Judge Anna most recently defined the true meaning of money to be (1) your labor, (2) natural resources and (3) what your labor does to natural resources.

Everything else is fiat or fake. And as soon as governments allow banks or treasuries to print paper backed by your labor or natural resources they go crazy, printing more and more till the value of labor and natural resources reach higher and higher levels called “inflation” and the value of the paper diminishes to the point that it collapses and has to be revalued (RV’s and GCR’s).

This “inflation” is promoted by the financial institutions as a necessary evil that provides financial fuel to make economies “grow” by supplying extra “liquidity”.

The truth of the matter is that if you divide any economic growth rate (real or projected) into the number “70” (a logarithmic scaling) you will find out just how many years it will take for everything to DOUBLE in price.

That is not real growth.

It is also not real growth if central banks bail out the big banks as this just adds more money to both of these banksters who then use this play money to gamble on commodity and stock markets or make hedge bets using derivatives.

Very little of this bailout money actually ever gets to the real economy and labor and natural resources suffer in real value due to increased inflation.

Bank Notes

Michael Tellinger has been fighting the South African banking system for years. Clearly banking under corporate law is a fraudulent activity.

What Mr. Tellinger discovered was that the entire banking system operates on paper, more specifically on promissory notes (I.O.U’s).  So in order to pay off his legal debts he issued his OWN Promissory Notes under HIS TERMS AND CONDITIONS.