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Pole Shift.... A window to the future.... Discuss you impressions/intuitions on this one...

Post Shift: A Window to The Future
Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling?

KIRAEL: Good evening. My friends, whenever I make an appearance, the crowd I draw in the etheric light is much greater than the one I draw in the human light. There are those in the angelic world and in the guidance world who want to hear what I am about to tell the Earth plane, not because they need to learn it, but because they want to be abreast of what is taking place here on Earth.?

We will be speaking about the events and circumstances surrounding the "post-Shift," what you will look like and what the Earth plane will look like after the Shift. There may be some here who are not clear about the Great Shift. Understand, my friends, that it is the greatest shift ever to be experienced here on the planet.

Each time Mother Earth has come to a place in her evolution when she moves to a new level of consciousness, the Creator, in its infinite love and wisdom, allows for all of the experiences on Earth at the time, including the human one, to return into the Light. So when the great Ice Ages and other cataclysmic events were brought forth, the human light simply returned home.

This time, however, many of you will experience your way through the beauty of the Great Shift. Surprise, surprise. You say, "What honored us in that great light, Master Kirael, that the Creator would have us go through the Shift?" It isn't the Creator's choosing, my friends. It is the choosing of each individual light.

I want to make perfectly clear that some of the things I will share this night may create a semblance of fear in the backs of your minds. I pray that you will let the fears go and choose to see the enlightenment, because when all is said and done, my friends, no fear exists. Fear is a figment of your mind. It is merely a relay of energies that exists in your left brain, for your right brain knows no fear.

Those of you who had the courage to be here this night, will quickly see how positive, how powerful a Great Shift can be. Yet, I fair warn you that as the Shift unfolds, the information I give you today--every bit of it--is subject to change because no life form on a planet such as yours has ever journeyed through the shifting process while still incarnate.

So you, my friends, are a great, bountiful, glorious light who had the courage to come over here and do this. I am in your light. I pray that you have the courage to hear us this night.

Close your eyes for a moment and envision with me the world just as you see it this day, people running hither and yon, trying to understand a world which seems to have all of a sudden lost its synchronicity, that seems to be going in directions that scare most of you.My friends, the world is safe when you decide it is safe, and I hope that you will make this decision tonight.

Imagine for the moment a world in which a sudden heavy chill begins to permeate the air, a chill unlike anything you have ever experienced, a chill that touches your bones. As you look around, everyone appears to be getting sleepy. No matter where you might be, people get less and less restless. Some people are smiling, but many have a look of fear in their eyes.

Then imagine if you would, the sun in the middle of the day, dimming, until suddenly there is no sun at all. Welcome to the three days of darkness. Many will decide then that this is not the journey they desire to take and will move on to other arenas, which I will explain.

I just wanted you to experience the sensation of what it might feel like to not know what is going to happen next. You can choose to be afraid or you can choose to face the adventure. Most of you who are Lightworkers will choose to face the adventure with the highest of your reality, and off you will go.

Hear me clearly. You will need to be awake, you will need to be alert, you will need to know what your journey must be, and you will have to participate in that journey at a moment's notice. It will happen that quickly.

The question that is always asked, which has no answer, is, "Master Kirael, please tell us what day this will happen so we might prepare." What are you going to do, get flashlights? That will not help you because batteries will not work post-Shift. What are you going to do, fill up your car with gasoline? Don't worry about that either.

One thing you must know is that the Creator itself--the Creator who created everything you can see, touch, taste, feel, say, and think--to this very moment does not know when that day will be, for the day is entirely up to you. When We the People of the planet Earth decide to bring your light to the best level you can, and when your numbers are great enough, you will expand yourselves through the belts of the photon energy, and a new world will begin. Until that time, you will just have to keep preparing.

I know you are filled with many questions this night. You will want to know what the Earth plane iwill look like, what you will look like, what you will use for money. Do we fall backwards in time? Do we go back to the old barter system where we trade goods and services for food? How far will we descend? How far will we ascend? What will it feel like? Will we be able to sing and dance? Will we be happy or will we be grumpy? Will we choose to stay, and do we still have the choice? What happens to all that we have already perfected in our lives?

Now I am going to share this with you so you will get a good, safe feeling about where we begin. Almost immediately after awakening, if you are any sort of spiritualist at all, and you think, "My God, how am I ever going to find out what is happening to the rest of the world," you will get a download of information that will boggle the mind.

My friends, what we call the "Senders of Light" are already in place, and they can send a message from one end of the world to the next. One Sender sends, the next one picks it up, does not decipher or change or embellish the message, but simply sends it to the next Sender. When the next Sender receives it, it is downloaded for anybody within the vicinity, and uploaded are any thoughts being experienced on the Earth plane. All of the thoughts are accumulated, and put into an orderly fashion and sent to the next Sender.

It takes about four Senders to cover the entirety of the United States. Can you imagine how they must ingest the knowledge, organize it and send it on? They are alive and operating on your Earth plane today. They are already here. They are already practicing among themselves. We from the guidance reality, along with the angelic presence, have already established chains of light that will guide you the human through your most trying times, and your trying times will be numerous in the first few days.

For instance, imagine you are driving across the Mohave Desert and the Shift arrives. Your car will stall on the side of the road and you will go sound asleep. I like to call it "hibernation." When you awaken, there you are in the middle of the desert, and guess what? Your car will stay right there because the energy patterns of Earth, the new vibrations of the Earth plane are now set in such a fashion that mechanical engines will not operate as they have in the past. Everything you know now takes on a new vibration.

In the first place, the moment the Senders send, they will locate ever6 living being on the planet. Can you fathom this? There will be about two billion of you, and the Senders will locate each of you within the first 18 hours after the darkness arrives. Every human will be located.

Each of you will be in contact, and you will have no reason to panic because not only can you hear the messages, but you can also give the messages and the Senders can send them. Not only will we know where every being is, but we will also know the shape in, and the level at, which you arrive. Once you have gotten into a position where you are not panicking and everything appears to be under control, you will search your level, and see at what level you have arrived.

One of the reasons you go through the three days of darkness is to ignite the photon energies on your planet. One of the things the photon energy can do is enable you to exist on it for months without any sustenance whatsoever, including water, simply by prana breathing the photon energy. You need to know how to use the photon energy, so you will look for those leaders among you who can teach you.

Now many of you have a bit of a sad look on your faces as though I have just told you that it is the end of the world. My friends, it is the beginning of the world. There is no war. There is no hatred. There is no choosing who has got a better god or which religion outshines the other because there is a Creator, and there is the beauty of the sun god or the Christ energy, if you prefer, to awaken you to the reality that your friend, the Buddha, your friend, the Lady Quan Yin, are here in support of you. All of the masters, ALL of the masters, will participate in your shift.

You can choose to leave here tonight afraid, and if you do, you will have missed the whole of my evening. Choose instead to leave here with the promise to yourself, not to anyone else, that you are going to be a practicing spiritualist. That doesn't mean you must join a church or a cult or anything else; practicing spiritualists take responsibility for their own experience, they take responsibility for their own evolution, and they promise in their own light to do everything they can to master this journey called life. That's all you have to do to be a spiritualist, which makes most of you, if not all of you, one.

So you have nothing to fear. Before the three days of darkness comes, the world will be enlightened to the process of the Great Shift. It is inevitable that it will happen. You cannot dodge it. You can do nothing but figure out if you want to be here or not.

If I were a human being, I would want nothing more than to experience a gift from the Creator so powerful that I could use a greater percentage of my brain, if not all of it. I would be able to communicate with forces I know have been there all my life but have never seen or known them. I would have the glorious knowing that I am a supreme light being of the Creator, that I am the Shift process, and I would want this Earth plane to know I am here. That is what I would want if I were a human being.

Q: This is the first I have heard of the Senders of Light. Are they like Guardians of Developing Societies? Are they Galactic energies? Are they angels?

KIRAEL: They are human beings. They will be ascended humans at the time of the Shift. There are approximately one hundred of them right now, and although a hundred is enough to get the job done, we would like to see their numbers increase a bit more.

Q: In your first book, Kirael: The Great Shift, you mentioned that the human form will be changing. As I understand it, it will be a very different human being from the one we see in the mirror. Would you explain why this is so?

KIRAEL: Well, you have done a pretty good job of scaring the folks now! Let me try to unscare them. Each person is going to transpose his energy, transfer his energy, differently from others. Some of the high spiritualists among you, will, during the three days of darkness, receive brain expansions.

In order to do that, there will have to be an increase in the size of the cranium, so the first thing to happen--and all of my vain friends get ready for this--is that your hair follicles will not be able to take the expansion, and so there is a likelihood that many of you will be coming out the other side as bald as the day you were born. Only because that is when you were the most beautiful, you see.

Now some of you will have enough ego stored in your cellular memory that you will to avoid this. That might be a little painful, so I wouldn't try too hard. You ladies will also be beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and bald as the day you were born.

Your body will be more "elasticized," more flexible. Have you ever had an itch between your shoulder blades just about a quarter of an inch out of reach? You will never suffer that again. You can scratch any part of your body--nothing will be out of reach for you.

Your mental capacity will be much higher than it now is. If a genius has a brain usage of 17%, most of you are going to be at a place of about 35 to 70 percent. You can't even comprehend that from where you sit now. At 70 percent, you will know just about everything on your planet.

Remember being stuck in the Mohave Desert? Distance will not be a problem for you. One skip and a jump and you will cover about a quarter of a mile.

Your lungs will shrink quite a bit because you don't need big lungs. This is a good reason to quit smoking because if you are a heavy smoker, your lung capacity will be greatly reduced, and you will have a hard time getting them to expand in the beginning. It will be like experiencing the most drastic asthma ever because you will have to rebuild the lung.

The lungs will shrink down because you won't need to inhale the breath like you used to. Instead, you will use a lot of prana breaths and photon energy. Until you get used to how to do our prana breathing, until you get to use your prana breathing, those lungs could be giving you a little bit of trouble.

Your heart rate will be a lot slower than it is now, about 50 or 60 beats per hour, and then it will get a lot lower, so you don't have to worry about it so much. For those of you who have a weak heart, you will love this part. The heart muscle is in repair the moment you go through the Shift.

Here's another one you have got to love. Those of you who really like to look into someone's eyes, you will look into the seat of the soul. You can't tell a lie post-Shift, by the way. You can't lie because if you do, your eyes will flash. I am serious. It's not like a pinball machine or anything, but they will quiver because it is an unnatural act. So don't say "I love you" if you don't mean it. The good news is you learn how to love in two days. That is all it will take you to learn what love really is, about two or three days.

Your hearing organs will detect a bird shift in the air. You will hear anything by aiming your sense at it. You probably won't be happy with this, but your ears will be just a wee bit bigger. You will hear the stroke of an eagle's wing when the eagle is so high that it is but a dot in the sky. So here's a hint for you, ladies and gentlemen. Don't talk behind someone else's back no matter where they are. If they are within sight, the ear can follow. Pretty fascinating.

There will be a lot of body changes. Some of you men may not be happy with this, but you won't be concerned about what the lady's body looks like quite so much anymore because what you are really concerned about is what the lady looks like in her colors and her vibration.

The art of making love is beyond your wildest dreams. For example, some of the greatest lovemaking is by two people putting the palms of their hands together. Trust me, you are going to love it. It is absolutely stunning. Those are pretty much the physical changes, my friend.

Q: Knowing that my family, who are not practicing spiritualists and who don't vibrate to this kind of material, may not make the Shift, causes me a lot of concern. Would you address how this process will work for survivors and their families?

KIRAEL: Only about two billion of the human population or about one-third is going to make this massive shift in consciousness. However, just because your friends and family are not labeled spiritualists does not guarantee that they will not make it. They could have come through many lifetimes to get here and fallen asleep behind the veils and not been able to wake up. They will make it through the Shift. It may be at a low level but they will make it. So, it behooves you to make sure that your closest family members are at least aware of the potential shift in energy. You don't need to tell them about the three days of darkness. You need to spark that light within them to make them want to stay aboard the Earth plane.

Let me explain something to you, my friends. By the time the Shift arrives, most of you will have decided that you don't care who makes it through. This is a tough one to understand, but by that time you will realize that everything is in absolute perfection, and all those who don't want to go through the shifting process have the right to return to the Creator, and that is what they will do. No pain, no strain, they simply return home.

I want to be clear with this as well. Don't go around saying, "I am a spiritualist, I am making the Shift" because some of you aren't. Some of you will choose to leave before the Shift so you can work on the other side. Some of you will simply choose not to participate anymore, but most of you will. The fact that you are not a spiritualist in no way impedes your ability to move through the Shift.

Q: I understand from reading your second book, Kirael Volume II: The Genesis Matrix, that there will be several levels of the Shift, and depending upon your level of enlightenment, you will find yourself at different levels of ability. What will it be like on the different levels?

KIRAEL: There are seven levels of consciousness that you will awaken to. Within each level there are seven more levels, so there are 49 positions that you could wind up in.

The very best is anything in level 4. Nothing wrong with levels 2 and 3, but level 4 is the absolute best because this is the one you have been studying spiritually. You have been studying the fact that the guides are real, that angels exist, and that the Creator is a force you can't call "good" or "bad." You know the Creator does not judge you; the Creator creates. You know you cannot fight a war in the name of God, or the name of Jesus, or the name of Muhammad, or anybody else. You know a spiritual light awareness exists within you. This is the level where you are fully enlightened, yet still maintain a presence here on the Earth plane very comfortably.

I can say that you don't want to go down to Level 1. You would almost be better off not going through the Shift, because when you awaken at level 1, you will have no idea where you are. So, the first thing you do is think some very bad thoughts, and because you are in the level of fourth dimensional consciousness where every thought will manifest, you bad thoughts will manifest.

If you think, "I wonder if they have any big, hairy monsters over here," right in your face will be a big, hairy monster. Now, it can't hurt you because it is only a thought, but you will go through a whole lot of those thoughts to figure it out. You come to understand fairly soon that thoughts have no reality until you give them reality. On that level, they will scare you so much you won't want to go through the Shift. The scariest thought you can have is: "I wonder if I am going to stay like this forever." It takes a long time to get out of that thought pattern.

The first thing you will want to do (referring to humans on level 1) is to hide and get away from all those strange people with the big heads reaching their arms out to you, trying to be nice to you. So, you want to find a lot of people on the same level as you, make little camps, and hide the best you can from these really strange people you now see on Earth.

Those of you who will be exterior portal workers, one of your jobs will be to come out and get beings such as these, who survived on level 1 but are lost and confused, through the portal.

Now, let me take you to the other extreme, level 7. Here, you will be high up in the functions of light, and you will not spend much time in the human reality. The minute you find you can transcend that reality and float and do anything you want to do, that is where you will want to stay. You will have perfect coordination, just like the angels. You will be interested to know that level 4 has flight in it as well. Isn't that amazing?

As for level 5, few of you will wind up there because it relates to the Fifth Dimension, which is the dimension of agape love, and so it is a bit too much for the human experience. You do get to visit and "vacation" there. Level 5 is where many of you will go when you are ready to "turn off" and return to the light, just for the experience of it. It would be like living at a luxury hotel with people waiting on you hand and foot and a couple of dolphins floating by your feet every now and then. It will be like heaven, whatever heaven might be to you. So that is a brief outline of the different levels.

Q: Do all the levels exist simultaneously so that someone from level 1 would co-exist on that ascended plane with those on levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7?

KIRAEL: Absolutely.

Q: If you are an exterior portal worker, does that mean you don't participate in the ascended dimension because you are out trying to get people in this Third Dimension through the portal to the Fourth Dimension?

KIRAEL: Do you remember the movie, The Matrix, where the protagonists went down into the matrix? Welcome to the exterior portal worker. There will be pockets of energy all over the planet filled with a lot of level 1's and even lower level 2's who have not been able to function, have not been able to turn up their senses, and are afraid. They will come together in little communities and towns. These confused beings will be ushered through the portals where they will be cleansed of their blockages and then turned over to the interior portal workers who will school them and bring them forth into the higher vibration. The exterior portal workers will go outside to gather the highest vibrators first because they will be the ones who won't fight with them.???So, one of the main functions of the exterior portal worker is to go out and collect those who don't make it into the awakened state. This is why you need to hold off the Shift for as long as you can because if the Shift happened today, you would be out there for about 1.5 billion of them!

Now, do exterior portal workers get a vacation? Absolutely. For example, in the first two years we will probably give you at least eight to ten hours inside the portal. There you could rest, then you are back to work again.

There will be masses of people who want to get through the portal, so the exterior portal worker will have a great time with those, but those in level 1 will not come easily. They will come kicking and screaming.

Now, if you have been designated an interior portal worker, you are in a good space. Most of the exterior workers are of the warrior class. Those inside are of the teacher class.

Q: Will the exterior portal workers be assigned to this position forever?

KIRAEL: No. Most of you will be out of it. It depends on how good a job you all do in gathering the pockets of people. There will be areas and distant places where spirituality is not understood clearly, and that will be your biggest challenge.

Q: How do you know when you go through the Shift at what level you are? Does that just come into your mind and all of a sudden you know?

KIRAEL: That is why I talked about the Senders of the Light in the previous report. The Senders will be providing this information around the world because not everyone will listen to my recordings. So this energy will be circling the world. In the first few days, all they will be sending is direction and your identity because some of you will not remember who you are.

If you are at level 1, you probably will not be able to understand the Senders' messages, but as you go up in levels, you will be able to tune in to the signals like you tune into a radio station. As soon as you tune in, you will able to ask questions of the Sender energy because that is a circle of energy which will surround the Earth, and all of the Senders will pretty much be sending the same reality.

As soon as the Senders identify your energy, along with that will come the knowledge of what level you have attained, where the portal is, who is in charge, and who you will be with. Remember, there are 49 levels of awareness, and all of them are different - no two are alike.

Q: How do we assist each other during the Shift? How do we keep warm or comfort each other during the three days of darkness?

KIRAEL: You need to remember that the experience will be more like hibernation than three days of darkness. By that time, your body will have already aligned itself to this. For instance, the minute you notice that it is getting a little dim outside, you will reach for everyone that is with you. You will try to calm him, and then you will "flip the switch" and down you will go like a ton of rocks. There you will stay for three days. It won't make a bit of difference if it is three days or thirty days to you. At the end of three days you will stand up and say, "Wow, there was nothing to that." That should take some of the fear out of this thing.

Now, for those of you who don't know anything about the three days of darkness, it's going to be a bit painful going in because the body will freeze up - not in the sense of freezing up like an ice cube, but freezing up from the cellular consciousness. Everything will align to a certain vibration in your body, meaning that the grid lines of energy will pass through certain spectrums of your body and synchronize your heart to beat once every two or three hours. The rest of the time you will be absolutely lifeless in knowledge and everything else. No dreams, nothing.

I would say to you that the vast majority of those who will go through the Shift will want the three days to be "down time" for them, so the physical embodiment can shift because there will be a lot of molecular changes taking place.

Q: Will healers be necessary post-Shift?

KIRAEL: If you have a pre-existing condition before the Shift, you will bring that condition into the Shift with you. So, healers post-Shift will have to practice how to heal these things from the old days. Trust me, you can't have enough healers when you get there.

Suppose you come into an area where there are no healers - nearly impossible--but just suppose. You simply need to connect into the Senders' light that no healers are available and that you need to be re-functioned, then lie down and go to sleep for whatever length of time it takes to be re-functioned by the energy of the Senders. Within a few days, you wake up and everything is okay.

Q: At the end of Revelation or post-Shift, will there be a heaven or hell?

KIRAEL: Heaven or hell, my friend, is a state of mind. You can believe whatever way you want, I will not argue with you. Understand that heaven is a place which has been created to sound good, and hell is something created to sound bad. This understanding has been undertaken to threaten you and control your world.

We look at the time you call Revelation as a time of dynamic awakening for the soul itself. When you operate in the Shift, you will have awakened the understanding that the heaven and the hell you have been experiencing in the Third Dimension was just a pattern of thought you needed to work with at that time.

Once you are in the new energy, you will understand there is only a Creator of beauty and light. If you want to consider that as heaven, then it is fine, but we would prefer you to consider that as being in the Light of the Creator.

Q: How about Judgment Day?

KIRAEL: For many of you, Judgment Day probably happens three or four times a week. So, let it go and don't let any more judgments be part of your light. Look at yourself and the beauty of your light. Look at what you can accomplish the moment you set your mind to it, and you will see that you no longer need to have a Judgment Day. The only judgment you will have is the judgment you place on yourself, because, you see, the Creator is too beautiful to judge you as good or bad since you are a product of its own Light.

Q: How does the galactic brotherhood figure into the Shift, pre and post?

KIRAEL: You can go as far back as the Book of Ezekiel in the Bible and discover that back then, and even earlier, the energy patterns you refer to as the galactics were already visiting your Earth plane. Here is the way we look at it in its simplest form. You have the Creator Source, you have the Christ Consciousness (or the thoughts of the Creator), you have the Guardians of Developing Societies (or gods as you call them), you have the Guidance Reality, you have the angels, and then you have the humans.

What I have left out are your galactic brothers and sisters because they operate on the same wave of light as you do in the human world. The point is that many of them have already been through their own planetary shifts of whatever sort they have come through. Most of them have gone through shift after shift just as you have on this plane. They are here because the current shifting process is totally unique in that you will complete the Great Shift without being totally eradicated. They don't make themselves visible because they want to sit back and see how you do.

Pre-Shift they have given you many gifts over the years, including the computer. Post-Shift they will interact with you in many beautiful and personal ways. They will offer you rides on their crafts, they will offer to take you to their planets. They will be here to play with you. You will have a grand time with them.

Q: You have talked before about the galactics working etherically with individuals, training them for the Shift. Who are they selecting?

KIRAEL: Warriors for the most part because warriors have to work harder than everybody else. They will go after the bottom line ones, who will need a lot of training.

Q: After the Shift will we use the same languages that we use now?

KIRAEL: Absolutely. Everyone will be multi-lingual. If you are an external portal worker, you will speak the language of wherever you are working. Inside the portal, most of you will communicate through thought. You will be in the dimension of thought, so you really won't need a language.

Q: Will Mother Earth look the same?

KIRAEL: No. This is a question I almost hoped to avoid. There will be a lot of reconstruction, which you might call destruction, during the three days of darkness and shortly thereafter. You must remember that prior to the Shift, there will be a lot of energetic patterns - I wouldn't want to call them evil - who will recognize they can't get aboard the Shift, and they will try to do a lot of damage.

So, the physical plane of the planet will change fairly drastically, but you will keep most of your continents in pretty good working order. Some of them will be bigger, some of them smaller. Here in Lemuria, if you have beachfront property, you will end up a long way from the shore.

Q: When we complete the Shift and enter the Fourth Dimension, will we have a purpose?

KIRAEL: Oh, yes, you will have a purpose; it is called evolution. You have about 2,000 years to get yourself out of the Fourth into the Fifth or Sixth Dimension. The Fourth Dimension is so beautiful, and it takes you so long to really experience and enjoy it. In your journey on the Earth plane, you have been here many times, and you just keep coming back for more. We don't know why, but you do. When you go into the Fourth, you will get to stay for longer periods, so you don't have to come back as many times.

Many of you will do maybe one or two incarnations in the Fourth Light because over there, you can live as long as you desire. Sometimes you just get to the point where you say, "I don't want to do it any more," and you go back to God. There, you float in all of the beauty. Then after a time the Creator says, "You know what? We haven't figured out the Fourth Dimension yet. Any volunteers?" Knowing you, you will be first in line to say, "I will go, I will go," because that is what you always do.

Q: In preparing for the Shift, is there anything we can do besides prana breathing?

KIRAEL: Prana breathing is just the simple part of it. The first step is to keep your body as healthy as you can now, so you have less straightening out time once you get over there.

Here is the best advice I can give you: Learn your lessons. Do what you know you are supposed to do because every lesson learned assures you of a higher vibration in the Shift. If you are in a wheelchair and you wind up in the fourth level, you can get up and run around in circles, but if you end up in the second level, you will have to work yourself out of that situation.

So, do everything you can to prepare all four bodies, plus one, and that is the sixth sense. Expand those, and everybody become a healer. You don't have to be a healer for everyone in the world. Just learn the basics of healing and heal yourself. Learn to take care of your physical embodiment and everything else that goes along with it. Practice all four-body enlightenments, and you will know that you have done everything you need to do.

In love and light, the Shift is a grand thing. You have years to worry about it if you want to worry. You have to release the fears, my friends. Open up your light to the Light. Know who you are and grow there. Most of you listening to this or reading this, congratulations, you will be there. I will be there, and guess what? If you can get to level 4, you get to see me.

Good evening, my friends.

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