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~For Egyptians The Nightmare Is Just Beginning. George Soros & Egypt's New Constitution~

US Vetoes UN Draft Condemning Israeli Settlements
For Egyptians the nightmare is just beginning. George Soros & Egypt's New Constitution

Friday, February 18, 2011

For Egyptians, the nightmare is just beginning.
by Tony Cartalucci

The United States and its allies are still feigning surprise at the unfolding
revolutionary conflagration consuming the Middle East.
However, those aware of the West's decades old network of NGOs and how their sole purpose
is reordering the world to align to Western imperial interests can clearly see their
meddling hands involved in the current "uprisings" sweeping North Africa, Arabia, and now Iran.

While coordinates their army of youthful cannon fodder in the streets
of foreign nations from Bahrain to Libya, their corporate sponsors
and their partners in the US State Department put on a convincing act of
carefully portrayed confusion in the mainstream media.

MSNBC recently republished a New York Times piece titled "U.S. scrambles to size up ElBaradei,"
suggesting somehow Egypt's Mohamed ElBaradei may pose an obstacle to American
and Israeli interests in the region.
The utter contempt for their readers' intelligence is revealed when considering ElBaradei
is a trustee of a prominent US think-tank, the International Crisis Group (ICG) along side George Soros,
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Armitage, and Kenneth Aldelman.

Zbigniew Brzezinski of course is the father of MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski,
who daily feigns ignorance over the true nature of the protests
and that her father is openly involved in orchestrating them.
MSNBC itself is a corporate sponsor of

Furthermore, it should be noted that ICG members such as Richard Armitage
and Kenneth Adelman are also signatories of the extreme right-winged Project for
a New American Century, the literal architects of the extremely fake "War on Terror,"
and now some of the most vocal fear mongers regarding the unrest they themselves
have not only planned by have funded and organized
as well via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Freedom House.

Though many pundits see the Egyptian military's dissolving of parliament
and the suspension of the nation's constitution as a step backwards for the protesters,
it was exactly these steps that were demanded by ElBaradei's mobs according to the Nation
Endowment for Democracy (NED) funded Project on Middle East Democracy.
The fact that George Soros, a fellow ICG trustee along side protest leader Mohamed ElBaradei,
is funding organizations that have submitted drafts for Egypt's new constitution
adds insult to injury to the evisceration of Egypt's national sovereignty.

It turns out that the new Egyptian Constitution has already been drafted,
not by the Egyptian people, but by the very US-backed protesters
who brought about regime change in the first place.
A Reuters report quoted an opposition judge, who had been hiding-out in Kuwait until Mubarak's ousting,
as having said civil society groups had already produced several drafts
and a new constitution could be ready in a month.

These "civil society" groups include the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
openly funded by George Soros' Open Society Institute
and the Neo-Con lined NED funded Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.
It appears that while the International Crisis Group may be turning out the strategy,
and their trustee ElBaradei leading the mobs into the streets,
it is the vast array of NGOs their membership, including Soros,
fund that are working out and implementing the details on the ground.

Coupled with the US's recent pledge to openly fund Egyptian opposition groups ahead of elections,
it is hard to see how anything but a globalist-backed tyranny will result from the coming "transition."
The boldness and size of the globalists' activities in the Middle East, North Africa,
and now Iran is of such scale, it suggests the beginning of what may be the largest,
attempted premeditated reordering of the world since the World Wars.

The public's inability to wrap their minds around the reality of what is now transpiring in Egypt
will only embolden the globalists to pursue the next stage of their world domineering agenda.
It is essential for the people to make the connections and expose this charade for what it really is;
neo-colonialism that has replaced invading armies with hordes of duped US-backed activists.
It is equally important for people to recognize that "Neo-Cons" and the likes of George Soros
are working in expertly synchronized concert to implement their new global order.

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