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yes we do

i belong to the Umpa Luompa religion i small religion to be sure were all about 4ft in hieght and our high priest is amost 5 ft the taller you are the closer you are to the gods they sey. in our religion it was said back befor chocolate was a fad that there would be a great puoring out of the coco beans upon our great and wounderful planet the time of the beans is a comen by the callenders of ancient umpa luompas set in the caverns of the forrest of choco there is mystical writeings on the wall made with chocolate ...unfortunatly soem of it was eaten way during the fammin of 12 something BC (BC=befor chocolate) what was left gave us enough clues to determane that everyone over 5 ft would be scurried away in a flood of chocolate near the dawning of the age of super luompa in real time about 2012
we all will be tranformed into our sacred beast the chocolate bunny wich everyone loves and adores

but befor this time of chaos there will be eating of carmel and marshmellow a time of great woes to those who dont see a dentist so it is writen so it may be according to the word of Garp.

:) peace be with ye.

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Comment by Apachestone on August 1, 2009 at 1:13pm
lol ty for the reply we accept all who love chocolate

low priest
Comment by tranceman on August 1, 2009 at 4:30am
have fun in Umpa Luompa land! I would like to live in a state where I can eat chocolate pudding & whip cream all day long without any adverse health effects!

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