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Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies of January 2014

Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies of January 2014

Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies of January 2014

The Energies of January 2014: Jennifer Hoffman. January 6, 2014.

January started off with a bang, so to speak, as we had a powerful new moon on January 1, which hasn’t happened in 19 years.

That, coupled with an ongoing Venus retrograde that takes us back to late 2005 and early 2006, we may feel like we’re going backwards instead of forwards, reviewing a past we would just as soon forget.

But while there is lots of energy and potential available, we have to step into it, embrace the potential, align with it, and integrate it into our lives, all big themes for 2014.

If you have heard me say this 100 times, be prepared to hear me say it 1000 more times because no matter how much we want something, we have to be aligned with it and have the ability to integrate it into our lives.

The energies of January are all about what we believe and think we deserve. Venus is described as ruling money, beauty, and love, but it is really about value.

And value is about deserving. We are so willing to give our time, thoughts and energy to what we value but so often, we pay attention to what we do not value, what does not serve our joy, or bring us peace, love, and abundance.

With Venus retrograde all month, we can take a closer look at what is valuable to us, beginning with ourselves. Do we value ourselves, our path, our life, and our own journey?

Everything in our life is a mirror of what we value, but is it valuable to us? Do we love it? A good way to answer that question is to ask ourselves if we want more of it, in unlimited quantities?

If not, then it’s time to change our value system and start looking at what we think we deserve. Everyone asks the question “What do you want?” and it’s so hard to answer because we truly don’t know.

We are usually more clear about what we don’t want because that is what we have so much of in our lives. A better way to phrase that question is to ask “What do I deserve?”

It works like this — think about a challenging situation in your life, maybe it’s financial limitation, or you’re lonely, or you feel unfulfilled.

Now phrase it like this “I deserve to have financial limitation”, or “I deserve to be lonely”, or “I deserve to feel unfulfilled”. When you put it like that it sounds silly, but it makes it easy to see the difference between where you are and where you want to be.

Now change it around, “I deserve to be financially abundant”, “I deserve to be in a loving relationship”, or “I deserve to be fulfilled in all areas of my life now.”

Then you have a better starting point to begin the process of deciding how to get to where you want to be. And since you (hopefully) don’t really believe that you deserve to be limited, lonely, and feel unfulfilled, you will be able to create more empowering beliefs about what you deserve that will get you to where you want to be.

Ascension is happening to each of us, as well as in the world. We ascend, or raise up, our vibrations as part of this process. And deserving, value, being valuable and worthy, are all part of this process.

Before you try to make a choice, look at your options and their outcomes from the point of deserving. This way you are connecting with the choice in a empowering way and creating a powerful value system in the process.

I think it works better than affirmations, which are too often easy to say without creating the appropriate alignment and integration to make them believable, feasible and workable.

January’s new moon lights up the Uranus/Pluto square, now in its third year of activity. We have two more aspects this year, in April and November, and the final one is in March 2015. It has been a long, slow and relenting process.

If you don’t think that much is happening, think of how glaciers move and carve up the ground beneath them.

Mars in Libra adds fuel to the transformational fire, so to speak, from now until July, when it moves out of Libra.

It is going to remind us to continue to take action, to be clear about what we deserve, to be in the energy of love and use that as our impetus to fuel the change we want to see in the world.

If we have allowed a world of in-humanity, social injustice, economic disparity, cruelty, intolerance, discrimination, and apathy to be created, we’re going to have to be inspired (or in spirit), demand social justice, economic equality, compassion and kindness, tolerance, focus on our one-ness, and accept ownership of our role as the creators of the world’s reality to create the bottom up transformation that will become the new Earth paradigm.

It all begins with us, we are the masters of 3D energy and whatever we decide to do with that energy is what will happen. The ‘power over’ 3D paradigms are collapsing but they won’t go down without a fight. Higher dimensional ‘power with’ paradigms are waiting in the wings, but we need to create space for them.

Be empowered, be clear and confident, know that you are valuable and have value and this is what will allow us, individually and collectively, to be the beacon of change that the world is seeking.

January 31 is the Chinese New Year and it’s the year of the Horse, a highly auspicious year. Think of all of the beauty, grace, speed, and power of the horse — this is what this new year holds for us.

It’s also the day that Venus goes direct, just as Mercury prepares to go retrograde on February 1, its shadow period begins January 23.

All of the activity this month makes me think of a very busy intersection and the only thing that keeps the cars from running into each other is split second timing.

A key to navigating this busy month (and it will be like this until May) is to avoid distractions and stay focused on your path. Remember, everything you do in your life extends to the world. You can make a difference because you are the difference.

Have a wonderful month.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. All other users are strictly prohibited.


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Comment by Besimi on January 8, 2014 at 11:50pm

Strike in Portugal: People are leaving their garbage outside the banks!

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
“Strike in Portugal:
People are leaving their garbage outside the banks! 

In Lisbon people have gone over to leave their garbage in
front of bank branch offices. The reason for the strike is that the
refuse collectors fight against the privatization of essential public
services. Activists in other countries find the action exemplary.
In Lisbon the refuse collectors are on strike since December 26th.
This has led to catastrophic conditions in the streets. The strike is
directed against the privatization of essential public services.
It should end January 5. Mayor Antonio Costa said the situation
should be back to normal within the first 10 days of the New Year.
The uncollected trash so far is no threat to public health,
authorities said. Authorities called on citizens in the Portuguese c
apital to minimize their trash output and not to leave it outdoors.

But some Portuguese turned the emergency into a protest action.
They have gone over to leave their garbage in front of bank
branch offices. Huge piles of garbage collect in front of several
banks that the refuse collectors could not remove.

In many European Countries this action was commented as
exemplary. The Greek website blog Attika Nea writes:
“Good idea, we could learn something from the Portuguese!”
(Source: Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten, 1/2/2013) 

Clearly stated: We have reached the timeline when people
do not let themselves be sold out as stupid. People know
exactly who is responsible for their poverty and their
undignified life and they are no longer willing to accept this.
While the Neo-Con globalization economists tell us that the
welfare of our society is in the privatization of corporations
serving the public, the society drifts apart exactly where this
is the case. One can clearly see this in the case of water what
less public and more private really means.

In countries like in South and Latin America, the EU,
USA, Mexico and China experiences with privatization due
to the release of “Human right Water” shows:
Price increases up to 400% and poor water quality. 

And people fend off!

Paris, that had private water suppliers for two decades and
saw a price increase of 260%, has freed itself from that.
For 25 years the water for our citizens was in private hands.
On the right side of the river Seine the Veolia company had
the business and on the life side the Suez company. Many
things went wrong. Now we have the precious liquid again
in our public service. And Parisians say “merci””, says
Anne Le Strat, environmental council of the French
Capital during a recent visit to Vienna.
(Source: Kronen Zeitung, 3/6/2013) 

Also in Bolivia it was “water march” and the US Multinational
Corporation Bechtel was swept out of the country.
The South American landlocked country got rid of the
private water supplier after all pain thresholds had been
reached. The treaties, which were signed and negotiated
behind closed doors (1999), provided for the dispossession
of publicly used wells for the duration of 40 years.
The citizens spent one quarter of their income for water.
The contract also forbade the use of other sources of water
including rainwater! The government used police force in
order to enforce the treaty against the protests in the
country – many people were thereby injured and a few
even died. But the people fought back until the police
and the military were driven out and until the US
company left the country.

A great victory for the people; and Oscar Olivera of
the “Coalition for the defense of water rights” in Bolivia said:
In the battle for our water rights people have demonstrated
that it is possible to fight against the privatization strategies
of the World Bank and the Corporations.  They have shown
that it is possible to organize, to join, to overcome fears
– and win!” 

That is exactly what is needed now!
Overcome fears, rise up and win. 

The protests in Lisbon show, how far the anger
of citizens against the government politicians and
heads of corporations has progressed and this rarely
forebodes good things. What can be expected is obvious:
The spiral of impositions as well as the incapacitation of
citizens is eagerly turned due to additional measures like
the privatization of seeds, of water and the private transportation
sector and the increasing socialization of the Banks (ESM),
until everything is out of control. 

This mechanism is almost impossible to be stopped,
unless politicians immediately go back to their actual tasks
in the service of human Beings, who voted for them.
And that by strictly refusing the corporate dictatorship
and the bank bandits; what realistically speaking can
be ruled out! 

Therefore my conclusion: Things take their disastrous
course and thereby: “today it is easy to be a prophet.
Because everything happens what one is afraid of…” 
Comedian Dieter Hildebrandt (1927-2013). 

And otherwise I demand as a birthright the
basic income for people aged 0-99. 

Jahn J Kassl

(This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”  to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and  weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.)
The light world publishing and the author do not lead any corrspondence
whatsoever on the texts / massages published on this website.
The Rothschild Bandits - JAHN J KASSL:

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Comment by Besimi on January 8, 2014 at 3:27am


Published on Jan 7, 2014

M T Keshe the Iranian Physicist based in Belgium has made an important and challenging statement on his website/forum calling for 2014 to be the year that new technologies will be released to the public.
This was a live event broadcast via livestream and now available here. We were joined by Physicist, Richard Alan Miller, Matthew Stein, author of When Technology Fails, and Mike Harris, talk show host with a background in science working for Motorola...
This covers key elements of Keshe's approach and his team effort to work with the Japanese and Tepco to clean up the radiation from this near Extinction Level Event.
Keshe wrote:
..."By the end of December we will make sure, that there are no grounds for disruption for space travels on regular bases from all the nations on this planet that all shall harvest the reaches of the universe collectively and equally.
Those who have doubts about our work, be ready to become soldiers of the peace and unity before the end of this year."
Keshe goes on to list how he and his foundation will end world hunger, provide clean water, free energy and his first order of business will be to repair the destruction created by the Fukushima disaster. This is a major statement of intent and no doubt a casting down of the guantlet to challenge the NWO that their rule has ended. I encourage you to watch my previous interviews with this fascinating scientist and courageous man.
M T Keshe
Project Camelot has interviewed MT Keshe twice:
Note: We need both of these important interviews transcribed asap. Please contact me if you are able to do so: Put the words "KESHE transcription" in the subject line. 
Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot

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Comment by Besimi on January 8, 2014 at 3:17am

6 Tips to Help You Free Yourself from Your Fearful Thoughts By Josh Bowler

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Here I am, huddled up close to the wood burner, my only source of heat, sitting on an old recliner chair that was given to me, in a rented apartment with windows soaked with condensation. Outside it is cold, wet, and dreary, a typical English winter’s day.

My business folded in July with substantial personal debt and I turned forty-four in August.

Perhaps not the most heart-warming start to a post, but rather some raw facts of how my life is now, not x number of years ago before I turned my life around, but now! I’m pretty sure I am not alone in this situation I find myself.

In July when I folded my never very successful business resulting in substantial personal debt, the first thing I did was completely freak out-panic attacks, endless anxiety, depressive thoughts, the whole nine yards.

I went to my doctor who gave me anti-anxiety medication without a second thought. I tried them for a couple of months, but I had been down that route before and this time I felt that it was not the solution to my problems.

So after consulting with the doc I carefully weaned myself off of them. What I needed was answers as to what was causing me so much pain inside rather than a Band-Aid to cover it.

I needed to find out why I seemed to have spent my entire life under a shadow, a shadow from which I never felt comfortable emerging to engage fully with the world for fear of being seen.

Enter Tiny Buddha. I found Tiny Buddha by chance while endlessly searching for answers as to what was broken in me. What I discovered after reading hundreds of posts was a revelation: I am not broken.

After digging deeper, I began to realize that I was locked in a trance most of the time, a trance created by my egoic mind. A trance shaped by fear during my formative years.

My psyche was trying to protect me from the fear and lack of safety I felt when growing up; it was trying to keep me safe. My childhood interpretation of the events I experienced, combined with non-compassionate and non-understanding authority figures, led my psyche to decide that the best way to deal with life was to retreat to a place of safety and hide, to not get involved or be exposed in any way.

It met any situation or event that it interpreted as fearful with vigorous resistance. As most things in life contain some element of fear and anticipation, especially new things, my egoic mind trance was active most of the time, constantly in the background, ready to come to my rescue at the slightest whiff of perceived danger.

The irony is that my mind’s way of “rescuing” me was to paralyze me with feelings of dread, worry, and anxiety, coupled with the physical feelings associated with panic.

It’s not easy when your egoic mind has spent the greater part of your life trying to convince you that it is the only place where you are safe.

Over the years the egoic mind has plenty of time to really go to town building a devilishly intricate trance machine that becomes deeply entrenched in the psyche. Mine was so entrenched that I thought it was me.

Until recently, that is. What I am learning from reading many posts on Tiny Buddha, which led me to books, podcasts, and other resources on the subject of the being, is this:

1. We need to realize that we truly are not our thoughts. Our thoughts come from the egoic mind. We are the awareness that hears the thoughts.

When you talk to yourself inside your mind, to whom are you actually talking? It is your awareness, and that is who you are, that is your being. Not the thoughts.

Your thoughts are just constructs of your egoic mind. You can actually choose to let them float on by without believing or engaging them, should you choose to.

2. Understand it is not your fault that your mind is causing you such pain; it’s a product of evolution. Back in the days of caves and things with sharp pointy teeth, you were more likely to survive if you were ever vigilant of danger-meaning the genes that favored this behavior were more likely to get passed down… to you.

The egoic mind thinks it is helping you by keeping you safe and trapped inside a trance. It is not its fault, and you have to face your trance thoughts with compassion and love, and be able to forgive yourself. It really isn’t your fault.

3. Use meditation and mindfulness throughout the day; learn to see the space between the real you-which is awareness-and the egoic mind, as its thoughts race by.

Observe thoughts for what they are: just thoughts. Try not to allow yourself to become absorbed in your thoughts and go into trance, but do not punish yourself if you do.

Be kind and compassionate to yourself when you recognize you have drifted away and start fresh in the moment, returning to a state of mindful awareness whenever you can.

4. Identify the trance thoughts and emotions as they arise and name them. For example, “Oh, this is fear I am feeling, just fear,” or “I feel you dread and worry; it’s okay,” or “Hello shame and unworthiness; I see you.”

This technique of compassionate recognition will reduce the power they have over you, as you have exposed them for what they really are: just thoughts.

5. Remember that it takes perseverance and practice, lots of it. Another fun thing we inherited from our ancestors is that the fear of something can become embedded in our long-term memory even after a single, brief exposure to it. Conversely, it takes much longer and repeated exposure to positive stimuli before they are committed to long-term memory.

6. Each time you notice yourself in a state of negativity, use it as an opportunity to practice, to mindfully observe your thoughts with acceptance and compassion.

This will allow them to flow through and out of you rather than be kept inside to be constantly recycled. Do not beat yourself up if you find it difficult to let go of thinking.

Be patient and compassionate with yourself. It took you more than a few days to learn to read and write. It will take a little time for you to calm your egoic mind and let your awareness shine through.

This is the path I have begun to walk. I’ve begun to let go of expectations about others and myself; to learn to be compassionate and to love myself; to accept who I am, and where I am in this moment; to try not to judge others or myself. To know that in this moment everything is okay.

And now that my cat is lying on my lap, I guess that means it is time to finish this. Life is all about these moments.

Photo by D.Ph

About Josh Bowler Josh Bowler is a musician, writer and ecologist stepping back on the path he inadvertently left 24 years ago and finding it is all still there just waiting to be seen. He has a blog and has written a short guidebook on the subject of dealing with anxiety and stress.


Comment by Besimi on January 8, 2014 at 3:06am

2014 You Must Become the Change you want to see in your World Channeler: Sharon Taphorn

2014 You Must Become the Change you want to see in your World

By Sharon Taphorn and the Entourage of Light Beings

This New Year brings us opportunities for dynamic change to take place. Change is happening on a grander scale than ever before, however this time it is the lightworker who can make the difference in what the final outcome will be.

You are now planting the seeds that will be the beginning of the next cycle so choose wisely for yourselves and those that follow. All points have been leading up to these changes that will be taking place over the next 3 years and so learn what you can from the past, release and expect things to be different and they will.

Review the motives of those in your power positions. One of the great uses of expanding your senses is to know when the one who is speaking is standing in integrity or just blowing wind.

As more of you learn to trust yourselves and your natural senses you will know what is true and what is right. Until enough of you awaken and effect change by becoming that change, it will carry on business as usually by those who have the most control.

Apathy can often be the greatest weapon you use against yourselves. Time is in a quickening and things feel as if they are going faster and they are.

Things are going to be moving so quickly it can often be a challenge to think on your feet while you are running. Those of you who have been working on your connections with your higher selves and spirit will feel you have more options and choices than those who still hold the victim or me mentality.

As you develop your relationship with your ‘I Am Presence’ you begin to understand that you are a victim of no one and a part of each other.

While you might physically think you are an individual unit, you are in actuality a spark of the greater aspect of soul that is a spark of the greater aspect of Creator Light and you are now beginning to merge together with the other aspects of you who have been gathering knowledge and understanding as a singular aspect as well.

As you merge together with all of the other aspects of you, you will find new insights and creative solutions to the problems of your world making these challenges your triumphs.

Learn to listen and trust your intuition. It is that still quiet voice that comes from the center of your beingness. Develop your confidence in yourselves and the choices you make and have patience during this unfolding.

Consider the actions you take and what you put your energy behind before you act. Your actions will be speaking volumes in terms of your truth and integrity.

Choose wisely for yourselves. Keep your focus. There is much to distract you from your missions and many of you get caught up in the things that do not matter while you could so easily choose to put your energy into things that are important to you.

It is always good to take time outs to rejuvenate and re-energize yourselves, just be sure to be honest with yourself about your motives. Communicate your vision of the new earth with others, for you could be standing right next to the very human angel who has the missing key to help you create this in your world.

Gather together with those of similar energy and like minds as together you are so much more powerful. Cultivate within yourselves the qualities you admire such as being kind, thoughtful and creative, warm, inviting and idealistic, ambitious and charming, considerate and compassionate.

Use your ingenuity and your creativity to help you become a leader in your field. Find those that balance your strengths and you will find the abundance of opportunities that you seek to create what you need and desire for yourself and your world.

Take the time to heal any sadness, regret, or unforgiveness that is necessary for you to let go, release it and move on. If you feel there is something you have done or that another has done to you then it is not healed. If you are still bearing the scars of the past, then it is not healed.

These scars need not define you anymore and you are truly ripe and ready to move on to something more challenging and in keeping with the new you that is emerging as you shed what no longer serves you and your growth.

As personal integrity becomes more important than the end result and they begin to do what they know is right, that is when the results will become more visible for all to see.

Developing confidence in yourselves and your abilities to walk your talk and be these changes is a most important task and one that will take you where you want to go.

This is a priority for those who choose to put their energy into expanding their consciousness during these shifting times.

Decide early in the year on your intentions and expectations and stick to them. Develop the spiritual practice of setting your intention every day and then expecting them to be fulfilled in whatever spirit sees as the best opportunities for you and your growth and then be open to receive them.

You are worthy and it is time to spread your wings and know that the sky is truly limitless. There is enough for all in this abundant universe and so keep your thoughts on abundance and prosperity for all and not on those of lack or less than which is so prevalent in your TVs, news, and magazines.

Choose wisely where you spend your time and money as that is the only way these organisations will change how they do business. As long as they are profiting from their ways they will not have the incentive to change those ways.

This is the perfect year to go on a negativity diet and remove those distractions from your field. Surround yourself with what you want to see, not what you do not want to see.

Do not underestimate your power or the power of others, however keep your thoughts and focus on your own creations and intentions to see the growth and expansion you desire.

This is a promising new year for the lightworker who has confidence in themselves and their projects. What do you want to create for yourselves in this brave new world?

Traditions and viewpoints are changing and this year will bring about even more of this energy and situations that mirror the necessity for that change.

Find those who resonate with unity consciousness, the more of you of like mind that gather together and support one another, the more quickly these changes take place. As you begin to come together as a cohesive group, the stronger you become.

This does not mean that you find ones to follow, this means that you support one another with co-operation, moderation and compromise as your way or one way is not the only way.

Make positive and optimistic long term plans for yourself. Let this be the end of difficult times and expect things to get better from now on.

See the gift in each experience as you would not be there if it were not helping you grow and expand you light, your thoughts and your feelings.

You are on the right path and you are exactly where you choose to be. If this baffles you, ask your angels and guides to help you see the bigger picture and to understand why you would have chosen to be where you are right now.

It is truly a part of your mission and divine plan, even if it seems unfathomable to the human you, these are the opportunities to move beyond the limits and boundaries of what has been.

You are indeed coming into your own and taking back your power as an individual and as a species. These are the times that define who you are becoming and so boldly go where not many have gone before and make the changes in yourselves that feel right and just.

Deal with your challenges in a kind and understanding manner and you will find the joy, peace, and gratitude that you desire to create for yourself.

Release any fears that are holding you back so that you can move forward with your eyes and heart wide open to the opportunities and possibilities that you know are what you came here to experience. Expand your powers and develop your senses.

This is a time of monumental growth and you are the forerunners and way showers that will help others be brave enough to take the steps that lead to the growth that you seek for all humanity. Keep up the good work.

Keep charging ahead and have confidence and faith that you are on the right path towards enlightment and expanding your understanding of life, the universe and all that is. It is truly a grand time to be in finite form and affect great change as you are doing.

We are astounded at the enterprising thoughts and ideas that many of you are experiencing and bringing to all life on Earth and we applaud you for the light work you are doing bringing love and understanding into your lives every day. The world is changing and you are the ones who have brought about this change - A Job well done!

Remember to take the time to mediate and contemplate and you will feel more confident in the choices that you make. Remember to bring unconditional love into your life, for yourself and others and in everything that you do no matter what the outward appearance may be and trust that you will be supplied for your today’s and your tomorrows as this truly is an abundant Universe and there is enough for all.

It is a beautiful world and each step you take is creating the changes you came here to experience. Be at peace and continue moving forward, onward and upward, knowing that you are loved and supported in this brave new world that you are creating for yourselves and all that Is.

Universal Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved. May be shared in its entirety with all contact information. Sharon Taphorn, Author of Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing and Angels, Guides and Other Realms, shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her daily angel messages, her weekly radio program Calling All Angels for more information check out Sharon’s Home Page at


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