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Please Participate in the Cosmic Convergence September 23-26, 2011! by Carl Johan Calleman

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The Cosmic Convergence is thus about the participants taking responsibility for the transformation to unity consciousness and doing so in a committed way. Granted, these may be difficult tasks, but again, if we are not to bring about this shift to unity consciousness in ourselves, who will? Hence, the Cosmic Convergence is really about providing an opportunity for us at least to commit to irreversibly bring about a shift in consciousness polarity in ourselves. While it may be difficult to immediately live up to such a commitment it will if it is taken seriously have powerful consequences On the benefit side a thing to ponder is that in order to receive the appropriate guidance into the new world it is possible that such a profound commitment to unity consciousness is indeed necessary.

On my own part I will at the occasion of this event be participating in a peace festival in France together with Mayan and Hopi elders ( where we will meditate around it. Because of the nature of the inner work required I feel that the Cosmic Convergence may equally well be observed individually or, ideally, in small groups that provide a safe environment for sharing. I recommend that we process our past and ourselves in the present moment in an air of introspection, healing and corrective action drawing on the collective energy of the observance of the Cosmic Convergence around the globe.

A common component in it may be the lightning of candlelights as a sacred enactment of these commitments. Participating groups and individuals in the Cosmic Convergence may of course chose their own expressions, but the commitment to the transformation to unity consciousness should be the common denominator. In the Cosmic Convergence it is for us to surrender to whatever will be required from us. To live up to our commitment The presence of the comet Elenin will give a natural connection to the cosmic dimension in this event and at the same time add to our experience of a common destiny of humanity. It will be in this large scale context that we need to make the commitment to be part of the polarity shift to unity consciousness. Every person who makes a such makes a great difference and spreads the light and the hope to those around her. This may be all the more needed if indeed the times will be challenging to our comfort. The Cosmic Convergence, September 23-26, 2011 is meant as a solemn and humble event allowing people of unity consciousness to connect on a very deep level wherever they are on our planet.

I feel this is really the last chance of humanity and that the day of reckoning is here. I feel that a commitment to the polarity shift to unity consciousness is not only a passport to the new world to be born, but also the only hope for the world to survive. The dark filters have been ruling humanity for millennia and provide no way out. If human beings do not make such a commitment we really have no reason to expect that the world will survive. I thus want to encourage everyone to do their utmost to spread this message and encourage others to solemnly make a commitment to shift to unity consciousness. We are the ones that we have been waiting for. And it is entirely up to us. If we are looking to see our greatness, we should see it not in denial, or at all cost avoid anything that may cause fear, but in the courage to face squarely what we have done to this creation as it manifests on this earth. The Ninth wave indeed brings a field change on the cosmic level that we may become part of, but it will not happen without a deep and serious commitment from the heart of our souls.

Carl Johan Calleman
July 31, 2011 (2 Chuen)
First day of the Fifth day of the Ninth wave

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