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LOVE.... Divinity, life, mother, father, brothers, sisters light or blood, friends and high spirits ... .. What sense does not only human and can be surpassed, if I may say so, this unique and special feeling - Love?

There's nothing stronger than love in all its forms and in all its pure and unaltered.... It gives us the feeling that power is what makes us go further, is the feeling that gives us wings to "fly" without without limitations and prohibitions.

To love means to give everything you need, to tolerate each other and what the other has some points for us, those we love may seem defective, only that these small "defects" you have the other are what we are not and because we recognize in them, call them DEFECTS. What is important is to get back the same feeling in pure form.

To love means to receive without preconditions and without limitations, without laws and without reward, without rules and without penalty - on both sides LOVE (of you that do not impose something from the one in which you get both).

But also you can not receive nor offer if you do not love yourself. You can not really know what is love if it does not exist in you, and if you do not feel part of you. How can we believe that we can offer something that does not know?

In First way MAN - love, accept yourself and KNOW yourself! The rest will come by itself.
You must choose to understand that only when we feel good in our own skin, and only when we love enough to say that we know that states / feelings / beliefs of others Only then can we be able to help others in the true sense of the word, and with all our strength and fullness of our strength and our ability.

Only then can we do better, we can heal and we can healing our self, we create, we can make dreams come true and last but not least we can do things on this Earth to be only love. Gaia our Mother feel good in our company and understand that we are passing on this Earth (this is just one stop) and choose to exploit less future generations to enjoy the beauties also infinite Earth that break.

We do not know what it really the power of thought and strength of the fullness. It is above all, but it is correlated with the mind and soul, AND BOTH BECOME ONE, and when work will know that this happens is called WISDOM.

Wisdom can not coexist with us if we do not love, at least enough that they choose and in terms of mind and heart at the same time perspective. When we choose our life to take a direction and mind and heart are not fully correlated, then we truncate souls and spirits. Luckily we can cure it, but you must learn from our mistakes, how and way.

We can, we do, we go all the same way and in the same direction and path is = LOVE will be full of inner peace, the light of our soul and our love for us and those around us by default.

Soul Consciousness....?

Spiritual awareness (soul-consciousness) is cultivated through deliberate practice and only those who have understood the need for this kind of true, inner, self-respect will make the effort. Difficulties will arise to test your resolve for self-upliftment - physical illness, relationships, memories of the past, and so on. Yet with patience and introspection, you will come to see how these very tests are the means to strengthen your spiritual identity.


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