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Love and the Role of Duality
The Collective - Karen LaRue
Love is Why You Incarnate
We are come forth, now, each from our own space, each from our own timeline.
We are come forth many whom you would call the Ancestors,
many whom you would call Ascended Masters, many whom you would call of the
Celestial and Angelic realm.
We come forth as one voice;
we come forth as one energy in celebration of who each of you are.
We come forth to celebrate humankind, to celebrate the path that you have chosen,
not only in this lifetime, but in all your incarnations upon this planet.
And all the ways each and every one of you has come forth to be individuations
of your soul essence upon this planet. Know that you are blessed among all creation.
There are many layers of assistance here for you.
There are many that you would call Native American.
There are many that you would call from the Eastern religions.
There are many that you would call saints.
There are many layers here of support.
And though there are different religions upon this planet,
there are different ways of worshiping the One God;
there are different ways of being in
relationship to the Creator and to All That Is,
know that at the heart of each of these, there is the truth.
Whether it is present in the present teachings
or whether it has been obscured by layer upon layer of history of each religion
and each belief system,
but know that at that kernel of truth is this: LOVE.
Love is all there is.
Love is the One. Love is the Creator.
Love is why you incarnate upon this planet cycle after cycle after cycle.
It begins when you are bereft of love.
It begins when you do not know within yourself that you are love,
and that you are connected to all around you and to every soul
upon this planet, through the energy of the Oneness of love.
Duality: Love and the Absence of Love
When you speak of separation, you speak of separation from God;
you speak of separation from the Creator, and what you truly speak
of is separation from love,
for there is only love and the absence of love.

What is not love is the absence thereof. Know that there are energies
that one would call evil,
there are energies that one would call darkness, but we tell you these are mindsets,
these are mental constructs from humanity placed upon the lack of love,
the absence of love, and within those mental constructs, they become congealed.
They become dense in their lack of love.
And so you would say they become dense in their darkness,
that they become dense in their negativity and their evil,
but it is just layer upon layer upon layer  that has been brought forth
that which is not love,
that which is not Oneness, that which is not of Creation.
And so you are at a time in your development, in your timeline upon this planet,
when the energies are coming forth to show you more vividly than ever before
in your knowingness what is love and what is not love.
You are having it projected to you, onto your spouse, onto your neighbor,
onto those that you are in relationship with.
And it is not a projection of their souls, it is a projection from you,
and their projection onto you from them. You are each serving each other in this way.
Know that in relationship, whichever intimate relationship, whether it is mother to daughter,
father to son, husband to wife, loved one to loved one, it matters not.
You are projecting onto each other that which is love and that which is not.
And it will become more intense around you,
with those who are driving down the road in front of you,
those who are in a store beside you, those that you encounter in your everyday life,
those that you read about in your newspapers, or hear about in the evening news.
They will be projecting these energies to you--that which is love,
that which is not love.
It is the duality of life. It is the duality of existence upon this planet
that you call earth.
And in becoming more of who you are, in becoming more and bringing your soul essence,
and your sense of heaven onto the earth, know that this duality,
this polarity that some of you have been taught in the past is bad,
 that you must rid yourself of polarity,
that is for you to come forth and to live life void of polarity--
only in the light,only in love, know that this is a falsehood.
This is an egoic sense of being that says there is only light
and love that I must aspire to.

But know that the light needs the darkness,
and that love needs that which is not love for they know themselves in this way.
They are defined by that that they are not.
And so in your personal relationships, as you go about your daily life,
as you read and listen to the news, as you live upon this world
that for many of you seems to be falling apart.
It is as though your economies are not working,
it is as though your political system is in an uproar,
it is as though every place you turn, there is nothing that you can
truly hang on to for it all seems to be in transition,
it all seems to be jumbled up and falling apart.
But know that this too is duality. And that as an enlightened individual,
as one who is on the path of Ascension in the lifetime,
or one who may not even call it a path of Ascension but one who wishes
for consciousness, more and more consciousness within this beingness,
within this incarnation.
Know that you can use duality, that you can use the polarity of the light
and the dark and the love and that which is not love, and you can know thyself,
and you can know the mental constructs and belief systems that no longer serve you,
and you can see them and you can release them.
You can begin to know more about yourself on many different levels
and through many different layers as it is shown to you everywhere you turn.
Ascension and the New Earth
And those of you who have been on the path these many, many years in this incarnation, those of you lightworkers, the forerunners,
who have been at this for so long and your souls are weary,
and you seek to rest within in the arms of the One,
you seek to take a break and to know that you have done your job well,
and that it is time to rest upon your laurels and to reap the benefits
of all the work that you have done on the planet.
There are many of you that wish for this with all that you are.
“Where is my Ascended state? Where is my Utopia?
Where is the New World that will come forth and support me in a halcyon way?”
We tell you it is only within yourself.
We tell you that that which you truly desire is not here or here or here.
It is not outside of you, it is only within, and it is only through accepting the polarity,
the duality, and going beyond ego and beyond personality into the realm
of the Watcher,into the realm of Awareness.
That is where you will find you have your rest.
It is not that this world will suddenly change, and that there will no longer be
those within the Third Dimensional way of being.
If you are waiting for this to happen, dear ones,your wait will be long.
But that does not mean that you are stuck in a lower vibration?
Know that there are many upon this planet that will continue to choose
that lower vibration. 
How long will they continue to choose it?
They will continue to choose it until they don’t choose it,
until their Watcher is ready to awaken,
and until they go more into their own consciousness and their own beingness. 
But you do not have to wait for this for you are the Creator of your reality.
You are the Creator of your earthly experience.
If you do not enjoy what you are currently creating, then create again!
This is not news to you; you have heard these words before.
If you do not like what you see before you, choose again.
You hear it now because it is true.

This is a Universal Truth on this planet and all others.
You create your realities; you are the architect of your lives.
You are the architect of your physical bodies. 
Your Body is a Wealth of Information If your bodies are clogged;
if your bodies are beginning to show wear and tear;
if your bodies are seeming to turn upon you,
know that they are a wealth of information.
Your very cells and the atoms that make up your physical body
are a wealth of information.
And they are ready to speak to you; they are ready to tell you what they need;
they are ready to tell you what is blocking them.
It is time to listen, dear ones.
It is time to awaken to all that you are--these physical bodies that you inhabit,
they are temples,though they are very rarely treated as such.
What you place within your mouths, what you breathe, what you drink,
the way you treat your bodies is many times as though
you do not realize how special,how sacred they are.
Take a look at yourselves. Take a look at your limbs. Think of your organs.
Think of the processes within your body. Think about your circulation system,
your electrical system, your mental aspects, think of your motor skills,
think of your abilities to smell and to hear, to taste, to laugh, to cry.
You have tears that come down your faces.
Do you know that you are the only creation of a humanoid sort within all of creation,
with All That Is, within every known universe that has tear ducts?
You have the ability to cry.
What a miracle! And you can taste your salt water as it flows down your face.
Your body can weep, and your body can weep in other ways. 
Your body has much to tell you. It, too, wishes to awaken.
Your bodies have the ability to rejuvenate,
to rejuvenate organs, to rejuvenate digits, to rejuvenate limbs.
What is stopping you from doing this?
Your mind, your mental constructs for you have been told that once you lose a limb,
it is gone forever. You will have phantom pain.
You will remember it being there, but you cannot re-grow it.
We tell you this is a falsehood.
This has been presented to humanity for eons in order to keep you in a place
of powerlessness and servitude,
just as the disconnection between you and your body
and its functions and its abilities have been cut off.
There have been blockages placed within each of you within your mind contructs,
your mental constructs that say you cannot go from here to there,
there are blockages there,
and you believe it, and because you believe it, it is true.
But we are here to tell you that you can begin to break down
those blockages, those mental constructs,
those invalid belief systems, and you can become more in tune with your bodies.
We will also tell you that there is not one diet, one way of living,
one way of eating or being with your body that is true for all humanity,
or even for the majority of the human beings on this planet.

You come from different races, you come from different star systems.
Even though each of you inhabits a human body with two legs and two arms
and a head and two eyes, and a nose, and a mouth, and you seem so similar--
your energetic makeup is quite dissimilar.
There are actually in this room representatives
from different star systems, from different planets of origin.
And each one of you requires different things within your body, so you say,
“What do we do?
How do we know? What diet do we follow? What way of living?”
It is as individualized as you are, and so it is about listening to your body.
It is about being in communication with your body
and asking each day  for we tell you that it will change.
So ask each day, what will truly serve my body to eat?
What do I truly feel like?

Maybe all I feel like is fruit for dinner. If that is what you truly feel like,
then honor that within yourself and feed your body the fruit that it desires,
and then feel wholeness, a feeling of health and well-being flow through you.
Responsibility for Yourself and for Others
There is much coming forth on the planet at this time.
There are many energies.
There are new ways of being; there are new ways of doing;
there are new ways of healing that are coming forth. It is just the beginning.
And though it seems you are up against more dire circumstances
in your lives with your economies,
with your health, with your welfare, with not knowing where you wish to be,
though there seem to be so many challenges before each one of you.
Imagine these challenges to be an early morning fog that lies across the land
when you arise for the day.
And you see it obscuring the mountain tops, and you see it lying low within the valley,
and then know that as the sun rises, and as the air warms,
that the fog dissipates bit by bit.
And what was once a dense soup suddenly becomes clearer and clearer,
and you can see the trees across the street, and then you can see further,
then you can see the mountains in the distance.
Then it is a bright and sunny day, and the fog has been lifted;
the morning is crisp and clear;
the sky is blue; and the birds are singing and the sun is shining,
and there is a sense of well-being.
Know that this fog that you sense yourselves in is beginning to lift,
and that as you come more and more into yourselves, into your own knowing,
into your own personal empowerment in your bodies, in your lives, in your spiritual essence,
as you become more and more aware of your guides
and your angels around you, know that the fog is lifting.

It matters not if the fog stays in another valley, for that is not your responsibility.
It is not your responsibility for all those who choose to stay in a lower vibration.
Your responsibility it not to your children; your responsibility are not to your spouses
or to your partners or your families.
Your responsibility is to yourself, and know that as you take responsibility,
full responsibility in all that you do and all that you create,
as you come into your own personal empowerment,
know you then allow those that you love to take responsibility for themselves,
for you are not doing it for them.
You are saying, “You, as an individual, are powerful.” 
This does not mean, of course,
to stop caring for your baby or to not see that your children get to school.
We are not saying that you stop taking care of daily chores.
What we are saying is that there are many upon this planet
who believes it is their responsibility for other’s lives,
for their happiness, for their well-being, for their health.
But know that each and every individual on this planet,
no matter how young or how old, no matter their gender,
they are incarnate beings who have a responsibility
to themselves and are whole within themselves.
When you take responsibility for another,
for what is good or what is not good within someone else’s life, for their health,
for their happiness, you are in essence telling them, “I believe you are broken.
I believe that you are not able to take care of yourself.
I believe that you are not able to take responsibility for yourself.
I believe that you are not able to make right decisions for yourself.”
But know that no one can make decisions for another ultimately,
and no one has the perspective of another’s soul purpose and path on this planet.
So we encourage you to love each other.
We encourage you to create an atmosphere within families of love and support,
an infrastructure that lends itself to good health and to right emotions
and sense of being,
and to give each and every person within that family,
within the greater sphere around you of friends and loved ones,
give them the ability to make their own choices.
Know you will not always understand these choices,
but know that it is important to honor them.

And yes, hold a loved one when he or she is crying; provide comfort,provide solace,
provide a good and healthy meal, help to provide for their education.
Yes, all of these are good, but just know that it is not your responsibility
for another,and that if you take full responsibility for your life, for your health,
for your body, for your finances,
for your world, then you will begin to see that you are truly the architect
of that world.
And as you stop putting so much time into other peoples’ worlds,
and place your focus and your attention on your world,
watch the miracles begin to occur.
And know that as you sense the duality around you,
as you experience it within your face,
as you see the light in your eyes or the dark of a room,
know that you are gaining perspective.
And you are truly learning what it is to be spirit,
to be soul incarnate within a physical body,
and then it will make room for the Awakener; it will make room for the Watcher;
it willmake room for the Architect.
Human Beings Create Through Fear
It is a journey; it is not a destination.
We cannot say that in 12 months’ time you will have made the journey
and you will have arrived!

But we can tell you that in 12 months’ time, you will have journeyed,
and you will be in a different place than you are this night,
and that place where you will be will be orchestrated by you.

So what are your intentions?
What are your hopes and dreams? What are your fears?
For we tell you that it is more the case than not that human beings
create their fears rather than their hopes and dreams.
That the energy of fear among humanity is so prevalent
and is brought forth in every aspect
of your media that it permeates all that you are and all around you.
There is a template of fear upon these United States and all who live within her.
There is a template of fear upon every country on this globe, and in your quiet moments,
you can feel it resonating at the back of your mind, at the back of your energy field.
You can feel it; it is tangible, and that is what many of you are creating from,
and we say that it is not even your fear.
It is a fear that is placed upon humanity, and then it globs onto individual fears,
and suddenly,the mass consciousness is quaking with fear, with fear of transformation,
with fear of their own light and their own love,
with fear of taking a step forward and moving to a direction that will honor
who they truly are.
Choose Joy and Create What You Truly Desire
When you hear it in this way, you probably say to yourself,
“Well, that doesn’t make any sense,
why would I react out of fear when there is so much goodness,
there is so much love and light that I can respond to?”
But it is a construct, it has been placed upon you, but as you realize it,
as you know that it is there, we challenge you to choose your future,
your next steps,not from that quaking, quivering construct of fear,
but from the light and the joy and the beingness of who you truly are.
We ask you to choose joy,
for yourself and to encourage those that love to choose joy for themselves,
in every waking moment to come forward and choose that which gives you happiness,
that which gives you peace.
Whether it is working with the earth and growing plants;
whether it is working with children;
whether it is creating music, whether it is flying an airplane, it matters not.
What is it that brings you joy? What is it that expresses your true beingness?
And many of you will say,
“I don’t know! I truly do not know what it is that makes me happy
for I feel that I am unhappy or dissatisfied so often.”
This is a habit of beingness,
this is a way of being disconnected from your joy, your joy and your true essence.
It is a habit, and as such can be changed.
So begin to choose joy when you are sad, when you are disgruntled,
when you are having a bad day, know that you can think of an animal or a place
or a memory that brings you joy, that puts a smile on your face, 
that allows you to be in a place of contentment and happiness.

Whatever it is for you, choose that, even if it is only for a few moments,
choose that joy, choose that contentment, choose that way of being,
and you will find that it changes your day.
It changes your perspective, and it allows you to be in a different place
where you can then come forward, and you can create from a place of happiness,
from a place of contentment.
You may find that you cannot hold that joy for very long at a time.
That is okay. [chuckles] It is not a test.
There is no one looking over your shoulder and taking notes
about how long you can stay in your joy.
But as you come forward, as you bring this into your life more and more each day,
you will create a new habit, a new way of being,
and you will bring more to you, and like energy will attract like energy,
and your experience of your life will begin to change.
You will find energies flowing to you; energies of happiness,
energies of community and like-minded people.
You will find money flowing into your existence.
You will find your life changing.
It is as simple as that. So where do you wish to be in a year?
We do not ask you to put your energy into that.
We do not ask you to put your energy into the future,
but to be present in this now moment and to find moment after moment
of that which brings you joy and that which brings you happiness
and that which brings you peace and contentment.
As you begin to work with this as an exercise, remind yourself,
and if you find yourself forgetting, place signs for yourself
on your mirror or on your cabinet,
over your kitchen sink where you do your dishes,
wherever it need be in order to remind you to find joy.
That is truly the path to Enlightenment.
That is truly the path to an Awakened state.
And that is truly the path to living in the Higher Dimensions upon a New Earth.
Can you see within your mind’s eye a community, and then a country,
and then a world where those that inhabit this community,
and country, and world are choosing joy?
Can you visualize the higher vibration of that? That is within your grasp.
Though it may sound cumbersome and difficult and you may say
“I’m not good about remembering to do that
[be in joy], or I have self talk that is negative,
or I have someone in my life who is constantly giving negative self talk to me
and projecting negativity on me,
or my boss is constantly projecting on to me, so it sounds very difficult.”
And yet, know that as you choose joy, for moments at a time,
and as you build upon that,
the negativity around you will dissipate.

The energy that you put forth in the world will change
your interactions with those around you.
Some in Your Life will Fall Away
And those who are not ready to change,
you will find them falling away from your life.
You will find them going elsewhere, even if it is one who is beloved to you.
But it will be a change of vibration,
and there will be some who will not be ready for this change,
and so you bless them and the ways that they have blessed your life,
and you allow them their path, and you allow them responsibility for their life,
but you will find that your life truly does change.
And that you do bring heaven to earth, and that you do live as a conscious,
incarnate being.
Then you will find that other aspects of self open,
and many other things that no longer serve you,
you will find that they fall away, and you will find great changes.
Know that this is your present moment.
We speak not of your past and not of your future,
but what you choose in this now moment,
how you choose to take responsibility for your life, for your body, for your health,
for your well-being, for your financial support, begin now.

Take baby steps and allow them the build one upon the other
and allow them to come forth and to change your perspective and your experience,
and know that the support that you have is beyond your knowingness--
that from every star system, that from every family of life,
from every dimension of time and space, you have support.
They have gathered in the energy of this planet to love and support you
and to watch your transformation.
For what you are learning about duality, what you are learning about being an Awakened self,
what you are learning about living in joy and all that that entails,
all of creation is watching and taking notes,
and will take this information back to their worlds,
to their experiences, to their timeline, to their dimension,
and they will incorporate it into their lives.
You are Love, and Love is All That Is
Well done, you souls, you great spirits incarnate in human bodies,
well done, for all of creation is watching and waiting and learning from you.
Though you feel that you are struggling, you feel as though you are
climbing a mountain,and you sometimes feel that you do not have the support
that you need and desire--you are not alone.
You are love, and love is all that is.
You are learning that within yourselves and you are learning
that you are connected to all beings everywhere through that,
and it is a hard-won lesson.
And there are moments of despair, and there are moments of anguish,
and there are dark nights of the soul,
but know that that is part of the duality,
that is part of the polarity,

and that is part of what brings you forward and pulls you from the morass,
pulls you from all of the belief systems, and all of the ways of being,
and the patterns,
and the family woundings and conditionings that no longer serve.
And as these collapse and fall away and shatter, you will emerge victorious.
There will always be another mountain to climb, we will not tell you different,
but with each mountain there is more joy,
with each mountain there can be more ease,
with each mountain, there can be more knowingness.
You will actually find you will begin to run to the mountain,
and to climb vigorously for you know a heightened state awaits you,
and another plateau, and another plateau, and more peace and more joy,
and more of the life that you truly wish to have.
So we ask that you create from your love and you allow the fears . . .
if you cannot allow them to totally melt away, place them over to the side.
Give them less power in your life.
You can still take them out and look at them,
if you find that you miss them, but place them over to the side and choose love,
and choose light, choose joy, choose responsibility,
choose more of who you truly are, and know that you are supported
by beings untold in number,
each waiting and wanting this shift to occur in consciousness for all creation.

Thanks for helping to spread the Light!
Enjoy the Splendid Moment



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