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This was a dream i had after 430am this morn, 19 march. i woke up suddenly from another dream and my dog was desperately scratching my closed door to come in. but i was too sleepy to open the door.

so i went into another dream. here i was hoarded together with other people my age. we were given numbers (mine was 37) and we basically entertained ourselves in that place by doing some skits.

suddenly in the main hall, we looked up and saw strange clouds suddenly blurring into light brown ships. majestically they ploughed through the clouds above us. they were rounded rectangular in shape.

so everyone was dumbstruck. i stood up and started explaining to everyone about what i know about ships from the sky and extraterrestials. We were then given a signal by the hoarding house that we can go onboard those ships, we just needed to move into our teleportation cells that had been assigned to us by name. i hopped onto a random cell, but i saw my name wasnt on the tag that was on it, so i let the girl who had her name on the tag to hop into the cell.

so they got teleported into the light brown ship hovering over us. we were all intently watching our friends walk into the ship through a window on the bottom of the ship. i clapped in glee and shouted "congratulations!"

No sooner than that, we all started seeing people (they didnt seem like humans) with light sabre kinda thing slicing our friends to death inside the ship. thats when we all panicked (i was amazingly zen) and started running to the nearest exits. while most ran upstairs the facility, i persuaded my friends to run downstairs as 'troops' (i didnt know how i knew there would be troops) would comb the top and bottom floors first, so we had to hide in the middle floors.

the 'troops' closed all air vents to 'smoke' us out the facility. but me and my friends however, found a way to escape the building. we ran out on the road, and found the buildings all around us dark and quiet.

we met with a soldier and quickly overcame him, me and a guy friend took his weapons and rifles and shot at the ambushed soldiers hiding in the abandoned building beside us. we ran out of ammo eventually and got confronted by a group of marines. surprisingly, they didnt want us dead. so we just sat there, dejected, while they contacted more of their squad.

then my dream ended. i dont know what to make of it. i felt as if i was pressurised not to tell my friends of ETs and whatever i've learnt so far after this dream.

what do you think?

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Comment by Ullan on March 19, 2009 at 1:28pm
Dear Reb,

I must admit here that these dreams were the result of meditating just before going to sleep. It's something I've started trying in the last two days only, so I'm not sure if this is going to be a constant result or not. Either way, I'll keep trying it.

As for using guns or your fists in your dreams to defend yourself, this has long been my initial instinct as well. That is, until I realized that this is using violence to overcome violence. The 'bubble of golden light', or the projection of light in defense, is an idea I picked up from two sources. One is a certain channeling of the FOL (who have also provided me with a fantastic cure for headaches) and the other is a technique my friend used during Reiki meditation.

Remember, in your dream, as in your waking state, nothing can harm you if you do not want it or let it.
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on March 19, 2009 at 12:00pm
wow torz and ullan, i know how special these dreams are. there was once someone here told me he saw me in his dreams! i think occasionally we will meet up in the 4th dimension.
and yeah, isnt it wonderful sometimes when you meet people in dreams, all they need is to look at you and you'd be able to understand complex concepts that theyre trying to explain, in a split second. previous memories and history also will flash by in an instant, knowing you've been there and done that before (when in waking life, you have not)

torz >> i think it could be a potential reality. that would be so cool. no need for any forms of physical media. i had dreams of an MSN-like chat with friends without computers, just thinking of them and writing on a piece of paper or with your finger to transfer the message. perhaps what we had were 'downloads' or a sneak preview so we know this can exist! i would like your dream to manifest, not mine.

ullan >> sounds like youre a 4th (or multi) dimensional warrior...! lol those powers are awesome. i think i still have a percentage of fear left in my soul, coz in dreams when i meet enemies or opponents, all i want to do is to grab a gun and shoot them or bash them with my fists (to no avail). i think i shall try and cultivate more peaceful measures in lalaland, because i know i can determine the outcome of my dreams (ive levitated in dreamland at will many times before). thank you for reminding me. anyway its really cool, golden symbols and light... very merlin!

... and yes ive got that flash of light -was that somebody?- experience too... woo hoo. im glad you guys shared!
Comment by Ullan on March 19, 2009 at 10:05am
Continuation from my last post, this is the dream I had last night.

I was with a large group of people, but only a few of them looked human. As I type this, the exact details of the others is starting to blur, so I'm afraid I can't give an accurate description. What I do remember, clearly, is that I was by no means leading the group, and many seemed to be very protective of me. As we cleared the forest (the same one I described earlier), we came onto a wide plain, with figures visible in the distance. Everyone tensed and started taking cover, behind branches, in gullies, wherever they could simply hide and not be seen. I went into cover behind a low series of boulders with quite a few others, daring to peek over the top to see what was going on. In front of us, coming ever closer, was what I can only describe as an army of beings. Coming ever closer, I simply knew they had malevolent intent and would kill us to the last. Somehow they hesitated a few hundred yards from our position, and I stood back up, breaking cover. There was a battle line forming, but for some reason they simply refused to approach any further, or take any sort of action. And I felt fear from them, washing over me like a tidal wave. A few people were yelling for me to get back in cover and hope for the best, when one of the beings broke rank and charged at us.
What happened next I attribute to playing too much 'Empire: total war' because what came charging at me was a being wielding a sabre and riding a horse. I saw myself running away, and noticed for the first time I didn't look human either. After a short dash, I was back in control of myself, and I turned to face my attacker. There was a flash, what looked like a series of golden symbols glowing in the air before me, and the horseman slumped sideways, dead. One by one, everyone stood up from cover, seemingly confused, not in the least myself. Beings appeared among them, armed, and the same thing started happening all over the group. Flashes of golden symbols and golden light, and would be attackers simply keeling over. I remember taking the weapons off one of them, and going back to the front of the group. The person to my right smiled and said this exactly 'I knew you were a human soul.' All I could do was smile in return, and discard the weapons I had just picked up. Then, as I could feel the confusion coming from the beings in front of us increase, we moved forward as one.

I woke up after that, feeling someone standing next to me. Turning slowly to look, I saw nothing but a flash of light, and woke up again with five hours missing, feeling happy, hopeful, and satisfied.
Comment by Ullan on March 19, 2009 at 9:41am
Dreams... wonderful things.

The last few days, my lucid dreams are returning as well, and I can remember them quite clearly.

Two night ago, I found myself (while dreaming) in a city that somehow seemed familiar. It was odd, in that it consisted entirely of connected rooms, traveling up and down but never giving any chance of getting out in the fresh air. After fruitlessly ascending and descending the same spiral staircase several times, I took a different turn. Half a dozen people followed me, and we found ourselves in front of a guarded gate. I noticed only then that we were outside, and somehow I knew that beyond that gate lay another city, inhabited by an exclusive group of people, and that nobody else was allowed inside. Somehow I also knew that the way out of the city lay beyond that exclusive quarter. 'There's no way in' someone mentioned behind me 'And we can't climb the walls.' I took that as a challenge, and climbed over the top of the wall regardless. As I was pulling myself over the top, I came face to face with a ginger cat, who appeared quite pleased to see me. Naturally I was spotted trying to 'break in' to the exclusive quarter, and I heard alarms going off, shouted voices and running feet. I dropped from the wall and started running through the cobbled streets. Behind me, the cat followed.
As an added oddity, it seemed that everyone living in that part of the city had left their houses, because the streets were abandoned. As I approached the city limits, everyone seemed to have lined up, creating an unbroken wall of people that I couldn't pass without pushing someone aside. As using violence is against my nature, I looked for another way out, and noticed for the first time that a group of guards was running after me. Running without thinking, following instinct, a side street led me to a wide thoroughfare that ended in a low 'parking barrier' with guards on either side. They noticed me, but didn't seem intent on stopping me whatsoever. One of the guards following me suddenly came running past me at impossible speed, going for the same barrier. I realized that I'd never make it out if he got there before I did, and started running like mad. It felt as if I suddenly doubled forward and began running on hands and feet at the same time, much like an animal. Just before we both reached the barrier, I passed him, and heard him shout 'No! This can't be happening!'. I shouted back 'Life's not fair, deal with it' and ducked under the barrier. Before me stretched a forest, and a feeling of absolute freedom.
The dream ended then and there, but just before waking up, I found myself in a white room, again looking in the eyes of that ginger cat. A voice told me in exactly these words: 'You've made a friend tonight. I'll be with you from now on'
Comment by torz on March 19, 2009 at 5:15am
ok thats a weird one reb.... I too have a very bizarre and vivid dream last night oo....
Of course it could be just that.... a dream but....

Sometime in the near future.... I know this because my kids were still looked the same age.... I was at a big meeting with lots of other people, ET and humans, lots of other races that were blurry and not defined but I could see Jrods and Nordics there and others that looked like us but not the same in all way...

We were around a big table but a HUGE one and there were people in tiers behind us too going up and some in front going down.... weird...

Ok so we were debating what to expect.... basically... all of a sudden, every human on Earth became telepathic.... We could all hear a soft, loving voice in our heads and it was saying " Dear Humans, Do not be afraid, we are not here to harm you only help you understand what is happening on your Planet and in the Cosmos around you We are your family and we Love you. and it went on, I cannot remember the exact words but it was benevolent and loving and people who have woken up and researched what is happening were at first a little freaked out by this voice but quickly we were shedding tears of joy for finally it was happening ( what it was I had no idea but I instinctively understood)....
However, there were many people who didn't and were really scared at first, some even thinking they had gone mad... Like trained soldiers we helped them understand and we were linked to each other mentally so we could combine all the info and get the correct messages out to those who didn;t understand...

All the TV screens and TV stations on the Planet were showing the same thing.... A visual history of EVERYTHING that has happened...... WHo were really are, ( and it come as a shock even to some of us)... All around the World people were watching screens and going on forums talking about this telepathic message and nothing else, it was as if there was a common unity with all peoples of the world and all wars stopped ( just like Reagan said in his speech but it wasn't a common threat but a common love ???) everyone was sitting around chatting, laughing, having fun, there was NO and I mean NO violence at ALL.... we were suffused with peace and love, it was an incredible feeling...

The telepathic message was repeated periodicaly until we got used to the feeling but it explained that we could all do it and when we had got used to the idea it would become common practice between all of us, enabling a pure understanding of everything.... but we couldn't have it all at once because it would be too much for us to take in...

So ... a dream or a visualisation that could become a reality???

This month and this week are very important by what I have been studying, lots of people I have spoken to have mentioned that they have been having weird dreams, some nightmares, (clearing of the soul) and some inspirational...

I truly think something is happening to us and I believe that in our sleep we are merged with our higher sleves at his time, something is being decided and we are the ones that doing is...
It was like a council and it was very very important that we show that we are worthy of saving.......

Left me shell shocked and in awe and I can still remember it very well this morning where as normally I have forgotten my dreams before I even awake....

I have not been on for a while due to reasons I will not go into now but when i read your post Reb, I felt impelled to tell you....

Torz xxxxxxxxx

It was sooooooo vivid and real like I was watching something was going to happen in the future
Comment by Matt Wilkinson on March 19, 2009 at 12:24am
thats one intense dream, maybe you were seeing a possible future outcome, one that i think we are trying to avoid

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