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POOF for OCT 25th - "ORGANIZED CHAOS?" So don't be surprised, when he drops a series of bombs...including the fact that this government and others have been dealing with et's

Greetings and Salutations,

Many years ago, I was told, in the event that the us continues to block the finality of the banking change over, extraordinary methods would be employed to break the backs of the resistors. Even tho many bankers are aware of and some have even gone, as far as, adopting the basel 2/3 protocols, still somehow in their minds they believe they can stay with the fed. One even saying, yea but I'm not going into this metal backed currency thing. No, then how do think you'll be able to operate? Do you really believe there's going to be 2 banking systems operating in this country. Have you seen what's happening with the frn out there in the currency market? I understand, an olive branch was offered to the people left in the us behind the fed and they refused it. After brussels, the rothschilds, and sarkozy, signed their docs this past weekend, the world as a whole began moving over to commodity based currencies. On monday, the world delivered an ultimatum to to the us, move to the new treasury currency now, or be left behind, as the world will move on without us. For delivery and access to happen in this country, it MUST be in the new treasury currency, which is metal backed. It doesn't take much to understand where the resistors are at. All the trash they have on their second set of books which they can't pay and have no resources to back, then with china telling them what they can do with their derivitives, who do think think wins this war?

Many years ago, again, the us powers were given the chance to bow out gracefully, even be allowed to take credit (save face) for this changeover. Instead, they ignited a banking war they couldn't possibly win. The europeans invented modern banking, the rothschilds ran modern banking, but behind their power sat the dragon clans of the east. The dragons called it because, the gold they loaned was never paid back, and you can just imagine the interest that accumulated over 200+ years! "If you use my money to make money, that's my money, too!" The fed has been living under that cloud from the moment it started, which means, sooner or later, it would have to pay the piper. What I've been seeing happening here is a circle of time which goes back to the elections last year, when they sequestered the bush cabal at the camp david prior to the elections, which to me indicated the same ole same ole, wasn't going to happen. 'Somebody else' was overseeing the us presidential elections, not the same folks who've been doing it for years. We americans have a tendency to be always looking at the usual suspects but I'm here to tell you, this game got raided, and so well, most haven't even noticed.

So, you and everyone else in the world is about to see with their own eyes, what I have been hinting at all these years. There is no time left and the world must move on. Thus my title, 'Organized Chaos', because what has to happen here will look like a sudden blow up of everything in the us banking system, which really isn't at all, it was planned years ago, and intended to be organized. I don't know why these yahoos thought for a second, somehow they could win against the likes of the rothschilds, is beyond me. I do know they called jacob rothschild a 'traitor' when he finally signed his docs on the wipe out of the family business called the FRB. That's why, these announcements, are going to have such a shocking effect on joe six pack. They have paid no attention, instead being led by the nose by the media and the poppycock fed to us in school. This will be the shock and awe that was always intended for the countries who stood against us imperialism. Humility is being served up and it won't go down well in the us, after all these years of having our heads blown up. I see Gates went to Japan and tried to read them the riot act, I see someone didn't give him the 'what time it' yet. They got tied to the dollar at the close of ww2, now with china's help, that has come to an end. Remember, they who have the gold, rule. Not they who talk more crap than the early morning radio. Military operates on it's stomach, no money, no movement. Plus, japan is tired and over the unprosecuted rape cases. Personally, I am waiting for blackwater now called x'ce to get thrown under the bus and let the natives have at them, with no more support and cover from the state dept. Bring the military home and let the private army face it's demise. It's coming anyhow.

Alright folks, the time is here, the dragon said so. All measures of 'niceness' have been rejected by these clowns, so now the move is to make their brokeness public. It's going to be ugly, only because these idiots made it that way. We will get our deliveries in the middle of the ugly. That the time is here, is well laid out by those who've been outside of this country for years and only await the constitution to be publically announced so they can return. We have all kinds of folks, who've been outside of this country and stayed there for fear of prosecution under admiralty law. Some have already booked their tickets to come home to america, which I'm sure will be a great home coming. I remember a lady at customs saying to me, 'welcome home, sir', a number of years ago. It feels good, I'll tell ya...even knowing what I had come back here to do. Despite the chaos about to erupt, I can say, because I'm a football fan, 'not this time Brett!' The steelers beat the vikings today and that's another in the bank for the number 2 state in the union...heeheehee....oh snap, and there's the philly's in the world series...again...oh yea baby! Hee hee hee, what did I say, people take aim at me, and miss me by a mile. This is about the return to the constitution and my home state was right in the middle of the foray. Watch these attorney's who out of ignorance swore to the brits, deal with the brave new world they'll be presented with. Oh the court cases coming...all those guys who never took the bar but can pratice law anywhere in the world, will be the new attorneys under common law in the us. I told you it would be 3-5 to clean this mess up. Sorry the demented side of my personality is coming out to rave on these idiots who've been preying on the american people...friends of the court, indeed! That yo yo up in canada doesn't even know his own country's involvement with the queen, otherwise he'd shut up about obama. People are going to just be crapping themselves all over, when the truth is dropped, and the queen is safely away from it all in scotland somewhere. Ok folks who have written the history books, you're about to get real busy! Think, what in the name of common sense did they put a black man in office, as all this crap is getting exploded? There ain't no 'accidents' or 'coincidences' out here. So don't be surprised, when he drops a series of bombs...including the fact that this government and others have been dealing with et's, like forever, now. Read the pravda, they tell it readily.

I'm going to shut up now. Look for the arrival of your freedom and don't get caught looking about all the stuff exploding around you. Keep your head down and keep steppin' got work to do. Consultations are available by emailing this address and donations are needed and acceptable at account

See ya on the otherside.

Love and Kisses,


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Comment by Besimi on October 26, 2009 at 5:13pm
So the mess will be cleared soon a ??? ..:):):) about time.
..thnx J.

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