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Something to think about,
The question is not one question but a few.
Have you ever had 2nd thoughts about a action you have taken?

If a person is to ask her/himself why they did something. The question is if that something was the proper action. What will occur of the answer? Will the answer change a point of view or will it empower the orgins? The idea that doubt is alive within the aftermath of the decision. Perhaps it wasnt the proper decision. Assuming the choice that was made was not your choice at all. Was the choice that you made your choice or was it given to you as a option? This may seem like an odd line of questions never the less it has a point.

If there is doubt with the outcome of your decision. There can be but one reason. It was not your choice at all.

the idea of good and bad is just that an idea. We all have our own ideas all different all unique. There are however some idea or ideals that are shared by the mass population. But realise any thought you keep within your head doesnt stay rent free. Every thought you have regardless of size or nature of origin. They all only have the meaning at which you give them. No more no less. A perfect example is one mans trash is another mans treasure. Junkyards around the world will attest to that. There are many saings within this world. Karma what you do will come back to you. Or you reap what you sow. In either example and several like it from other religions. the basic message is always the same. You are what it is you think you are. I will say again every thought that you have dosent stay rent free within your mind. Choose thoughts that empower you. Choose thoughts that will lead you to success. You are only as big or as powerful as you believe you are.

Why is this important to the idea of second guessing? You can only second guess a decision if your mind is in conflict.
For example if you say to yourself i want to be wealthy but yet consider the rich to be criminal. Or say you want a beautiful home yet are jealous and show hostility towards those who have such a home. Like i said earlier no thought is rent free. The media your friends and even your lovers are just the same as you. We all have a fundamental urge to share and discuss our life. Try to understand there choices are not your choices. There actions gave them there situation not yours. Watch your friends and people you know. Only the vicitms complain the rich/successful do not.
If you have to second guess a decision perhaps you should do some cleaning and evaluation of oneself

Of course as always this is just the words of myself. Take them for what you will

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Comment by publix713 on August 14, 2009 at 9:16pm
I was using wealth as a example and i was refering to complaining about what the person wants. There is no virtue in being poor or rich. They are both a result of what you think how you feel and what you do. Like i stated above you have associated your sisters wealthy with a bad thing. Heince you are broke thats ok. the topic was not about wealth. It was to illustrate why people may have 2nd thoughts about an action taken. Nothing weather being in the light or being wealthy means nothing more than the value you give it. It is all about a point of view not what is right and wrong. For there cant be just one standard we are all here to live our dreams. There are no two dreams exactly the same how ever close they may or may not be.
Comment by Trudy on August 14, 2009 at 8:23pm
I do not agree, wealth does not change my mind, never. I once was rich and now I am living poor. But my principles are not changing. My sister is still rich, and she complains and complains every day of her life.
But I am in the light and I know for shure she isn't ...

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