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Light Speed Learning

When we are young we learn at an incredible rate.

The right brain is subconscious and intuitive, takes in information quickly and requires no repetition. The left brain is conscious and logical, takes in information slowly and likes repetition. The fetus develops the right brain first. After birth the more material that is input into the brain the more it grows. By the age of 3 the circuitry of the child's brain is almost finished. The learning that has taken place has made many complex neurological connections; all input finds a place and is cataloged and cross-referenced with ease.

The right brain has a "high-speed, high-capacity memory" mechanism. The left-brain turns data from the external world into language. This requires "sequential processing" wherein data is processed one bit at a time; it is a time consuming activity. The right brain processes information very quickly as images or pictures. The left and right brain also differ in the capacity of their memories and the period of time for which information can be stored. The left-brain is continuously dumping old information to make room for new, but the right-brain memory is never deleted. Photographic memory is a right brain phenomenon. The right brain method does not attempt to present principles underlying knowledge. Instead, it provides the child with large volumes of raw data. Children are born with incredible abilities including speed-reading, photo-reading, computer-like calculation, high-speed memorization, image visualization, multiple language learning capabilities and perfect pitch.

And then we go to school to learn how to Learn?

Our present worldwide learning technique is the rote system of learning (reading). It is entirely a left brain activity. It literally pulls the child out of their natural right brain learning state. Should we stop learning how to read? Absolutely not, it is the way we are taught to read, not the activity of reading.

Light Speed Learning is a right brain learning process that teaches how to comprehend, assimilate and retain information at a minimum of twenty thousand (20,000) words per minute (manually turning two pages per second) up to a maximum of more than one million (1,000,000) words per minute (using special software) uploading an entire book into permanent long term memory in five seconds. This process is called Quantum Photography™. It helps an adult reclaim that which they already possessed as an infant and also helps the child sustain their natural abilities. Each student is given a 50 question exam after each book. At speeds reaching 1 million words a minute the results are absolutely amazing.

This is a learning aid that can revolutionize the educational system. Learning is accelerated to speeds faster than our left brain thinking can comprehend. Children could reach college level thinking and understanding between 12 and 13 years old. University students can take the stress of ‘studying’ and ‘cramming’ they can ‘learn’ material subconsciously and ‘download’ data automatically when they write exams with these techniques.

Corporations can use Quantum Photography™ to assimilate all the information that is current in their field, and their employees, in alpha, can enrich the corporate culture by contributing new ideas that can only come from the alpha state. Athletes can go to the ‘zone’ (aka alpha) at will. Entrepreneurs can ‘intuit’ what their customer’s want, before the customers even know that they want it!

Most importantly, when people can slow their brain down to the high frequency alpha oscillation, they hold the key to a healthier, wealthier, more creative and successful way of living. What’s more, spiritual awakening is a normal consequence of being in alpha! In many ways, it is the dawning of ‘Heaven on Earth’

SOLUTION: By using Light Speed Learning, a person can tap into the natural way we learned as children and apply it to the written word at 20,000+ wpm and 100 times the impact of reading.

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