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As many of the original members of SOE have noticed, the BLOG area has turned into an infiltrated and repetitive amount of spiritual/new age blogs. If this isnt bad enough, these blogs are usually accompanied by enormous images that inevitably squeeze out other members postings to the next page, sometimes not even seeing a 24 hour period of viewing. When asked to minimize the images or move them to the appropriate section "Photos", most of the newer members resort by making their images larger and/or ignoring such requests. Its mind boggling that people who are so called enlightened can be so blatanly inconsiderate of other members of this site.

There has also been a rash of "tagging" such blogs with tags that have nothing to do with the content of the blog itself which is another display of baiting people to read their information.  Requests have been made to certain individuals on this site to move their blogs to specified groups and not clutter the blog space. For the past year that has been defiantly ignored. If all of this isn't bad enough, a recent newcomer has posted a blog plugging their own forum!!! Unbelievable!!!!  As many of you know, Tony incurs charges to this site which he has kindly NOT passed on to the members here and someone comes along and gratuitously plugs their own site. This is not only unenlightened behaviour, but its inexplicably rude to other members and worse the owner of this site.

Those of you who have been on this site since its inception know that this was a hot bed of discussions, debates and shared ideas. We need to come together to restart our old coffee shop. Many of you in the past would blog about the various current events or news from around the globe. I ask that you help me in restoring this blog post so we can once again get together and think about how we can change things, make this world better or at the very least, bitch about it. I have many interesting news items to share with all of you, but I cant do all the work. There is nobody here who cares whether or not your English is good enough, so please contribute. I call upon some of the old bloggers who are a wealth of information....Pleadian Agenda, Trudy, PaTrisha, Patrick, Simpleman, Jim4hope, Simmy, Vaddix, Kal'Nareed, Jose and the list goes on. If you are a new member here, we welcome any amount of info you can offer about your corner of the world.


Tony has just sent out a mass email stating specifically what this blog post is for. Since he works long hours at his regular job, its up to the rest of us to help him enforce this effort. He has been so generous by allowing us this site to collect and share information, the least we can do is bring it back to its original splendour.

Thank you to all for reading this and start digging up some good stuff and posting it!!!

Love to you all!!!!


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Comment by Tony on December 23, 2011 at 11:33am

I honestly wouldnt have a clue , if it is to come from me then i await the lightning bolt or situation where i am trying to make a post and accidently overwrite the site name ;-)

Comment by patrick on December 23, 2011 at 3:05am

Well, if we are contemplating name changes, I'm more than happy to leave that to Tony,  after taking suggestions maybe. I will vomit forth, 'Conversations 2015'.  Thank you.

Comment by MysticalEnigma on December 22, 2011 at 8:33pm

I say we need a new name.  Saviors of earth is the mentality of those not here anymore. :)

Comment by Tony on December 22, 2011 at 6:51pm

I am sure most of the traffic between members occurs behind the scenes  (inbox mails, posts on walls or continued outside of SoE), i base this assumption on the number of mails I receive offering help or asking for help or just wishing me a great day. The site is in a way a hub for communication and assistance in many ways and forms not directly visible. There where it is visible may we achieve this exchange in a way of the path of least resistence. The technical view on this site to achieve this is outlined here the framework to achieve this has rarely been followed yet offers footholds to achieve the goal. I suggest we all make use of them  up to and including the link to join the group which advises/suggests on the direction of SoE ==== Is it just me or do we need a new name? ;-)

Comment by nonya on December 22, 2011 at 3:40pm

GERD, I dont walk away from injustice done to others. Sorry. If no one else will stand up to do the right thing, I will not follow. I appreciate your comment but again you are commenting on a situation which you dont know the details. I have chosen to say something about it and not sit back and allow bad things to happen. Its not my style and never will be. If you want to quote gurus, ...."be the change you want to see in the world".

If more people stood up and did the right thing and called out injustice when it is being done, this would be a better world. Martin Luther King is dead and his buddy Jesse Jackson Jr took up the cause and does nothing but stand by and let bad things to happen here in Chicago. There is a killing in his neighborhood every day.  Then he went ahead and joined  a secret society.  His ardent supporters keep blindly following him as if he were the nations new MLK, when he and his son are the most corrupt people here. Is this how we are supposed to be? Indifferent? That will not get us anywhere.

No one here is taking physical action against anyone so in that respect there is no comparison. What do I see? I see that you are comparing apples to oranges. The better way of acting is stand up for the right thing and not let injustice or indecency become common place in our world. Again, I will refer you to the link I posted below to James Gillaland statement on the misconception of enlightenment.  :-)  Accepting bad behaviour and walking away is the very reason the world is in its current condition. There have been peaceful protests in 80 countries around the globe, most met with the violence from authorities. Should we have told all journalists and youtubers not to film the situation because it wont do us any good to spolight the issues? No. Instead they spotlighted the issues while being pepper sprayed, riddled with bullets, and beat with night sticks.  Spotlight the issue, dont stand back and let it happen. No need for physical violence or blood in your mind. Thank you for your opinion on the matter. :-)

Comment by Gerd Ambranovic on December 22, 2011 at 2:51pm

Nonya, think about Gandhi and Martin Luther King and what they have achieved!! And then think about the outcome of nearly every "physical" and action-holding revolution which has ever happened on earth. Compare them please.......what do you see? Where is more blood involved in your inner mind?-----question for the better way of acting now should be solved......... at least I think so :)

The trick i think now is NOT FIGHTING THE EVIL or dark or whatever you call it. It's accepting the current situation and changing it by walking away from it and taking others with you and start a totally new thing (which is happening already)! It's not screaming at everyone who is acting different and does not know it better at the current moment.

Comment by nonya on December 22, 2011 at 12:57pm

Here is a great summary of the misconception of enlightenment from a so-called enlightened individual James Gilliland, maybe its time we stand up for whats right and not think the wave of the magic wand of love and light will conquer all

Comment by nonya on December 22, 2011 at 12:45pm

TRUDY - thanks for you input. I have NEVER seen you use large images in the Blog space and Im here evryday.

"When people say it doesn't matter too me, that lack of attention is the main problem that wrecked this world, people who are indifferent and take everything for granted!!! "

.....there seems to be a lot of this going on here. I dont care. Let them look the other way and not care about other people. That is not my choice and I will stay truley unelightened for that reason!

Comment by nonya on December 22, 2011 at 12:42pm

PAT & BESIMI-  Im sorry to disagree with you, but there has been some rude behaviour going on behind the scenes that either you refuse to see or like most passerbys, will see it at surface level, judge it and move on. No questions asked, not caring who has been the victim of anything (and its not me). Have you cared what has happened to any other members here? NO!!!!! So why on earth do you carry on about tolerance and understanding.  If someone is getting the shit beat out of them in the street, is that what you think? Love and Light? If a friend of yours is getting verbally abused do you wave a magic wand of tolerance and understanding and walk away? At what point do you people stop living in your bubble world of consciousness and start making a difference? This is partially why this earth is the way it is. People are too busy judging and not asking questions and allowing crimes to happen. Can we stop this?  Accepting the difference is not the answer and is a pretty superficial and dissmissive way to deal with the issue presented.

PAT - what makes Besimi truley enlightened to you?  Are you saying that Im coming off as not truley enlightened?  Please answer as I would love to know what "truley enlightend" means to you. If really enlightened means that I believe in channelings that are always contradictory, if it means I should believe in spiritual teachers who charge and arm and a leg to teach enlightenment, if it means that I believe every story I hear whether or not its ground in truth or fact, than i AM NOT enlightened. One other thing Pat, Do you really know what is going behind the scenes to even have a fair judgement to offer this situation? I have chosen not to name names here and I wont, but in all honesty, unless you have an idea of who has been/recieved not so nice treatment from other people, maybe you should re-evaluate what you are saying.

Comment by Pat on December 22, 2011 at 5:14am

Its all about two differing thought patterns......those of us who have grown and changed in consciousness, thanks to sites like this and personal research, growth and development, understand how important it is not to be bogged down by rules. It is not a question of thoughtlessness, or spite, or indifference, we just simply understand how important it is to grow and change, and the sharing of imformation is so vital and important, and rules prevent growth. We are rebels to the cause, but understand the importance of the future and the coming together as 'One'.

 On the other hand we have the group that are secure with rules and regulations, that are slow to cope with change and become enangered when others are coping well with the changes.

How to solve the problem???? Accept the difference, there are those of us who are embracing this new paradigm and don't want to be held back by rules and regulations, because changes in conscousness means getting rit of the old ways and rules and embracing the future, and there are those of us who have to tread more lightly because we are slow to accept the changes.

We all need to be patient and understanding with love in our hearts, that this is where we are all at, on different levels of this journey and we need to accept this without making judgement or personally ataacking each other.

I wish everyone on this site a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....Remember, change is good!!!

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