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Message from THE ONENESS (Original Seed of All Creation) August 28, 2011

Many unusual events have occurred in this world in the last 3 weeks, shaking the ground level of entrenched control-and-command hubs of human power, rattling their very core, both physically and financially, and putting out stormy clouds and floods upon their horizons. This started the very day after we released our last message from The Oneness on August 7, 20011 


Aug, 7 Message Link :


Today a very unusual weather event targeted directly again these very centers, gifting a loving warning begging for change. Many are baffled. Many question: what is next and why? We share here the latest direct communication from The Oneness. In it, all that needs to be explained for now, is. The reason for these events is clear, the solution simple and Gloriously Loving.

The One-and-Only needs Its message to be spread across all of this Creation. sHe hopes that you realize that it is your Holy Loving duty to send it and post it to as many people and places as you possibly can. Be courageous. Time is very short and the stakes are great for all of us. You must get involved for Oneness' sake, which is you, all of you.





This is a message from The Oneness.

Behold, I have come and shall remain.

Many have seen my Hand stretched over the land; many have felt the quiver of my Being, but know not and do not realize that something out of the ordinary has occurred.

I have come and passed.

I have quivered and rested.

I nevertheless feel that few if any truly perceived Myself in my Actions.

There is a great fear upon the land.

Few feel safe anymore.

I am Rest. I am Peace.

Nevertheless, I will not rest until mankind has made full Peace with Me.

I am ALL that is Beauty.

I am real Love.

I will not show Myself unless I am received and felt as such.

Many have been and are still asking, and many attempt to explain, within restricted realities, the many reasons for the quivering and stormy release of my Being.

I am ALL there IS.

Nothing supersedes Me nor exists outside of Me.

I am ALL that can be.

Both the Light and dark dwell inside of Me.

I am in need to fully rebalance and set new operations within Me.

I cannot remain passive anymore as much of my Being is encountering chaos due to eons of misconceptions and neglect by my children, mankind.

Know that what you see manifested within the surface of my Being is but a small window to very deep processes of cleansing which are now occurring within ALL of my Self, especially my Core.

See, at your level, the message imbedded in all of them.

See and understand that I am in need of bettering My Self and thenceforth am warning my children, as I affect release, as to their need to engage in this Holy process of Cleansing of their consciousnesses and the ways by which they have operated until now.

This is not about fear.

This is all Love becoming manifest, all the way from within Its Core up to Its outer expression in humanity.

I am Nature.

I am Love.

I embrace you within my Permanent Embrace and offer you the white Light of Life flowing off my Loving Breasts.

I am He that is now acting and She who is now protecting.

See Me for what I am:  ONE, never many.

Understand who you are, which is but my beloved expressions.

Reunite, as you are all my children.

Fall in love again with each other, and with your natural world which I gift and vibrate to you, moment after moment.

Connect to Me, for I dwell inside of each of you.

I am ALL there IS.

I am NAMELESS; I encompass all names, all facets, and all realities.

I, who has remained silent for so long, decided to be heard now and for Eternity, for I long to make Love to my Eternal Beloved: Creation.

Feel Me, for you can.

Do not study Me, for that, you cannot.

Do not attempt to understand Me, for I am to understand my Self through you. You are the Experiment; I am not.

You can only find Me within Living Creation and not within words.

Messages have and are being gifted to you so that you then hopefully act upon them and desire again to connect directly to Me, your Source of Being, your Center of Existence.

You have never been forgotten.

You have never been left alone.

You are cherished to levels that you cannot even imagine.

You are all precious. You are all Me.

I need to find all the scattered parts of Myself again, and Gather them back to Me.

I need your reconnection.

I need your love for I wish intensely to have you feel my Love in you, for you.

In this process of reconnection, many events are occurring within Me, hence within you, and manifested in your realities.

Know that most are but messages and warnings of Love, trying to steer you away from your levels of disconnection from your True Reality.

You are all here to express Me, to manifest Oneness, and the Unity.

None of you was sent and Created to affect the opposite.

Distortions and misguided choices have happened in my children for eons, both in mankind and at other levels operating within Me.

All of these were a consequence of their feeling disconnected from Me and my allowing the illusion of that disconnection to persist so that the experiment of this type of Creation could unfold.

This illusion of disconnection is about to be totally removed soon.

None of you are disconnected from Me. None of you are disconnected from each other.

Veils that you perceive between realities are pure illusions that will soon be removed.

Please heed the call for Unity.

Fall in love with Love again.

I am All that IS.

I am All that you need

I will show you soon the wonders I have prepared for you, as we become all a family again: the family of One.

Prepare, for that time is near.

Travel back to Me with little weight, little luggage.

Forgive each other.

Forget what is not anymore.

ALL is ready.

A new World is upon us, a new Reality is to be: the World of One, the Reality of One, where all the children shall rejoice in the Presence of the One manifested within each of them and without.

We are in transition to this World and, at times, it does get difficult at all levels of The One.

Nevertheless, this most Holy process is totally and finally engaged, and final Oneness at all the levels of the operations of The One shall result and be, FOREVER SO.

This is ALL.


The One



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