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Poofness Aug 8th ---- Just One Victory

Poofness Aug 8th ---- Just One Victory

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Subject: One More, Again
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2010 19:02:23 -0400

Just One Victory
Artist(Band):Todd Rundgren
We've been waiting so long,
We've been waiting for the sun to rise and shine
Shining still, give us the will.

Can you hear me, the sound of my voice?
I am here to tell you I have made my choice.
I've been listening to what's been going down,
There's just too much talk and gossip going 'round.
You may think that I'm a fool, but I know the answer
Words become a tool, anyone can use them
Take the golden rule, as the best example
Eyes that have seen will know what I mean.

The time has come to take the bull by the horns
We've been so downhearted, we've been so forlorn.
We get weak and we want to give in
But we still need each other if we want to win.

Chorus: Hold that line, baby hold that line
Get up boys and hit 'em one more time
We may be losing but we can't stop trying
So hold that line, baby hold that line.

If you don't know what to do about a world of trouble
You can pull it through if you need to, and if
You believe it's true, it will surely happen
Shining still, give us the will.

We've been waiting so long,
we've been waiting for the sun to rise and shine
Shining still, give us the will
Bright as the day, show us the way.

Somehow, someday,
We need just one victory and we're on our way.
Prayin' for it all day and fightin' for it all night
Give us just one victory, it will be all right.
You may feel about to fall but we go down fighting,
You will hear the call if you only listen
Underneath it all we are here together,
Shining still, give us the will
Bright as the day, show us the way.

Somehow, someday,
we need just one victory and we're on our way
Prayin' for it all day and fightin' for it all night
Give us just one victory, it will be all right.

Greetings and Salutations,
My departure and my problems have been greatly exaggerated. I have been recuperating from some personal challenges and I did not go to europe or to a hospital! I have been monitoring the activities as it has been winding down to its arrival at your door. Some have reported and know that what scared the previous administration, by the chinese delegation, has happened. The fed has been foreclosed on and the constitutional treasury was put on line this past week. This is verified. I don't know when they will announce it to the people. They have their time schedule and no one is privy to that date.
From the beginning of my writings, I have made it very clear the us doesn't run the world but thinks it does. The goal behind all of this is the eradication of fiat money and to go back to a metal base currency as the world used to operate on. They who would tell you there is not enough gold in the world to do that needed to have been with the traders when they were called to hong kong a few months ago. There is plenty of metal to support the new system, coming on line. It is the beginning of that brave new world I have spoken of ad infinitum. I suppose with the weekend's activities over in the east with i's being dotted and t's being crossed, this coming week ought to be a mind blower. You will see as a result, some banks will close as they wanted no part of precious metal backed system and refused basel 3 compliancy. So don't be surprised. I say again after you access, sit down and wait for the dust to settle. You are accessing into a trust so your money is safe. Now, to expand beyond that and go into investments or further structuring, you need to take your time and think.
I want you to understand the master trust behind getting this money into your hands is 7,000 years old. The same people sit above the b.i.s. (bank for international settlements) This is the reason why no one can steal anybody's money and it would be known or seen. Others have tried and paid the consequences. When it is time, it is time and, not one moment sooner. Some of these people have found out they are now relatively broke or will be finding out shortly. This is for humanity. Get that through your head. This is not about what the illuminati wanted or hoped to achieve. It will take a minute to adjust your senses to a new world for the past is truly gone and a new world has been birthed. It is so much easier to accept the anguish of living with its fear and chaos and control that, I know ,it will take a moment to adjust to real freedom. And, after all, isn't this what it is all about anyhow? Achieving freedom has never been about how much blood has been shed. You need a check-up from the neck up! Go sit on top of a mountain if you have to and think upon things.
World poverty is being eliminated. In the republic of china, many from the us are over there teaching people who have been struggling, new life skills, whether it be new techniques for farming, establishing water sources, or free energy this is called the "urbanization of those who have been living on the outside." They also are a part of the whole of the money transfer to the poor and down-trodden. So as they receive their gifts, they will know what to do with them and how to help their families and "pay it forward," to continue all of this. Russia, who takes care of all of her neighbors, is doing the same. Re-education is global. The people with old-fashioned skills will be the new leaders.
Make no mistake, the times before us are both challenging and rewarding. All will not happen overnight. You must burn the fields of the weeds before the green grass grows. But grow it will. There is plenty of fertilizer. We have our work cut out for us. But let me say instead of a four-letter word, "work", this will be joy in service. No one will make you do anything. If you don't choose to be a part of it all, you will find yourself left behind. We have lived the "1984" scenario for many years. Now, big-brother is getting kicked to the curb. You will discover what true freedom is. Are you ready?
Consultations available upon request from the office.
Love and kisses,
Poofness and friends

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Comment by nonya on August 10, 2010 at 11:11am
I agree Simone, but this time, I think I am going to pop this guy an email and start asking for verification. Another invisible entity somewhere saying things are going to be glorious, only this time they have an email.
Comment by nonya on August 10, 2010 at 12:15am
"Make no mistake, the times before us are both challenging and rewarding. All will not happen overnight."

....this is the guy that said a little less than a month ago, that buy august 18, 2010 our lives will all change.
He's got 9 days to go.
Comment by Besimi on August 9, 2010 at 5:05pm
thnx Poofness ,sounds good indeed :) .
..thnx Jose. Namaste Great guy.

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