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Thursday, 03 November 2011

All that I have waited for through the sorrow and the strife,
Can it be that it is possible that I will find it in THIS life?

Somehow I never gave up, though I came right to the edge,
Can it be that NOW I’ll find that I’m waiting on the ledge?

It is here that I wait patiently, my hand upon my heart.
Can it be, at last, I found the life I’ve searched for from the start?

Memories flash before me of a place I’ve never left,
And at the loss of being there, my feelings are bereft.

All that I remember that I’ve wanted in this life,
Was to find a peace within me and the ending of all strife.

I remember who I AM now and no longer need to suffer.
I know the ME I AM inside, and release my final buffer.

I release all the behaviors I created to protect me.
I no longer need hide in them now that my Soul is free.

I’m alone without my armor, alone without my pain,
Alone without my memories of all that I “should” gain.

I no longer care for “gaining” or making myself strong.
Instead, I go inside my deepest SELF, who’s been there all along.

The Home that I have cried for is knocking at my door.
I release what I have “worked for,” I don’t want it anymore.

I accept the life that’s dawning and see it in my heart.
It is the ME that I’ve so missed, who’s been there from the start.

As I awaken to this dawning and come back into the whole,
I see how work and mundane life has pulled me from my Soul.

I feel I’m almost back now, and my visions show the Way.
I’m oh so close and yet so far from living that great day.

I forgive the ME who I became in the darkness of that night.
I embrace the ME, the one who cried in loneliness and fright.

The child within will show me how to find my way back Home.
The child within will find a smile when I’m feeling so alone.

The child who lives inside my core, remembers when I came here.
I came to help dear Gaia, hurt by anger, greed and fear

I came here once to do a job, which I hope is almost finished.
A child of Earth, I came to help my Mother, so diminished.

She’s almost back into Her SELF and thanks me from Her heart.
“Come with me NOW,” I hear Her say, “For, of ME you are a part!”

I feel Her love embrace me, as I listen to Her voice.
I know I will go with Her. I KNOW that is my choice

For, oh so many lifetimes I’ve visited this Earth,
And now I’m ready from my Core to welcome OUR rebirth.

I speak for all the brave Ones who answered Gaia’s call,
As she asks us now to join Her, the request is for us ALL!

Together, we return to that which is our Home,
And from that point of love and light, the Universe we’ll roam!


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