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Navigating the Realms of Creation
By Archangel Metatron
Through Natalie Glasson
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What a joy it is to be in your presence as you walk the steps and pathway of power. Each moment of your reality, you are being invited to engage with your power, to discover your power and to embody your power.

This might be challenging for many, as there are many fears and pains connected to power. However, the Ascension shifts and the light transmissions that are coming forth from the Creator all promote and encourage you to discover your power.

The energy coming forth is extremely grounding. They are inviting you to really ground into your central core, into your essence and your truth, but to also ground yourself in your pure vibrations of power.

Grounding is like planting a seed which will open the door for your power to enter through, which means that you will let go....+

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