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Its Time to Love For No Reason ~ Marci Shimoff

From Marci Shimoff

As I've watched the tragic events in Japan unfold, like all of us, I've felt deep compassion and a desire to help. So, I've donated to the Red Cross, I've sent my love and prayers daily, but I've been asking myself what more can I do -- Japan is half a world away.

The answer came when my co-author of Love for No Reason, Carol Kline, related this anecdote to me. The other day, Carol was walking to lunch wrestling with this same dilemma when she passed a very old woman on the sidewalk who asked Carol to help her across the street. The woman, who had already taken two buses, was bringing her ailing cat to the vet.

After escorting the woman and her cat to the doctor's office, Carol realized that this was what she could do -- she could send money and prayers to Japan, and she could help those in her immediate environment in any way possible. We can all do the same. This gives new meaning to the saying: Think globally, act locally.

For the last few years, world events have shown us that we can no longer live as separate people, nations, and countries. Devastating earthquakes and tsunamis may be Mother Nature's way of shifting our focus away from ourselves as individuals and asking us to come together as one. No one region can recover from these natural disasters by themselves and it is the outpouring of support and resources from the rest of the world that bring us together to rebuild our planet.

For a long time now, our culture has been based largely on the third chakra, which is associated with power and the emergence of ego-based consciousness. This has led to many of the financial and environmental woes we face. Now I believe we're shifting to a culture based on the fourth chakra, with a focus on love, relatedness, and a more transcendent consciousness.

In his book A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle speaks about how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also a key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world. When we see ourselves as connected to all others, this sense of oneness helps us strengthen our love-body which in turn allows us to bring even more love to all areas of our lives.

As we look at the current events in Japan and in Libya, we can't help but feel our hearts go out to the people there. Here are some ways we can make a difference:

1. If possible, donate time, money, food or clothing to relief organizations. Even a little bit will help.

2. Connect with the love and compassion inside you and send it to the people of Japan and Libya.

3. Look for at least two ways each day you can help someone in your immediate environment.

When we each wake up our own hearts and learn to live with unconditional love, we're helping to awaken the global heart -- beating with love, compassion, and peace. Your dedication to experiencing more Love for No Reason and becoming a conduit of love is the main way you can help speed this shift on our planet.

With love for no reason and every reason,

Marci Shimoff ~


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Comment by Lydia on March 27, 2011 at 12:53am

BLessings To Our Dear Heart Jose Arguelles ~ What a Great Message ! Thanks Jose for sharing this :)


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