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Sent: Thu 2/18/10 7:58 AM
Hello Everyone, There is a major gag order right now and no one "in the know" is releasing a date for delivery. We do know that all is ready to go.However, there is much confusion and misinformation on the 'net about the big O. To set your minds at ease we enclose an explanation of the roots of O sent out by P in May 2009. All is well.Keep positive thoughts,
P & J
Explanation:- No one listens to me, I explained the source of program funds for the mother, long ago but, with more people coming out and offering the piece of the puzzle, they may know or heard, the confusion grows. Simplistically, the roots of these funds come from a clean location,dusty and old. An old foundation with many attending trusts, owning castles and lands, old banks, all manner of stuff, whose time came to liquidate. Papers in eastern europe, which were secreted away by the descending family members, going back 100's of years. They weren't brought out to the light of day, until the soviets left eastern europe, a time period that began with hitler. Everything ended up brussels for solution. There were provisos on the dissolution of the foundation, the funds had to be distributed to the'regular people'. They figured out they now had the juice to get the new banking system going, so out comes the euro and the idea of gold forming the basis of your money....again. This plan was joined by the east, the ancient money. Our own original treasury gold based funds were liquefied in the summer of 93, there's another ton of gold, real value. People can't conceive of the fact, money does not have to be rooted in evil, it needn't be a result of some shady dealing. My years of writing the newsletter are all based on the knowlege of the source, what most couldn't conceive of, thinking for example, there's just not that much gold in the world. Wealth doesn't disappear, it is always Some place. Some very wise asians, socked away mountain loads of gold thru the thousands of years of their history. The west only thought it was in control, it forgot it exists because of tons of borrowed gold from asia. If I want to pinpoint the epicenter of banking power that got that way from borrowed gold from the royals, it's the Rothschilds, that's how the old man got there. No one has needed to trade a dime to create this wealth, it just needed to be drug out the caves. When I've said, this world is going to flip on it's ear, this is why. They are simply supplanting an old banking system with a new one, a sort of buying out by foreclosure. He who has the gold, rules!

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