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Recent Decline in Appetite - Living off of light/love?

Recently, over the past several months I would say, my appetite has been slowly deteriorating. Having eater 3+ meals a day for the past 22 years or so, I do not really know why 1 is sufficient now. I mean, I wake up hungry just like normal, go maybe an hour or 2 before actually eating any food, and then don't seem to really get the urge to eat again, at least not until nightfall. Also, when trying to devour a large mean I find it more of a difficult task instead of a pleasurable experience. I have several ideas of whats going on here:

1. My guilt for over consumption is catching up with me, I mean loss of Ego is leading to compassion for those who are not lucky enough to even enjoy 1 full mean let alone 3 per day.

2. My body is needing less and less as time passes because I am becoming closer to my higher-self, thus feeding and surviving on less physical forms and gaining nourishment from light/energy/love. After all, I did read once that in his remaining weeks S.G. Buddha was surviving on a single grain of rice each day.

3. Lack of food available coupled with the inability to purchase more (college student = no $) leads my subconscious to downplay my appetite because it known I wont be eating much anyways.

4. Some kind of medical thing like a tapeworm or something - yet I feel no ailments or symptoms of any such.

Any thoughts?

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Comment by DanBal on September 10, 2009 at 12:55am
needing less calories.. huh i guess thats possible because im less active? i dont drive though, walk a lot... not sure but good to think about - thank you

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