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British government releases UFO documents; 6,000 pages of sightings

Thursday, February 18th 2010, 11:32 AM

The British government has released 6,000 documents detailing  sightings of UFOs from 1994 to 2000.
The British government has released 6,000 documents detailing sightings of UFOs from 1994 to 2000.

The British government has received thousands of UFO reports over the decades, and Thursday it released the largest amount of documents ever concerning UFO sightings.Was it an alien space craft or just a blimp?
The documents, made available online via PDF by the Ministry of Defence and The National Archives, included 6,000 pages from 1994 to 2000. (Click here to see list, download files)
The tales found within cover several elaborate sorts of tales, including a woman's telepathic encounter with bizarre lights, as well as one man's detailed report of a "spherical" object captured on video.
With each report received, the Ministry of Defence often had the same response.
"Our only concern is to establish whether or not they pose a threat to the security of theUnited Kingdom," stated one letter in 1994.
"Unless we judge that they do, and this has not been the case so far, we do not attempt to investigate further, or to identify whatever might have been seen."
In several cases, the Ministry distanced itself from any theory suggesting alien origin of the objects spotted.
"We are not aware of any evidence that would support the existence of extraterrestrial life," stated another letter.
Sources for the reports include individuals, UFO investigators and sometimes police reports.
The Ministry also explained several sightings in 1994 as being a Virgin Lightships airship.
One of these sightings came from a woman who was driving with her son and spotted something strange through some trees.
"In the brightness of the full moon she saw an elliptical shaped object which was displaying four pairs of white lights at its top, bottom and each end," the report stated.
Another, more bizarre report, suggested the sighting created a "feeling of well-being, as if the object was exuding a sense of 'love and compassion.'"
"A married couple from Brighton were attending a concert at Wembly Stadium, when, at 9.25 p.m., a 'plasma/jellyfish' type of object appeared overhead," the report said.
Since 1959, the Ministry of Defence has received hundreds of UFO sightings each year. According to the documents released, these reports spiked in 1978 with 750 reports. Another 600 were received in 1980.

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