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Your mother brought you to this world.
This beautiful world full of vista’s and wonders.
She cared for you and nursed you till you were grown and able to stand on your own feet.
But you lost your way.
Your life is based on taking now. Reaping your share of the natural world.
Your life is about credit, your life is a routine of monotony.
You are dead to the simple pleasures. The smile of a loved one. The soft breath of the wind as It caresses earths endless plains.
Its Time to give back to your mother. She gave you life she gave you air to breath vast amount of water to drink, and food to replenish yourself.
Look at your mother. the greatest life giver. your pillar, the light that shines. The one who you can console in.
Give her the respect she deserves, Give back to her all you have taken. The fruits you have consumed, Grow them back. The riches you have squandered, give it back to your mother so that the next generation can be rich. Not rich with wealth but rich with life.
Don't Ignore her. Everyone was born with respect for her; everyone came to this world with a view to help. Everyone came to be of service to this magnificent woman. To provide for her as she provides for you. Remember this respect. Remember the love she shines on you. Remember your passion for life and for love. And when the dark time show, Most of all remember who YOU are and why YOU are here, and remember that light that shines in you. That light that compels us, that connects us, that will set us free.
Your mother is your angel and your angel needs love. So send it, Send it in any way you can. Work to make your mother well. To keep her nourished. To keep her children and her children’s children safe.
This is your mother, my mother, Your neighbors your sisters your friends mother. This is the mother of the children of the third world. It's the mother to the animals and the plants, and the mother of the children to come. The cradle of life.

For the sake of her future and ours. Remember, Live, and love life to its fullest. And do your best to keep your mother the best mother she can be for every generation.

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Comment by Golden_Angel_K on August 27, 2009 at 4:34pm
Thanks Vaddix!...beautifull indeed :-)

Love and Light
Comment by CrystalClear2313 on August 26, 2009 at 9:48pm
Thank you vaddix beautiful poem...I do love our Mother Earth very much so...

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