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God is the truth we seek. He is the path that we should follow through life. He is the spirit inside us. He loves everything. The Universe is ours to explore. We must use our minds to seek the truth. Love is everything! Love is the gift He gives to us. Show love to everyone, for it will enhance your gifts. This we must all do for the greater good of the world. “

This was the second message I received from Spirit when I was seeking the truth of my spiritual being and to learn about my spiritual gifts. Little did I know there would be much more in store for me. I had no idea there was a world out there beyond my reality of living day to day upon this Earth. This message is for the world, not just for me. It is a message to all of us who are seeking the path to God and finding who we are and why we are here.

The following channeled message from God and The Ascended Masters is for your enlightenment. This message is to help you to further your quest for the truth.

“Good Day! We come to you as a Collective Group of energy. We are the Ascended Masters, a group consisting of God and Ascended Masters too large to name individually. We come to you to give you the wisdom and truth of God. There is no other reason for being here on Earth except to live and experience this great School of Life and Evolution.

Each and every one of you chose to come here. This is a fact. You made a contract with God before coming here and God granted you the blessing of giving you the most profound experience of spiritual growth and evolution by being here. This may seem a bit profound for most of you as you might say after being on Earth, “Why in the world would I chose to be here when there are Universes to explore that must be more exciting and mentally enabling than this planet!” We can assure you, there is no other planet that is more special to God at this time! This planet, Earth, gives you the greatest opportunity for spiritual evolvement. Why is this? You are human beings, the most special creation that God has ever created in any Universe! You may ask, “How can this be so?” We are here to give you the truth of your existence.

God created you in his image.

He gave you a limitless mind with which to explore the multitudes of immeasurable possibilities within His creations.

He gave you the gift of Free Will with which to utilize the mind to make choices and the personal power to fuel those choices.

He gave you His strength to use in wielding your free will and personal power.

He gave you His courage to make choices and take steps in your lives that would be outside the box.

He gave you His Unconditional Love with which to share with the world and beyond.

He gave you all the components of His energy, Compassion, Empathy, Forgiveness, Unconditional Love, Sympathy, Trust, Faith, Devotion, and Peace, to name a few.

We have all of these abilities inside us. We have the access to so much more, if we choose to explore the possibilities of our divinity.

You were granted the blessing of coming to the Earth, not only to experience life and learn and master the lessons you came here to achieve, but to embody God’s energy and spirit on this Earth. Y

ou are to exemplify God, Christ and The Holy Spirit in everything you do. This is not about Religion. It is about living your existence on this Earth and the true wisdom of why we are all here.

Your thoughts are real. People do not understand the great importance and power of the thoughts of man. The power of your thoughts can move mountains! You must use and understand the power of your thoughts and learn to use your thoughts for the highest benefit of humanity and the world.

Jesus has said many times while he was on this Earth, “ Your Thoughts Are Things and As You Think – So you Are!”

We must all remember this as part of our daily affirmation. Can you imagine the power and energetic force that could be culminated if everyone on the Earth combined their thoughts to the same frequency and cause? The scientists would have a hay day trying to measure the centrifugal force of that energy!

The power of your thoughts can change your consciousness in an instant. The power of your thoughts create your reality, your feelings and emotions, the clarity of your thinking and feeling, the balance or imbalance of your energies, the decisions you make with your free will and the measure of your personal power within.

Your thoughts do indeed manifest into the multifaceted reality of the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and your consciousness on all levels.

Your thoughts create a reality within all relationships but especially the relationship you have with yourself.

You are here to create the ideal of what God intended for us to all have in this creation, Heaven On Earth! This can be accomplished in this lifetime. God has faith in us! He is devoted to this cause and reality. That is why it is such a great and important time in the history of the Earth. There has been no other time in the history of God’s creation that the veil between Heaven and Earth has been lifted. This is God’s “First Cause” and He is giving you every opportunity to create this reality. Even with all the strife and confusion and destruction going on in the world, this reality can still be created. All it takes is for us to become the divine spirits we are! There is a great amount of work to be done, most assuredly, but the work can be done in a relative short amount of time with the diligent efforts of all of humanity.

You have noticed that humanity is seeking God in the highest degree. This is not by chance! You are seeking God for help, for love, for support, for strength, for courage, for compassion, for hope, for faith and for devotion. You are seeking miracles when you see no other way to create them yourselves.

The truth is many people are seeking to become ”Spiritual”. You are not here to become psychics, healers, channels, Masters, visionaries, prophets and all the like.

The truth is you are already all of these things.

You are already Spiritual beings created by God and given all the gifts you seek.

The problem is most people seek all these things outside of themselves when it is right inside you that you shall find the entire splendor of God! The key to finding these things inside you is to look honestly at yourself.

Take inventory of your thoughts, your actions and your deeds. Do they measure up to what you want to achieve? We all have issues to be worked upon. We the Masters are continually refining our consciousness as God blesses us with the opportunity to grow and evolve beyond our comprehension!

You have been given this blessing just as we have. We are no different from you. We are all just on different levels of evolution.

You can achieve everything we have achieved and more! There are no limitations on what you can achieve in this lifetime and beyond. The limitations are placed upon you by yourself! God has pulled out all the stops and has asked us to be at your side in masses to help you and serve you. We are here to help you evolve, to refine your consciousness and create the reality that we all desire.

Our will is God’s will! Your will is God’s will and together we can create the reality we all want to achieve!

You must remember three things to help you achieve the goals you wish to accomplish in this lifetime.

“Ask and You Shall Receive”,

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”


“ Treat Others the Way You Would Want To Be Treated” (The Golden Rule).

God wants you to ask for anything you desire in helping you to achieve your goals.

You must ask with sincerity, faith and devotion.

You must then take action to help yourself achieve your goals.

See the article on Self Mastery in the Speaking Engagement Section of this web page. We will conclude this article by saying you are the Beacons of Light who shall create Heaven on Earth as God has willed it to be.

We serve in co-creation with you to the glory of God and praise Him for the blessings He bestows upon all of us! Amen! Amen! Amen!

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