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Much has to be done to bring peaceful changes

Much has to be done to bring peaceful changes
Higher Self
Channeled by Mike Quinsey
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It is clear that the world cannot get out of its present troubles without making major changes to the way it operates and it would be futile to expect that you could return to the old ways of working. Many of the happenings come about because it is clear that you have to move on and introduce new improved ways of living. The flaws in the old ways have become evident and cry out for new ways that take you forwards as you prepare for the New Age. Matters are not helped by the changing climate or threats of a global war. Much has to be done to bring peaceful changes into being that will lead you onto a new path, one that will incorporate advancements that will benefit all upon earth and give them a better quality of life.

There are many changes that are already lined up that hitherto have been delayed or blocked. The opportunities for advancement must be allowed to bring mankind into a period of focus upon co-ordinated moves to get a sensible and controlled state of change. It obviously requires all countries to support a new approach to your....+

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