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7 Proven Strategies to Activate Your Ascension Process
If you're frustrated, confused, and looking for help with
how to initiate your spiritual evolution...then look no further !
By incorporating these conscious actions into your daily life
you can jump-start your personal Ascension Process.
The very nature of our Universe is Holistic,
in that it is interrelated within a Grand Field
of interlocking energy waves and particles, forming a matrix of collective consciousness.
In every particle of our being,
we are connected to the infinite intelligence of the Unified Field Matrix.
The very nature of our humanness allows access into the field of all possibilities.
Instead of thinkind we are separate 'islands' existing in time, as our ego mind suggests,
we must see ourselves as fields of energy pulsing, responding,
and transmitting consciousness all around us.
According to Quantum Physics, the very act of observing and reacting to our
environment penetrates the Unified Field,
and sets into motion an energetic exchange that influences the potential outcome.
All of life vibrates in the Unified Field of Energy in a range of Frequencies -
as demonstrated in the variety of energetic formations of H2O,
be it dense matter (ice), liquid (water) or vapor (steam).
We can apply the same analogy of H2O to ourselves and the world around us.
All is ENERGY vibrating at different ranges of frequencies.
It is so important to learn how to become a Container -
by setting up energetic boundaries that protect, shield and contain our life force within.
When we reside on our minds, we essentially are leaving our bodies
and cannot maintain healthy boundaries.
When we live without containment, we suffer from energetic leaks
(like guilt, shame, needy relationships or money drains)
and we become vulnerable to outside attack or violation.
This operates similarly to moving into a new house.
The outer boundaries of the home contain our personal belongings,
just as our Auric Field contains our life force.
In the case of the home, we lock the doors and windows at night to protect our belongings.
Well, we should similarly be shielding our Human Energy Field to protect our core vitality.
As we discover where our energetic boundaries exist, we learn how to contain ourselves,
to hold ourselves in check, not push our energy onto other.
Step-by-step, as we build a strong, impenetrable container to house and protect
our Spiritual Energy within, we need to root and anchor our field of energy to Earth.
Visualize standing on solid platform, which is under our feet,
and a core pillar of light running up the center of the body
all the way to our Higher Self and the Godhead.
This is the 12th Dimensional Pillar and Platform, the central infrastructure
of our Human Energy Field sustained by 12 Chakras (energy centers)
corresponding to the 12 dimensions of our Universe.
Around the body, surrounding the central Core Pillar is the Auric Shield
containing our life force like a ball of Light.
Visualize locking the magnets of our feet onto our golden platform
and securing it onto the light grids in the Earth's crust...
this will effectively root and ground our Human Energy Field to the Earth plane.
Matter is how Spirit appears in the physical Universe,
and how matter appears depends on our mind's choices.
In other words, we create our current reality by the continual choices that we make.
Our Unified Field translates into a human Hologram where our inner condition
is interwoven with the materialization of our physical lives.
By Intentionally raising our vibration and correcting the intention of our thoughts,
choices and desires, we can transform the molecular patterning that creates our human experience.
When we Stay more present in our body, in our heart and in our mind in the NOW moment,
the more opportunities in life show up !
When we stay FOCUSED and selective to allow only positive energy
into our mind/heart/body, we become the Great Attractor !
As we learn how to contain and ground our Human Energy Field,
we can gradually increase our vibration and elevate the energy particles in our cells
to pulse at our Soul's Divine Frequency.
By deepening our breath and filling with oxygen,
we can alter the Flow and metabolism of energy into our physical biology.
This is truly Transformative ! 
With deep, pranic breathing our whole Being takes on a entirely new different energy.
Not only do we feel a higher vibration inside, but our bodies,
and minds take on a new frequency of consciousness.
How we hold our Bodies, our stance, and our presence is felt by all around us.
We can now emanate a Powerful force field in our Auras
and Beam our Soul Broadcast out into the Earthy Realm.
As we integrate these strategies into our daily routine, the vibration of our Human Energy Field
continued to ascend into a higher, more refined state of being.
What once was a staple of our daily lifestyle could change and no longer resonate
with our new energy, lower vibrating food groups such as sugar, processed and fried foods,
meat and dairy, alcohol and caffeine.
In support of our ascending vibration we need to introduce more 'live',
organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and legumes into our diet.
As our energy begins to change and become more refined,
we can support our bodies by focusing on connecting with Nature, the stars, the moon,
our magnificient Universe.
Physical exercise in nature will raise our vibration and renew our inter-connectedness
to the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.
We can tune into the waves of energy pulsing from the trees, flowers, wind and oceans - 
opening our bodies and hearts to connect and receive the abundant vibrancy of nature.
This Dissolves and Erases Ego Separation, and allows our human energy to readjust
and align with nature's rhythms and cycles. As we open our cell to hum and flow in alignment
with the rhythm of Nature, we begin to move in harmony within the Universal Field.
Our bodies and minds are in sync with the fluid motion of Creation.
Our very beings become a pulsing, thriving electro-magnetic energy field of Manifestation.

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Comment by Claude on April 21, 2011 at 10:15am

Hello and Thank You Christana and Patrick ~

Hope you are both well, and Smiling ! On many Levels....

Great Example Of H2O

Always wonderful to Empower All.


Comment by CHRISTINA on April 21, 2011 at 5:20am

Spread far and wide!

Comment by CHRISTINA on April 21, 2011 at 5:06am
"All of life vibrates in the Unified Field of Energy in a range of Frequencies -
as demonstrated in the variety of energetic formations of H2O,
be it dense matter (ice), liquid (water) or vapor (steam).
We can apply the same analogy of H2O to ourselves and the world around us.
All is ENERGY vibrating at different ranges of frequencies."
The analogy of H2O is often what I have used myself to explain others what energy is :)
Thanks Starseed Claude.
Comment by patrick on April 20, 2011 at 10:38pm
Wonderful advice thanks Starseed Claude.

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