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E.T. 101 - Manual for the Light Worker Awakening

It is time to use your powers wisely and create realities that are worthy of who you are. You can do this by changing what you communicate to be real to the universe through your focus, and the identity you project by way of that identity's behavior. If you do not make this fundamental shift, you will continue to transmit the same old tired requests to a universe that will dispassionately and lovingly respond with the same old tired and often toxic…


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Easy Experiment: Proof that You are Creating Your Own Reality!

Article by Daniel Lux Lory:

I know this may sound far fetched to you now, but don't dismiss it instantly! It's not hard to find out if what I am saying is true! Have a play with your own thoughts and see how it affects your reality! Experiment by dropping EVERY negative thought as soon as it enters your mind!


(i.e You get cut off and nearly have an accident: LET IT GO!! Understand that they didn't do…


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Ami - Child of the Stars (1986)

Guised as a children's story, Chilean author Enrique Barrios writes this uplifting story of a young boy, Pete (Pedro in the original Spanish edition), who meets the extraterrestrial Ami (short for Amigo, or friend).

    While this book has been translated into many languages, and is still in print in most of them, including Spanish, the English edition is only still available as a free PDF (see link below).

    The illustrations by Glen Strock were based on original sketches by the…


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India : Ancient UFO Cave Painting

Indian Cave Painting of Aliens and UFOs

Rajasthan Times reports: A group of anthropologists working with hill tribes in a remote area of India have made a startling discovery: Intricate prehistoric cave paintings depicting aliens and UFO type craft.

The images were found in the Hoshangabad district of the state of Madhya Pradesh only 70 kilometers from the local administrative centre of Raisen. The caves are hidden deep within dense jungle. A clear image of what might be an alien or ET in a…


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How to Clean Up the Pineal Gland

Cleaning up the Pineal Gland is useful for those wishing to develop their multidimensional perception. The Pineal gland will naturally make its own DMT when fully operational and we will be able to remain in a visionary state most of the time. An awakened pineal gland brings the ability to consciously astral travel, explore other dimensions, foresee the future and receive communications from loving dimensional beings.


DMT is a component…


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7 Year old boy (David) giving Answers to the Universe & Important Information through a Psychiatrist..

Please, allow me to make a brief presentation regarding the content. I promise sensational truths to be revealed later on! Please have patience and read further.

1. Aryana Havah – Inuaki, reptilianul din mine (Inuaki, the reptilian inside me)

This book is about a 7 years old boy brought by his mother to a psychiatrist because he is in contact with a voice from another Planet. The boy's name is David and despite his very young age on Earth, he holds the answers to the…


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Dr. Zahi Hawass, Fake Chamber Scandal

Well it appears that Zahi Hawass may have deceived us all, pictures taken of the chamber show something out…


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200,000 Year Old Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa

They have always been there. People noticed them before. But no one could remember who made them -- or why? Until just recently, no one even knew how many there were. Now they are everywhere -- thousands -- no, hundreds of thousands of them! And the story they tell is the most important story of humanity. But it's one we might not be prepared to…


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Are Some UFOs Living Space Beings?

Rather than alien spacecraft, could some UFOs actually be living beings which normally inhabit the cosmic void?

"Zeroid" is the generic term applied to bioforms which may populate the recesses of free space. This domain is characterized by virtually zero temperature and zero atmospheric pressure.

While biologists might contend space is unsuitable for biogenesis, Russian astrophysicist Dr. V.l. Goldanskii argued that appreciable quantities of prebiotic material…


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Fukushima is falling apart : Are you ready?

If the 1565 Nuclear Fuel Rods are MOX fuel, containing 6% plutonium, one fuel rod has the potential to kill 2.89 billion people. If the pool containing these rods which is already Cracked & Leaking collapses, as Senator Wyden is now saying too, we would face a Mass Extinction event from the release of radiation in those rods.

Reactor #4 building is on the verge of collapsing. Seismicity standards rate the building at a zero, meaning even a small earthquake could send it…


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The Rockefeller Foundation ACTUALLY DESCRIBES this in PAST TENSE on p.34 of their "Scenario Planning" book as though it has already happened! It seems very similar to PNAC's strategy planning documen…

The Rockefeller Foundation ACTUALLY DESCRIBES this in PAST TENSE on p.34 of their "Scenario Planning" book as though it has already happened! It seems very similar to PNAC's strategy planning document of September 2000 which called for a "catalyzing event" like a "New Pearl Harbour". Have they planned a new false flag event in August to incite a new…


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The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

Under construction by contractors with top-secret clearances, the blandly named Utah Data Center is being built for the National Security Agency. A project of immense secrecy, it is the final piece in a complex puzzle assembled over the past decade. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world’s communications as they zap down…


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The End - Remote Viewing Predictions. Prepare Now or Pay Later (Video)


Major Edward A. Dames, United States Army (ret.), is a decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program. He served as both training and operations officer for the U.S. government's TOP SECRET psychic espionage unit.…


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Leonid Elenin : Real facts about comet Elenin Published on September 26, 2011

  1. At this moment the comet disintegrated into a large number of small fragments, which we may be able to see with the large telescope at the early October;
  2. The fragments of the comet did not change it path and will be flying by orbit of the comet, i.e., not will come to the Earth closer than 35 000 000 km;
  3. Currently the comet Elenin is not visible on the images from the SOHO…

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Message from THE ONENESS (Original Seed of All Creation) August 28, 2011

Many unusual events have occurred in this world in the last 3 weeks, shaking the ground level of entrenched control-and-command hubs of human power, rattling their very core, both physically and financially, and putting out stormy clouds and floods upon their horizons. This started the very day after we released our last message from The Oneness on August 7, 20011 


Aug, 7 Message Link : …


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6th day of the 9th wave of the universal underworld


From September 5th to September the 22nd, we enter into Day Six of the Universal Underworld, Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light through the Cosmic Ray of Galactic Christ Consciousness, and the Brotherhood of the Light. This Cosmic ray focus brings a greater level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness by activating the DNA through the energy of the super-electron, also known as Divine energy transmissions of Metatronic Light.




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Comet Elenin Could Be Disintegrating


Animation of 5 images taken Aug 19,22,23,27,29 displaying the nucleus of Comet Elenin in the process of disintegrating. Credit: Michael…


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Interview about the Nearing Upcoming Matrix Revolution back to Oneness

Listen to the Important MESSAGE :



Incase the links dont showup in the above link, use:





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