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Hi Jean

I will send you my final ET’s coverage re indigenous peoples and a run down on bases around the world etc……the latter part of it is fairly scary in some respects but it is better for us all to be prepared and understand it is better to know the devil we know than the devil we don’t know …..despite all of this very overpower information there has to be a more positive side to the reality of today’s world and that is there are very good ET’s in our midst who sincerely wish to preserve this beautiful planet and all that it contains…they wish to share it with us and help us overcome all the medical problems that there are cures for and also their very high tech knowledge in overcoming any aspect of pollution, including radiation contamination and naturally free energy compliments of Nikola Tesla who I am sure was helped along by an ET at some stage.

Evil can be defeated by Love and Compassion towards each other and its only a matter of time before the New World Order “Implodes on itself” just like all the other Empires such as Egypt, Roman etc

I would ask you to launch this at an appropriate time as I would not want to take the edge off the New Year celebrations.

From my perspective my massive current High Court Case is coming to closure and it hopefully will be a win-win result against the New World Order and the British Government…..its nothing to do with money but all to do with principles and fair justice….it is being held under Common Law and despite the enormity of it all myself and my associate are actually “Litigants in Person.”

Despite the third party and Judge being fraudulent and carrying out criminal activity they both were guilty of perjury and involved in removing vital files and evidence in order to try and skuttle our case…….myself and associate are both ex-Vets who have very patriotically served our Queen and Country (for reasons we no longer agree with) and stood our ground.

In that regard 2016 should be a better year after enduring over 5 years of crap and injustice.

May you and all your readers have a Happy New Year (if that is at all possible given what we are all up against) !!!

Peter Eyre

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