinal fluid will be filled with discarded mineral deposits.
You are literally sloughing off your body and you are rebuilding it while you still live in it!
The changes will be very intense and will be very challenging to you during the sloughing off process.
You will in essence rearrange and rebuild your own DNA!
An analogy of this would be living in your house while you are remodeling it. While living in your body, you will be rebuilding it.
Bodywork, liver cleanses and colonics are appropriate and useful.
Counseling and/or regression work on stuck emotional patterns will provide great leaps in clearing and recoding the DNA,
by getting to the root of the imbalances and releasing them with compassion.
The more quickly blocks and toxins are released from the emotional/physical bodies ,
the more easily your body can accept higher frequencies.
As you clear you are incorporating higher dimensional frequencies into your physical/emotional reality and, therefore,
your dietary requirements will change.
Prior to the RRA Process, many people became vegetarian for health benefits and spiritual enlightenment but now,
with higher frequencies integrated into our physical selves,
it becomes necessary to ground these new energy patterns in order to stay focused here in the three dimensional world.
We do this by beginning to include some meat in our diets.
Our higher frequency bodies now tell us that we must reverse what we had previously learned about eating dense frequency foods.  Now this does not mean that eating meat is necessary, what it means is that you
must have more protein,
and also a way to ground your body. If you can find a way to do this without eating meat and eating denser foods, go for it.
As you clear, reconnecting and activating your twelve strands of DNA your psychic senses develop letting you know,
what foods and supplements you need. Allow yourself to be flexible and nonjudgmental with your new eating habits.
Don’t be concerned about weight gain. As grids of stuck negative emotions are cleared, the tendency to hold extra weight lessens, and you gradually come to maintain your natural ideal weight, without counting
Hormones, the body’s chemical messengers from the endocrine glands, are key players in the RRAP process.
All nutrition supportive of the endocrine glands becomes crucial.
Enzymes, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are all needed for the proper function of hormones.
Increase in glandular activity necessitates adding more of these food elements to your diet and in greater quantities.
Prostaglandin activates the psychic glands. A hormone-like substance,
prostaglandin is produced by the action of enzymes on the fatty acids linoleic acid (omega 6) and linolenic acid (omega 3).
These fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats and are found in large quantities in safflower, flaxseed, and evening primrose oils.
Meats, especially red meat, contain high quantities of linoleic and linolenic acids,
while chicken and turkey contain considerably lesser amounts. Fats are vital to your bodies.
They make and assimilate hormones and help absorb the fat-soluble vitamins.
Proteins and enzymes are interrelated and need to be in your diet in sufficient quantities.
Enzymes activate proteins, which in turn activate hormones. Hormones in turn regulate enzyme levels.
A full cycle! As you activate your higher energies through recoding,
an increase in endocrine activity certainly will place a higher demand on your body for proteins and enzymes in quantities,
and foods that you may not have eaten before. Include now all sources of proteins in your diet: meats, eggs, cheese, legumes,
in as varied quantities as your body dictates. Food supplements of kelp and lecithin can be advantageous.
Kelp is a good source of vitamin B, copper and iodine. Lecithin aids in the digestion and excretion of fats in your body.
Your appetite for red meat may sharply increase at times.
A full range of vitamins is basic to any nutritional program you have designed for yourself and that is even more important now. Include vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamins C, E and B5
(pantothenic acid).
Fruits and vegetables are our richest sources of vitamins and minerals.
Minerals, especially trace minerals are needed for proper hormone activity and other biological processes.
We are entering a new, exciting and wondrous era of perception and growth. The rules of the game are changing.
Your body now needs a complete supply of all foods that are on earth.
The more prepared your body is for DNA recoding, the easier your body can adjust to the changes,
and the more joyful will be your experience. Those utilizing the RRA Process will find that they are can transmute,
any impurities in their food through the natural raising of bodily frequency that is part of the process.
Remember, the whole world is going through a slow process of DNA Recoding,
therefore they will experience the same desires to change their diets,
do emotional clearing and achieve multidimensional awareness.
Those of you choosing the accelerated path will just reap the benefits sooner,
but you must be more conscious of what your body needs as it goes through the rapid cellular changes.

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