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Montague Keen, Sunday 20 September 2015

excerpt from montague keen's message on 20 September 2015:

Do you have the courage to stand firm together and take responsibility, not just for your own future, but for the future of humanity and the Earth? Look at what the Cabal has done: the wars, the suffering they inflict, the hardship endured by the poor, the famines, the tsunamis, the earthquakes; all deliberately planned and carried out. You have seen it all. Is this what you want? MORE OF THE SAME, because that is exactly what you will get. Look into the eyes of your children. Do they deserve to live life in this way? 




Look at Ireland, where the people have found their voice. They are using it to inform their Government that they NO LONGER CONSENT TO BEING GOVERNED BY THEM. The Government does not serve the Irish people. It is under the control of those who do not have the best interests of Ireland, or her people, at heart. We salute the Irish for taking this stand. They are showing how to do it, peacefully, and with conviction. They are remembering who they are, and what was forcibly taken from them.

Europe is under siege, too. It is being FORCED on you TO WEAKEN YOU, to take your minds off what is actually happening. I warned you many times, of plans to destroy Europe. Now, you see it every day. How much more suffering is required before you wake up to the truth? For all this to stop, all it takes is FOR GOOD PEOPLE TO WAKE UP, STAND TOGETHER, AND REFUSE TO BE PART OF IT.

These are difficult times. You can change it. Believe in yourselves, for you can do it. My dear, I wish I could make it easier for you. Know that we will succeed.

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Comment by Debby ♥Many Nations♥ on September 21, 2015 at 2:47am

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