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LOVE vs. Fear. Which one you choose?

Why you feel fear? From what I have experienced and information that I have gathered from channeling I can say that fear is a emotion that shows you what you are not or what you don't want to be so it is to keep you out of from that path which is not your true path.

Why you feel LOVE and joy? I think that Love and joy shows your true being what you are and guide you to your right path.

If person fears or will feel bad going to the job interview it can possible mean that that kind of job is not for you. But if you are exited and feel joy to go there it means that that kind of job is in your path. I think that this can also work in other way if you fear that job because you feel that you are not worth it. By feeling that way you make that reality that it will not happen. If you turn your fear and feeling of worthless to joy, trust and feeling worthy you will get that job more easily. In this case fearing that you are not worthy shows that feeling not worthy is not your way. So you are fearing to be not worthy because it shows that feeling not worthy is not your path (so it shows that you are wrong). You are precious and you deserve all the goodness, joy and LOVE. So it is good to learn source of your fear and love and think that are you in right path now. When you start to see things with these basic feeling you can start to do something.

From my experience tells that if you choose patch of LOVE you don't have to fear anything and you keep being in the right path all the time. I think that when you feel abundance and LOVE you will bring and suck things that you dream of and same time you will filter all the bad experiences, events and people that you use to fear and that was not your path. So you should start filtering all negativity from your mind and start thinking and feeling positivity.

Power of LOVE, how to use and share it:
1: First you need to learn to feel what LOVE and joy is. So learn how to LOVE yourself and your family.
2: Learn how to receive LOVE, joy and happiness. Be receptive and think positive.
3: Learn how to share LOVE and positivity to others. When you share it will grow in your hearth and you will receive more.

Greetings from Finland. I hope you got some nice tips. :)

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Comment by zuulduikterin on December 4, 2008 at 7:01am
I disagree mostly to be honest.
There are more forms of fear... And , in my opinion, most are not a guide of paths. I don't want to be too negative but I feeling love and joy isn't exactly a garantuee that you are on the right path either.

Besides I fear my exams too doens't mean that the education I'm following is "bad" or "not right" for me. I enjoy it but I just fear examns. Most likely because my first was a horror I guess :p

Nice try tho :D

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