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Poofness - 3_28_10 As The Sky Parts

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Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 5:43 PM
Subject: As the Sky Parts

It's A Beautiful Day (1969)

Time is too slow for those who wait
And time is too swift for those who fear
Time is too long for those who grieve
And time is too short for those who laugh

And love is too slow for those who wait
And love is too swift for those who fear
Love is too long for those who grieve
And love is too short for those that laugh

But for those who love
But for those who really love
But for those who love
Sweet time
Precious time
Lovely time
All the time
Time, time, time, time…
is eternity

Hours fly
Hours fly
Hours fly
But even flowers must die
And then a new day comes
And there's a new day's dawn
And there's a new day's sun
And love stays on
Sweet love stays on
Love stays on
Love stays on
Love, love, love, love
And time, time, time, time

Greetings and Salutations;

Being the centrist that I am, this past week proved to be quite entertaining. People screaming and hollaring while being bereft of the facts, just attitudes and emotions running wild. Search my writings, you'll find I said the '60's' can happen again in this country. That time has now come. Fear not, it's just growing pains, a child leaving it's youth and becoming an adult. Folks have allowed themselves to become so narrow thinking, they've missed the obvious being exposed for everyone to see. Forget your political party for a moment and look behind the curtain to see who's working both sides of the aisle, leaving americans confused at best. My concern is, how will people behave when they find out, they were 'worked' since youth. Treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed a lot of manure, passed off as patriotism. Fortunately, the 'elders' know this and they are bringing these changes on, as gently as, possible.

Three groups joined together and forged an alliance to take this world into the 21st century. Everything from banking to medicine and technology is involved. Kind of like the old folks watching the children make a mess then finally, stepping out and snapping out command statements to put order back in place. They have more patience than most, I'll tell you. So, while the corporation has done some stupid things as they see their end arriving and still want to survive, just remember all that they have done, is being reversed and the people are being set free of them. The elders have done a 'godfather', giving them an offer they couldn't refuse. You know, common sense does come into play, when you are given an opportunity to stop looking over your shoulder and go live your life. Whaaa??? I have a choice? Yea, live or die, choose. Everyone wants to go to heaven but that dying thing to get there......

I've been reading the myriad emails that have come thru my email about tomorrow. I don't know about that, people have been talking about a revolution for some time now, but how do you go about it without creating a big mess, you're unprepared for cleaning up. This link came to me to just think about while everyone is losing their minds. One has to always be careful when they yell fire in a theater. It's a common sense thing and collateral damage must be considered when panic is an obvious outcome of rash decisions. How many folks in the south knew during the civil war that it was none other than britain backing them? They were told it was a war of 'northern aggression', when it was really the bankers getting busy and having people die for what they wanted, control of the us banking system. ... d-scamster

People be cool, the mind doesn't function very well or clearly, when anger and fear are the drivers. Everyone in america and the world will be getting an education on how the world really runs, like it or not. This starts with the drops we've all been waiting for. Move carefully and deliberately, follow the instructions and put one foot in front of the other. This is THE change, we've waited for and it will take a bit for the grey matter to grasp it all. The announcements are just the beginning, as there's a lot to comprehend, so it will take a little while for everything to be given.

Just because I need to say this, I am, Texas is not out of these massive changes going down and some justice is coming to that state also, no matter what crap that governor has been promoting. Personally I think he's had a dose of 'bush juice' and is enamored with jr. Ya know, quiet as it's kept, most people just want to live a peaceful life, with their own 'vine and fig tree'. They don't want to steal your's or battle stuff out in court. So why are some nutballs trying to get rid of Jefferson in the new history books?

That's it, people with a higher pay grade then I do will be filling in the rest, you will be most certainly be hearing from, any moment now. Uh, keep your mouths closed, you don't want flies hanging out in there. Email for a consultation if you need one, donations needed and accepted at account Good Luck!

Love and Kisses,


PS: Just remember the sharks will be in the water, looking for victims, when they realize this has been done.

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Comment by Besimi on March 28, 2010 at 10:42pm
Thanks Jose.
Namaste bro.

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