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Please Remember That This Experience ~ This 3D Karmic Based School ~For Mastery~

Please remember that this experience, this 3D hologram is full of vast duality, vast polarity,
and if we really want to be a loving example, it starts with being the loving example.
There are no mistakes, coincidences, good, bad, etc.,
when it comes to what your soul can grow from, you will grow from it all.
Leave the fear behind.
We are moving into a new energy, where we are manifesting our thoughts more rapidly.
This new energy requires for us to put love into our whole being,
so that we can manifest love and anchor it into our reality.
The true way to transmute fear, is to love with your all, unconditionally without bias.
Know that there is no mistake in the moment.
Whatever presents itself to you, you chose the circumstance beforehand
so that you can master it and grow beyond it!
We are in a holographic game that is set to one of the highest levels of density and difficultly.
This game has it's players by design, fulfilling all the roles so that every aspect of the emotional body,
the physical body, the mental body, and etc can grow.
That means some of us have chosen to play the more difficult roles, and some of us the easier roles.
There will be balance, even in chaos.
We are here to attempt to remember who we truly are, and then rise above
the conditioning's of this hologram, to a even higher vibration then before we entered.
My point of this all is, be LOVE.
Be love with your whole heart, and let go of biases and prejudices of any kind.
The ones who are the hardest to love, are the ones who we should love the most.
There is no measure of love, but there is a measure of how many opportunities we greet with love.
Let's greet them all.
That way this whole world can become anchored in love one day soon
and we will have co-created universal consciousness upon Mother Gaia.

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Comment by Claude on April 21, 2011 at 11:27pm

Hello and Thank You Vaddix for your Comment/Share..

I hope you are well and Soulfully Smiling !

Comment by Vaddix on April 21, 2011 at 11:24pm

Well said.


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