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Cobra's Interview with Alexandra Meadors, 7th January 2014

Cobra's Interview with Alexandra Meadors, 7th January 2014

Published on Jan 8, 2014

* 2013 Overview (01:00)
* Official First Contact (08:00)
* Brotherhood of the Star (12:00)
* Reasons for the Past Delay of the Event (13:00)
* Draconian Control Over Humanity & the Quarantine (14:15)
* Last Attempt to Liberate Humanity Happened 2000 years ago (15:20)
* Delay of the Liberation Process is Possible, Cancellation of it is NOT (16:00)
* Time Frame for Completion of the Transformation 1975-2025 (16:20) *
Critical Mass, Global Meditations and Quantum Leeps towards the Event (17:00)
* The Lightforces aka The Resistance Movement (18:00)
* Snowden's Revelations, Morsi's Removal & the Mass Awakening in 2013 (19:00)
* Nuclear Tests, Nuclear Exploisons & Empty Threats Explained (21:00) * 0% Increased Radiation in California and Japan in the last 3 years (22:20)
* Vatican, the Pope and the Jesuits Agenda (23:40)
* Fullford Update, Debt Forgiveness and the Cabal's Negotiations Tactics (27:00)
* Inter Galactic Commerce (28:20)
* January 1st and Completion of a Light Forces Operation Phase (30:00)
* RV, Revaluation a CIA Distraction Tactic (31:00)
* Prosperity Packages, the Reset and the Event (32:00)
* USA, the Constitution adn the Federal Reserve (33:40)
* Star Brothers Intervention & Comets Falling on Earth (37:35)
* Plutonium, Saturn and the Secret Space Program (39:50)
* Zeta Reticulans Assisting the Light Forces (41:00)
* Abductions are a thing of the Past (42:15)
* Only 1% of Snowden's Material has been Released (43:55
* Imminent Asteroid Impact and Russia Warnings (44:20)
* Comet Ison's Full Disentegration (44:50)
* Viruses, Epidemics are all Under Control (45:20)
* Chemtrails and Purification of Earths Atmosphere (45:50
* Russian, Chinese and German Troops on USA Soil & Arrests (47:00)
* Africa a Strategic Place for the Light Forces and the Cabal (48:00)
* Devaluation of US Dollar, NOT an Interest of the Light Forces (48:50)
* Light Forces Intervention and Life on Earth (49:00)
* ET Civilizations & the Humanity (49:40)
* The Reistance Movement, Suface Population & the Event (52:00)

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Comment by Besimi on January 12, 2014 at 3:24am

What is Ascension?

The Bright Sun, Blue Sky, Clouds

Ascension is not about leaving the planet, getting rescued by off-world brethren or flying up into heaven. It is not about watching the Shift unfold online, or waiting for the external world to provide evidence of inner change. Ascension is a conscious choice to engage in evolution.

When consciously activated, the Ascension process affects every aspect, level and layer of a person’s beingness. The physical, emotional, mental, egoic and spiritual structures undergo acute transformation, evolving to meet the demands of a higher level of consciousness.

The Awakening Phenomenon is one of the more impressive effects of the Shift. Amidst the external changes – political, social, financial, spiritual, solar and planetary -  people encounter profound internal change due to the ascending frequencies. This heightened awareness returns wisdom, knowledge and a connection to divine aspects of the Self which had been dormant for thousands of years.

Planetary Ascension is a change in frequency

Dimensions are based on vibration. Each dimension has a range of frequencies which create the reality or experience within that dimension. Anything living on a planet must resonate with the vibrational level of that planet (or higher) or it cannot exist in that reality. As the frequency of the Earth rises, everything on her surface is affected by this increase in frequency. Ascension is the process of frequency change in order to evolve to a higher vibrational state.

Ascension Guidance for activation, integration and acceleration

Integration is vital to achieving a permanent state of higher consciousness. In the Ascension process, it is essential to clear and retrain the lower emotional, egoic and mental constructs which block higher states of consciousness. This frees the true Self to do what it came here to do; awaken and embody a unique expression of Source.

Reliance on external modalities, channels and old paradigm “New Age” methods has limited the awakening process for quite a few people. Many are now ready to take on the task of Self-empowerment, REactivate their Divine HUman state and achieve Crystalline consciousness.

Incredible possibilities for Earth and HUmanity

The Shift, jump time, evolutionary upgrades in consciousness and the ascension process have been discussed for years in spiritual circles, and for millennia in ancient cultures. Waves of unique cosmic energy have been surging through our galaxy for decades, and the window of amplification has arrived.

It isn’t the “end of the world.” It’s a beginning of a new paradigm, and big change is typically rough. The “Shift” is a shift in consciousness; a dramatic change in the parameters by which we experience reality. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and dimensional changes which are occurring here have never been experienced before. It is a fantastic time to be here and experience evolution first-hand.

How do I ascend? Won’t it happen to me anyway?

Each dimension has a range of frequencies which create the structure for experiencing a certain kind of reality. Third dimensional reality is the lowest density (frequency) which a human expression of consciousness may experience. There are many side effects of the old 3D reality, including the illusion of linear time, the inability to perceive higher dimensions, and spiritual amnesia where the memory of past lives, experiences in other dimensions, and connection to the rest of the Universe is forgotten. But all of that is changing during the Shift. This is why the phenomenon of “awakening” is so widespread; we are waking up from the amnesia of 3D and reconnecting with higher dimensional consciousness.

Apocalypse and the planet

Anything which desires to experience life on a planet must resonate with the vibrational level of that planet (or higher) in order to exist within the parameters of that reality. The frequency of the Earth has been increasing, and continues to rise, which means everything in, on and around her surface is affected. Higher frequency always raises the lower vibrations. As the parameters for 3D reality dissolve, and then 4D, the planet supports the experience of a higher dimension. This change in dimensional structure is becoming very apparent to the awakened. “Apocalypse” means “lifting of the veil” – the unveiling of higher dimensions which were once hidden by the density of 3D reality.

The HUman Ascension process

HUmans are unique; our DNA hold the codes for all life in this Universe, an expression of Creator consciousness embodied (creator-in-carnate) in HUman (God-man) expression. Your primary responsibility in this game of amnesia is to wake up and remember who you are as a divine HUuman.  The Ascension process is the transformation of the physical body, light body and the consciousness which animates it, in order to hold a higher vibrational state. Your higher self is merging with your lower dimensional self after a very long separation in the 3D experience.

In order for your body to be capable of  holding that higher frequency, it must transform into a crystalline-based cellular structure. DNA which has been dormant must be activated. Our consciousness must be expanded beyond the boundaries of habitual 3D/4D existence. It is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually challenging, and it is quite amazing. Medical impossibilities are popping up all over the globe. Not everyone has chosen to awaken in this lifetime, nor do they have to awaken. There are many factors involved in experiencing the Ascension process, and we are all here to play out the Shift in our own way.

The changes will affect your lifestream

Severe weather and climate change are imminent due to the drastic reduction of the magnetosphere and magnetic shifts in the Earth itself. Global warming is simply an affect of the collapse of the astral planes of consciousness as we go through the Shift.

Mother Earth is a very patient conscious entity with a long and diverse history. This window of evolution coincides with many galactic alignments, some of which only occur in million and billion year cycles. Galactic cycles are very long, and the experiences of other off-world races, systems and galaxies depend upon the raising of Earth’s frequency. It’s a bit like being the weakest link – other games cannot be played until this density is upgraded.

Earth is constantly balancing magnetics as 3D dissolves from the collective reality. The doom timeline – a complete destruction of everything on her surface – has been eliminated thanks to the amount of awakened consciousness on the planet. She is heavily influenced by the collective consciousness, and millions have been connecting with her to smooth the transition during the Shift.

It is a process which requires participation.

Our planet ascended to 5D in December of 2012. This means a platform for the new experience of the return to the true HUman genome is provided. Kindwhile, HUmanity is able to transition from the 4D platform we currently experience to the 5D platform which  will eventually merge with the lower 4D expression of Earth.

Evolution is evolution; the entire planet and all of her residents are experiencing the Shift, regardless of their awareness of it. Ascension is a conscious process which requires a choice to engage with the unknown, in order to experience something brand new. It is a remarkable, challenging and rewarding process which frees the Self from perceived limitations.

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Comment by Besimi on January 9, 2014 at 12:27am
  • Dr. Steven Greer: Earth is Under Quarantine...

    A Very interesting post appeared today at DiscloseTV...I particularly  liked what this person said in comments, below...

    M&M 3 hours ago

    Dr. Greer is speaking only a partial truth...what he feels is His truth. After years of studying this whole ET subject is what I've been able to piece together...It is correct that Planet Earth is in Quarantine...we are being protected By Very Positive ET's patrolling our skies from a Re-infestation/Invasion by Negative Archontic Reptilian species. We were originally colonized by around 22 different Human ET species millenia ago...Humanity and civilization were at an Apex, and the World was High-Tech and Space-faring. Something went dreadfully wrong, an experiment, which caused a huge catastrophe on this planet, it tipped on its side, the great flood ensued, sinking Atlantis and Lemuria. A once gloriously high-tech civilization was wiped out, with only stragglers of the of the original huge human population surviving, and forced to rub sticks and stones together as cavemen...a post-apocolyptic world...

    It was then, at our lowest point, that the planet was invaded by the so-called "Annunaki"...who were actually Reptilians...Who Do Indeed Need us for "Food" and sustenance...they are in fact Parasites, who feed off our negative emotions and suffering, and even our flesh! They arrived via an artificially hollowed-out planetoid/spaceship called Nibiru...which is now parked permanently in our sky in an artificially perfect orbit ...IT IS OUR ARTIFICIAL MOON! These Reptilian Annunaki then did genetic mutations on the Human survivors...dumbing us down and disconnecting 10 of our 12 strands of DNA...and made slaves of us. They also interbred with us to create human-reptoid hybrids...Many of which became Pharoahs, Kings, Rulers...and interfaces between the Reptilians and the dumbed-down human population who became permanently enslaved by them, as we still are!...They are the 13 Ruling-bloodline families of the Cabal/Illuminati....But we are slowly, but surely WAKING UP FROM OUR MILLENIA-LONG STUPOR AND AMNESIA!!!

    The only ET's...real ET's...patrolling our skies are POSITIVE...DR. GREER IS CORRECT ABOUT THAT!...They happen to be some of our original Human Ancestors who seeded us here on Gaia/Terra/Earth millenia ago! There has been a Great Space War raging over this planet between our Human ET Ancesters and The Reptoids and their Gray Helpers for quite some time now...With the Human Positive ET's almost at the point of a Huge Victory...Having Vanquished almost ALLof the Reptilian presence off of this Planet, (they hid in underground bases for millenia) of the Moon (their artificial spaceship)...and OUT OF THIS ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM! Their VICTORY, OUR HUMAN VICTORY...IS AT HAND!...THE HUMAN ET ANCESTORS ARE HERE TO LIBERATE US POOR SLAVES FROM AMNESIA AND SLAVERY...TO FREE US AND RESTORE US!

    The Cabal has had its Head chopped off, so to speak...without its Supreme Reptilian Commanders...they are now GONE...and they are behaving like an injured, cornered beast....We, the Humans on this planet, are like Hostages...with the Cabal holding its knife to our Collective to speak....Saying to the "Good Guys" Up there..."Don't come Any Closer...Or We'll Kill them All!"...We, The "Sheeple"...have gotten "out of hand" population-wise...and they have been trying to 'Cull the Herd"....through chemtrails, flouridated water, GMO's, radiation, toxins, poisons, war, weather manipulation, etc...for quite awhile,now...It's been a "stand-off" for awhile now, as well, with the LiberatingGood guys about to "Checkmate" this terrible standoff situation.!

    This is the Truth, as I see it, from years of book-reading and research on-line and piecing all the Puzzle pieces together, from what my gut tells me is truthful info. For anyone seeking corroboration on your own research!...A great place to start is Youtube-David Icke...Moon Matrix....and go from there!


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