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Message from Benjamin Fulford :Japanese under-world teams up with Pentagon white hats in war against the dark cabal

August 9, 2010

Last week the Japanese yakuza, at a secret meeting with the White Dragon Society, agreed to form an alliance with the white hats in the Pentagon and the world’s intelligence agencies. The aim is to find a new legal structure for the Yakuza to operate as a quasi-governmental organization by the time the head of the 50,000 man Yamaguchi Gumi syndicate comes out of prison next April. This means the Japanese military/police/yakuza/right-wing nexus will be fighting both excess Chinese influence and helping rid the West of the dark cabal within its body politic.

One concrete move against the cabal will be an international legal battle over the rights to Michael Jackson’s legacy. A senior White Dragon Society member believes the trail of responsibility for Jackson’s death will inevitably lead to a branch of the Rothschild family. Jackson had many friends in Japan and these people are out to get justice for him and his family.

The insurance taken out for Jackson in case his last concert tour was cancelled will lead the investigation to the Rothschilds, the source says.
The yakuza sub-contracted extensively for David Rockefeller as well as the Bush Nazi cabal and will be able to provide authorities with much detailed information about their activities once the new political arrangement is reached.

The secretive “committee,” meanwhile, has now drawn up hundreds of arrest warrants for financiers and politicians throughout the West. The committee is still flushing out cabal members and will only make its move when enough of them have been identified to ensure the criminal syndicate behind the Federal Reserve Board is never again able to get secret control over the Western world.

A major operation run by former Fed boss Alan Greenspan is one of the key targets of the ongoing investigation involving intelligence agencies and secret societies world-wide. We will post details of this Greenspan operation on our free website in order to spread the news as far as possible. The trail, however, leads to Italy and certain Vatican factions.

The Pentagon and agency white-hats are waiting for the new financial system to be set up before making their public moves against the Obama puppet regime. The latest news on the new financial system is that Amero plan is being revived. This is why the Canadian dollar is being kept at parity with the US dollar while the Mexican peso/US dollar rate is being stabilized. As I may have mentioned before, this is why Dick Cheney and many others with inside knowledge are buying as many silver-backed Mexican bonds they can get their hands on. The Amero will be backed by precious metals this time and will not be a fiat currency as was envisioned by the original Amero plan.

There is still a lot of horse trading going on about a replacement for the 90% of US dollars that are now held by non-Americans. The G7 are still pushing for an IMF controlled, commodity-backed currency modeled on the Bancor proposed by Keynes in the 1940’s. The White Dragon Society and many of the world’s nations would rather create a new institution from scratch to take over the international dollar.

If agreement is not reached, there will be a competition between the yuan and the Amero for international trading currency status.

Meanwhile, there are now also powerful indications the Euro will not survive past next March. The Mediterranean countries like Italy need to devalue their currencies by 30% at least if they want to become competitive again against Germany and Northern Europe. That means they will have to leave the Euro. There is also serious talk about winding down the European Union and dismantling most of the Brussels bureaucracy. This is still not cast in stone but clearly the Euro will not be able to survive in its present form.

Sources in China, for their part, have provided the White Dragon Society with evidence that Chinese Premier Wen Jiaobao is involved with the Bush family and its CIA faction via his son’s involvement in the Carlyle hedge fund. We are unable to independently verify this information and are wary of involvement in Chinese factional politics but nonetheless, we feel this issue needs to be investigated.

In Japan, the government of Prime Minister Naoto Kan is not expected to last more than a month. Power-broker Ozawa is maneuvering to oust him ASAP and either replace him personally or use his ally Kazuhiro Harachuchi. If so, he has probably reached a deal with the right-wing nexus to ensure he is not targeted again by prosecutors.

The right-wing nexus is still trying to create a new party to replace the now defunct Liberal Democratic Party. Their preferred vehicle now is Yoshimi Watanabe’s “Your Party.”

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Comment by nonya on August 10, 2010 at 11:45am
Yep, business as usual. The dark hats are still in power.....nothing has changed

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