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Greetings! I'm Back, if not a bit worse for wear!

I apologize for my absence and for the condition of my web site. The site has been moved and is now being hosted on mirrored servers with unlimited bandwidth. The video is now available on YouTube. The site is undergoing a major re-design and should be up by mid week with lots of content as well as downloadable documents and a new video.

I have said before that deliveries will not take place into the old system. We will not receive until the corporate U.S. and the Federal Reserve Banking system have been closed out and replaced with the Republic of America and the Treasury Banking system. This has not changed!

The good news is that we are close. In fact, this could be happening as we speak as high level meetings have been ongoing this weekend. I, too, am unable to access my bank account online, which is a good sign that maybe we have finally broken down the tenacious resistance of TPTB; and their resistance has been quite offensive, to say the least.

We must be doing something right as my team has been under constant extreme attack for weeks. Our computers and all forms of communication are constantly under some form of disruption. We have more traffic in our homes and offices when we are away than when we are home and have experienced suspicious visitors from time to time just to balance out the experience that leave us standing there, blank faced and saying “WTF was that all about?” There are no longer any secrets in our reality as every room and every vehicle has eyes and ears. Not that we ever attempted to keep anything secret. I have told TPTB for years that I will gladly share everything we are doing with them as the truth holds little power when kept secret, but, they insist on the old ways, bringing with them chaos and disruption.

We have been diligently working to keep the pressure on to insure a successful transition with the least amount of chaos, pain and suffering for the people of America and the world, as this is a global issue that effects all of us who presently call earth our home.

Since May 21, 2009, the Federal Reserve Banks have unlawfully seized over 1.5 million homes from the American people through foreclosure while blocking the program that would stop all foreclosures; that would save our homes. And every 10 seconds the Federal Reserve Banks steal one more home from the American people; 10,000 homes each and every day, over 300,000 homes each month as all of these homes were/are eligible for discharge and redemption via the P.E.R.S. Program that was activated on May 21, 2009.

P.E.R.S., the Private Economic Recovery & Stimulus Program, would discharge the debt and redeem the property from the Federal Reserve System and return it to the American people, free and clear of any/all obligations and attachments. Phase 1 of P.E.R.S. would bring with it a new beginning for those who have lost their homes to the foreclosure process.

The good news is that steps are being taken to bring the Federal Reserve Banks into compliance and compel them to provide the remedy for the more than 1.5 million American families who have lost their homes since May 21 of this year as well as those who are presently involved in the foreclosure process.

Everyone who has lost their home to foreclosure since May 21, 2009 are eligible to register a claim for compensation for their loss. All of the information, forms and step by step instructions necessary to assist you in registering your claim will be available at, hopefully by mid week. Please be patient while the new webmaster gets the site up and running.

All Americans who are presently involved in a foreclosure action have an absolute right to redeem the property. P.E.R.S. would discharge the debt and redeem your private property from the federal reserve banking system and return it back to you, free and clear, giving you a fresh start. At we will have all the necessary documents and forms, with complete step by step instructions to help you file for relief and register a claim; Again, hopefully by mid week.

I already know that the first questions will be, “What about the rest of us?”; ” What about those who lost their homes prior to May21, 2009?”; “What about those who have been able to keep up your payment obligations, is there anything for you?”; ”What about credit card debt, auto loans, etc.?”

I can tell you that this is only Phase 1 of P.E.R.S.!

P.E.R.S. offers debt relief for all Americans and is a part of the closing out of the Federal Reserve Banking system and the corporate U.S. This could happen in the blink of an eye or this could take a minute. There could be a short three day banking holiday, [This could be happening right now], or it could be a rolling bank holiday where each Federal Reserve district is closed and balanced one at a time.

Once the Federal Reserve Banks and the corporate U.S. is closed out, deliveries will occur. Keep the faith, these are exciting times we are living in. We are on top of this thing and we are all about to “Get ‘er Done!”


The Trustee


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Comment by JIM4HOPE on October 27, 2009 at 10:56am
I hope your telling it as it is ,and not how you would like it to be ...
Comment by Besimi on October 26, 2009 at 1:05am
sounds great...thnx J.

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