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Let's Birth a New Earth: Join Me For Conception Day 2012- this THURSDAY!‏

Dearest Fellow SHIFTERS,

Conception Day 2012 - with Barbara Marx HubbardImagine 100 million of us gathering in a shared commitment to birth a healthy, sustainable, peaceful, and prosperous world.  We can achieve this goal with your participation! 

March 22nd
will be THE biggest moment yet for the whole Shift Network to activate Barbara Marx Hubbards’ and the Network’s shared vision of hope for humanity, helping to make the highly anticipated year of 2012 a breakthrough time of positive change!
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They are putting out a global call for visionaries, healers, change agents, artists, pioneers and lovers of humanity (like you!) to join - a f.r.e.e live webcast event where thousands of us will gather worldwide to make a commitment to birth a new earth!

The event features Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Lynne McTaggart and other top leaders sharing their insights about this all-important year and giving you tools that empower you to create a new story for humanity.

Get all the details here and Registration is f.r.e.e

Conception Day 2012 is the launch of a nine-month campaign that builds towards a planetary Birth Day, December 22nd 2012, in which The Shift Network is envisioning 100 million converging worldwide to celebrate and activate the birth of a new era.

This historic campaign has already attracted top leaders, dozens of organizations and the buzz of 65,000 participants in past events, who want to help our world turn the corner in time.

And now they are taking it to the next level with Conception Day on Thursday, March 22nd – co-creating a field of love and resonance that spans the world!

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Make sure to catch this historic live global event - broadcasting many leaders and collaborators live from Los Angeles while weaving together inspiring messages and events worldwide!

Use this moment to activate your own co-creative circles and fun, celebratory parties. Find your allies and share your gifts!

Find out more here

Imagine the power and energy unleashed when millions of us come together--on the same day and at the same time--to make a commitment to create a new world. 

We can begin this journey on March 22nd and work together to build to a truly planetary scale through nine months of collaboration, reaching the tipping point together for the years ahead.

2012 is not a year to succumb to doom and gloom. It's the perfect time to build on the heightened anticipation and to conceive powerful collaborations for the dawning of new era for the world. Let's make it truly special!

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You can join Barbara and other top leaders online March 22nd, or in person in Los Angeles for our exciting celebration at "The Dome." 

This is your opportunity to link with the hearts and minds of other change agents and help give birth to a shift for yourself and our world! 

Conception Day 2012 - with Barbara Marx Hubbard

Join now for the free global broadcast and you'll also receive information about the event, book and campaign. 

We all want to shift global consciousness toward a more sustainable, compassionate and peaceful world and what better way to initiate the process than by joining this exciting catalyzing event on March 22? 
I hope you can join me this Thursday!

Note: You can sign up even if you can't attend live and The Shift Network, producers of this event, will email you a link to the event recording.

Sign up here

Together, we can activate an evolutionary movement that can help accelerate THE SHIFT to a new world, one based on the principles of health, sustainability, peace and prosperity for all. 


Rochelle Marmorstein, Filmmaker

PS: Conception Day 2012 is the launch of the breakthrough book by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Birth 2012 and Beyond - the essential field guide for the collective Birth on December 22, 2012

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Comment by Lydia on March 20, 2012 at 1:49pm

That Gives Us All Enough Time To Birthing the New US :-))))

Comment by RL on March 20, 2012 at 12:40pm

9 months to december 21, 2012 y'all

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